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مدينة بركان فيزوف في نابولي و- ربما بركان ...
مدينة بركان فيزوف في نابولي و- ربما بركان ...

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Eruption from Shiveluch volcano this morning (KVERT webcam)
Thursday, Apr 17, 2014
The volcano continues to slowly extrude viscous lava at its dome. An ash plume was produced this morning that rose to 13,000 ft (4.2 km) altitude and drifted SE. Most likely, it had been caused by a small to moderately large collapse on the eastern flank: ... [more]
Tuesday, Apr 15, 2014
After 2 days of relative calm, a powerful and extremely loud vulcanian (vent-clearing) explosion occurred yesterday morning around 08:30 local time. An ash plume rose approx. 5 km above the summit, but more impressive was the explosion sound and its shock wave. ... [more]
Earthquakes in southern Iceland during the past 48 hours
Monday, Apr 14, 2014
A shallow (around 8 km depth) earthquake swarm including two quakes at 2.7 and 2.9 magnitude has started in an area 12 km to the south of Hekla volcano. ... [more]
Ash emission from Ubinas this afternoon
The volcano's activity increases. As more magma arrives to build up the new lava dome in the summit crater, more gasses are being released as well and cause near-constant explosive activity with moderately strong ash emissions at the moment (see video). ... [more]
Degassing from a crater of Nyamuragira (source: Julien Paluku / Twitter: pic.twitter.com/oKmCMMrkVX)
Sunday, Apr 13, 2014
News started to spread on twitter and other media that a new eruption of the volcano started today, including pictures from the 2010 eruption as (false) evidence. ... [more]
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