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Merapi Vulkan
Schichtvulkan 2968 m / 9,737 ft
Central Java, Indonesia, -7.54°S / 110.44°E

Merapi Webcams / aktuelle Daten
Ausbrüche des Merapi:
1548, 1554, 1560, 1584, 1586(?), 1587, 1658, 1663, 1672, 1678, 1745, 1752, 1755, 1768, 1791, 1797, 1807, 1810, 1812-22, 1822-23, 1828, 1832-36, 1837-38, 1840, 1846, 1848(?), 1849, 1854(?), 1861, 1862-64, 1865-71, 1872 (large vulcanian-subplinian eruption VEI:4) , 1872-73, 1878-79, 1883-84, 1885-87, 1888, 1889, 1891-92, 1893, 1894, 1897, 1902, 1902-04, 1905, 1906-07, 1908, 1909-13, 1915, 1918, 1920-21, 1922, 1923(?), 1924, 1930-31, 1932, 1933-35, 1939-40, 1942-45, 1948, 1953-58, 1961, 1967-1970, 1971(?), 1972-85, 1986-90, 1992-2002, April-July 2006, Oct 2010-ongoing
Typische Aktivität:
Sehr explosiv. Große, Plinianische Eruptionen finden alle paar Tausend Jahre statt (die letzten großen Ausbrüche fanden vor 1000-2000 Jahren statt). Teilweise gab es Hangabrutsche. Es gibt die Bildung von Staukuppen (Lavadomen), die zum Abbrechen neigen und pyroklastische Lawinen erzeugen.
Letzte Erdbeben in der Nähe


Merapi volcano (Central Java, Indonesia), update: new pyroclastic flows

Freitag Okt 29, 2010 15:37 |

New explosions and pyroclastic flows occured today at Merapi volcano. An example of a pyroclastic flow triggered by material falling off the growing dome can be seen at a published Reuters press photo.

Vorherige Nachrichten
Donnerstag, Okt 28, 2010
Various news sources report new explosions from Merapi today (28 October). There are no reports about fatalities. [mehr]
The summit section of Merapi on 27 Oct with the large scar where the new dome is growing.
The new lava dome became visible glowing on 27 October our correspondant Andi reports. Talking with Indonesian Senior volcanologist at BPPTTK Jogja ( VSI Jogja ... [mehr]
Mittwoch, Okt 27, 2010
From our correspondant on location, the sad confirmation arrives that so far at least 24 people were killed by a pyroclastic flow yesterday that destroyed the village of Kinahrejohas on the south flank. Among the victims was the respected Guard of Merapi, Mbah Marijan whom many of us have met in person. The team of VolcanoDiscovery expresses their condolence to his and the other victims' friends and relatives. [mehr]
Dienstag, Okt 26, 2010
According to some news reports, the eruption of Merapi already took 12-15 fatalities. AFP reports "Twelve bodies were found by rescuers at a house near the volcano", the house of Merapi's gatekeeper Mbah Marijan who's believed to be in spiritual contact with Merapi and highly regarded by the local population. If this is true, a major pyroclastic flow has already been triggered by the new eruption. ... [mehr]
Following weeks of increasing seismicity, inflation and increased temperatures at the summit lava dome, Merapi started to erupted with 3 ash explosions the first larger eruptions today 26 October 2010. Ash reached 1.5 km height (4,500 ft) above the crater and according to news reports, one baby died from inhaling ash. ... [mehr]

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