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Etna volcano
Complex stratovolcano Currently about 3329 m (changing due to eruptive activity and collapse of its crater rims)
Sicily, Italy, 37.75°N / 14.99°E

Etna webcams / live data
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Etna volcano eruptions:
Near continuously active; some major historic eruptions include 122 BC (large Plinian outbursts that created the small caldera of the "Cratere del Piano"), 1669 AD (devastating flank eruption that destroyed 15 villages and part of Catania), 1787 (Subplinian eruption and one of the most spectacular summit eruptions on record - lava fountains reportedly up to 3000 m high).
Eruptions since 1950 (f: flank / s: summit activity): 1950 (s), 1950-51(f), 1955 (s), 1956 (s), 1956 (f), 1957 (s),1960 (s), 1961 (s), 1964 (f), 1964 (s), 1966 (s), 1966-1971(s), 1968 (f), 1971(f), 1972-1973 (s), 1974 (f), 1974-1975 (s), 1975-1977 (f), 1977-1978 (s), 1978 (f), 1979(s), 1979 (f), 1980 (s), 1981 (s), 1981 (f),1982-1983 (s), 1983(f), 1984(s), 1985(s), 1985(f), 1986(s), 1986-1987 (f), 1987(s), 1988(s), 1989(s), 1989(f), 1990 (s), 1991-93(f), 1995(s), 1996(s), 1997 (s), 1998 (s), 1999 (s), 2000 (s), 2001(s), 2001 (f), 2002(s), 2002-03(f), 2004-2005 (f), 2006 (s), 2007 (s), 2008-2009 (f), 2010(s), 2011-2013(s), 2014-ongoing(f)
Typical eruption style:
Effusive (lava flows) and mildly explosive (strombolian) eruptions. Both summit and frequent flank eruptions, the latter seem to be occurring in clusters lasting few to a few tens of years.
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Etna volcano: strong eruption from Bocca Nuova crater

Wednesday Jan 30, 2013 18:54 PM | BY: TOM

Depth vs time of recent quakes under Etna.
Depth vs time of recent quakes under Etna.
Vigorous eruptive activity has started at the Bocca Nuova crater and at the time of updating, it is strongly increasing. Tremor has started a steep rise, typical for a paroxysm.
Bright strombolian activity and/or perhaps small lava fountains seem to be occurring. You can watch this live at:
Interestingly, a cluster of earthquakes has appeared during the past 2 days (data for 30 Jan not yet available), but it is not clear whether this is in relationship with the current eruptive episode.
Previous news
Monday, Jan 28, 2013
A new eruptive phase has started at Bocca Nuova. Since this morning, small ash emissions have been observed and now at night, glow can be seen. The tremor signal has been rising as well. [more]
Photo of Strombolian activity at the New SE crater of Etna. Image taken at 4:30 (local time) by Boris Behncke
Wednesday, Jan 23, 2013
After a brief period of activity at the Bocca Nuova crater, strombolian activity shifted to the New SE crater on the night of 22 January. This much stronger activity has continued into 23 January. [more]
Thursday, Jan 17, 2013
Another brief, but probably strong eruptive phase - a small paroxysm - occurred last night at one of the summit craters, most likely Bocca Nuova. [more]
Thursday, Jan 10, 2013
This night at around 1:00 am local time, eruptive activity, most likely strombolian eruptions from the eastern vent, resumed in the Bocca Nuova, accompanied by a rise in tremor. Images indicate that the activity gradually increased untiil about 3:15 and the stabilized. [more]
INGV webcam capture showing incandescence in the New SE crater
Thursday, Nov 22, 2012
Tremor at Etna began rising on 20 November. On the night of 21 November, incandescence was seen in Etna's New Southeast crater. Incandescence was last observed from the crater in April 2012. [more]

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