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Volcan Etna - actualités

mer., 25 nov. 2015, 21:28
Thermal anomaly on the eastern side of the New SE crater (INGV Monte Cagliato thermal webcam)
Since this afternoon there is a change visible in Etna's activity. Weak strombolian activity has started from the New SE crater. The activity probably started earlier today, but due to bad weather it was not observed before. [lire toutes]
mer., 18 nov. 2015, 22:52
Glow from Etna's Voragine during a small strombolian explosion
Strombolian activity continues in the Voragine. Hot fumaroles are visible at the New SE crater.
mar., 17 nov. 2015, 15:44
Weak ash emisson from Etna's central crater (INGV webcam)
No significant change in activity has occurred during the past days. Degassing from the New SE crater has decreased again, probably because the magma column has dropped again, and tremor is currently low.
ven., 13 nov. 2015, 07:35
Etna's steaming New SE crater this mornning
Etna's New SE crater is the likely site of new activity in the near future. Intense steaming from the eastern vent of the youngest summit crater suggests that magma is not far from the surface. [lire toutes]
mar., 10 nov. 2015, 07:25
Etna's current tremor signal (EBCN station, INGV Catania)
Last night, a marked peak of volcanic tremor occurred as sign of internal unrest at the volcano, but (unlike during many previous occasions) did not result in a paroxysm and was not associated with any particular change in surface activity.
lun., 9 nov. 2015, 23:32
Rising tremor signal from Etna volcano (EBCN station, INGV)
During the past hours, volcanic tremor has bee rising strongly. In the past, this has often been a sign of an impending paroxysm (violent summit eruptive phase). Whether this is the case now is too early to say. [lire toutes]
dim., 8 nov. 2015, 08:23
Etna's summit area this morning
Etna remains highly restless. A peak in volcanic tremor occurred last night but with no visible changes in surface activity. Weak strombolian activity continues from the vent inside the Voragine summit craters.
Tremor amplitude (EBCN station / INGV)
mar., 3 nov. 2015, 18:47
Current tremor signal (EMFS station / INGV Catania)
On November 1st a quite energetic seismo-volcanic event occurred most probably from the Bocca Nuova crater. Since that time there has been a change in the seismic tremor.
jeu., 29 oct. 2015, 08:55
Strombolian activity inside Etna's Voragine crater (photo: Biagio Ragonese / EtnaWeb)
After several weeks of calm, new activity has started during the past days inside the central Voragine crater. Mild strombolian explosions have been observed from a vent at the bottom of the crater.
ven., 21 août 2015, 11:21
Ash emission from Etna's Voragine (photo: Boris Behncke / twitter)
Etna has been mostly calm during the past months. However, signs of unrest have appeared in the form of dilute ash emissions from the central crater (Voragine).

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