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Satellite image of Tungurahua volcano by (c) Google Earth View
Satellite image of Tungurahua volcano by (c) Google Earth View
Tungurahua volcan
stratovolcan 5023 m (16,479 ft)
Équateur, -1.47°S / -78.44°W

Tungurahua webcams / live data
Tungurahua volcano videos
Eruptions du volcan Tungurahua:
1534, 1557, 1640(?), 1641, 1644(?), 1646(?), 1757(?), 1773, 1776, 1777(?), 1781(?), 1857, 1885(?), 1886-88, 1900(?), 1916-25, 1944, 2000- (en cours)
Style éruptif tipique:
Derniers séismes proches

Tungurahua volcano news & eruption updates:

jeu., 25 sept. 20:52
Activity at the volcano remains at moderate to high levels, consisting of strombolian and small vulcanian explosions. During the past week, ash plumes have been rising 2-3 km above the volcano.+ ...plus [lire toutes]
dim., 31 août 16:32
Sequence of eruptions with pyroclastic flows at Tungurahua (photos G. Viracucha OVT/IG)
A series of small pyroclastic flows occurred yesterday evening, IGEPN reported in its latest special bulletin. ...plus [lire toutes]
dim., 24 août 14:31
Intermittent explosive activity of moderate size continues at the volcano. An ash emission to flight level 280, i.e. 28,000 ft (8 km) altitude and drifting west was reported today.
mar., 19 août 15:17
Small eruption at Tungurahua this morning (IGEPN webcam)
The volcano's activity remains moderate with frequent small to medium sized strombolian- to vulcanian-type explosions. ...plus [lire toutes]
lun., 4 août 07:49
Strombolian activity at Tungurahua yesterday morning (IGEPN)
Activity continued to increase at the volcano as new magma continues to arrive at its summit. Since the first ash emission a week ago, more and stronger explosions, as well as phases of continuous ash and gas emissions and milder strombolian activity have occurred. ...plus [lire toutes]
mar., 29 juil. 15:15
Ash emission of Tungurahua volcano last Sunday (photo: P. Espín OVT/IG-EPN)
Following more than 2 months of calm, the volcano is probably about to enter a new eruptive phase, a special bulletin of Ecuador's Geophysical Institute (IGPEN) informs. ...plus [lire toutes]
lun., 28 avril 14:44
Activity of the volcano remains comparably low, with only few and weak emissions of low energy. A number of lahars, caused by heavy rains remobilizing loose deposits, occurred in the riverbeds of Ingapirca, La Rea, Achupashal and others streams on the S and SW sides.
jeu., 24 avril 21:35
Seismic trace of yesterday's M3 earthquake under Tungurahua
While surface activity has been fluctuating at generally low levels with only sporadic small steam and ash emissions, IGPEN reports that there are signs that suggest that a new batch of magma might be on its way to the surface. ...plus [lire toutes]
ven., 18 avril 07:50
Explosion at Tungurahua last night
Activity at the volcano remains high with intermittent small to moderate explosions and ash emissions. Plumes of steam and various amounts of ash have been rising up to 3 km above the summit and drifting into westerly directions. Light ash fall occurred in Bilbao, Cusua, Choglontus, and Manzano. ...plus
jeu., 17 avril 15:41
Since the major explosion on 14 April, activity at the volcano has been characterized by several smaller and moderate explosions and near-constant steam and ash emissions that mainly drifted west and SW. ...plus [lire toutes]

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