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Gunung berapi di dunia

The city of Naples and Vesuvius volcano - perhaps THE volcano...
The city of Naples and Vesuvius volcano - perhaps THE volcano...
Setiap gunung berapi di dunia yang telah meletus dalam masa lalu 10.000 tahun atau dianggap berpotensi aktif dan banyak berapi tercantum.
Akut Andari memiliki menarik sepatubahan tentang gunung berapi (atau Daerah), di Titik Akupunktur akupunktur tertentu GAMBAR, Berita, Saksi mata, dll Andari Ingin berbagi, silahkan Hubungi kami Cara atau mengirimkan sepatubahan untuk ulasan.
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Gunung berapi Berita:

Friday, Jan 30, 2015
Some images of frozen and active pahoehoe lava taken during an excursion to active lava flows from Kiilauea during one of the recent Round-The-World tours. [more]
Lava flow or incandescent avalanche on Klyuchevskoy this morning (evening in Kamchatka)
The volcano's activity today consisted of continuing mild to moderate strombolian activity. Probably the lava flow on its upper flank is still active, but seems to have decreased. Frequent incandescent avalanches occurred, accompanied by mild ash emissions. ... [more]
Earthquakes at Bardarbunga yesterday (IMO)
A small earthquake swarm at 1 km below the eastern rim of the Bardarbunga caldera occurred yesterday evening at 21:22 local time, accompanied by a rise in tremor. ... [more]
Map of the June 27th lava flow as of 26 Jan (USGS / HVO)
Thursday, Jan 29, 2015
The June 27th lava flow remains active, but its advance is slow. The leading edge is currently stalled roughly 500 meters from Highway 130 at Pahoa. Breakouts remain active a short distance upslope of the leading tip of the flow, and continue to slowly widen the flow. [more]

An exceptional satellite image taken by the European Pléiades satellite from 19 January shows the new island that formed during the eruption near Hunga Ha’apai island (left in images) earlier this month and joined it by forming a new peninsula, composed of a broad, flat ash cone with a water-filled crater. The image also shows that activity seems to have already stopped by 19 Jan when the image was taken. Most likely, the new land addition will be eroded within months, because it seems mainly to be composed of loose materials, as opposed to more resistant solid lava flows. [more]

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