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Gunung berapi di dunia

The city of Naples and Vesuvius volcano - perhaps THE volcano...
The city of Naples and Vesuvius volcano - perhaps THE volcano...
Setiap gunung berapi di dunia yang telah meletus dalam masa lalu 10.000 tahun atau dianggap berpotensi aktif dan banyak berapi tercantum.
Akut Andari memiliki menarik sepatubahan tentang gunung berapi (atau Daerah), di Titik Akupunktur akupunktur tertentu GAMBAR, Berita, Saksi mata, dll Andari Ingin berbagi, silahkan Hubungi kami Cara atau mengirimkan sepatubahan untuk ulasan.
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Gunung berapi Berita:

Wednesday, Oct 01, 2014
The death toll from Saturday's powerful, and deadly explosion of the volcano has now climbed to 48, press reports. The eruption was a sudden, unexpected (and unpredictable) phreatic explosion, i.e. caused by sudden evaporation of overheated water in the hydrothermal system of the volcano. ... [more]
Continuing lava flow (r) and overflow of lava (l) this morning at Stromboli (INGV 400m Sciara webcam)
The eruptive activity has remains more or less unchanged: the lava flow is still active while sporadic explosive activity continues from the summit vents. As lava output rates from the 650 m vent fluctuate, the front of the lava flow, located in the central part of the Sciara del Fuoco since 6 Sep, advances and retreats in the lower part of the Sciara, sometimes almost reaching the sea. ... [more]
Pyroclastic flow on Sinabung yesterday afternoon (photo: Ricky Febriansyah / ‏@RickyFebriand17 / twitter)
The volcano continues to slowly extrude viscous lava feeding the lava lobe on its southeastern flank. Occasional rockfalls, caused by instabilities on the steeper upper parts of the lava flows, continue to occur from time to time and represent a major hazard: Two larger ones occurred yesterday and produced pyroclastic flows that traveled 3.5 km distance to the southeast. ... [more]
Aerial view of lava flow system on September 29, 2014 by USGS-HVO.
Tuesday, Sep 30, 2014
Following several days of increased pressure at Kilauea's summit, lava activity is picking up on the June 27th flow with new flows continuing to move to the north, on a pathway leading slightly away from the town of Pāhoa for now. ... [more]
Subsidence of the Bardarbunga caldera and earthquakes since 12 Sep  (IMO)
Sunday, Sep 28, 2014
Eruptive activity at the Holuhraun fissure remains stable. The lava flows continue to expand towards the north and particularly to the east, now over a snow-covered landscape as winter conditions set in. ... [more]

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