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Kelud volcano
Stratovolcano 1731 m (5,679 ft)
East Java, Indonesia, -7.93°S / 112.31°E

Kelud webcams / live data
Kelud volcano eruptions:
1500(?), 1548, 1586 ((sub-)Plinian eruption?), 1641 (sub-Plininan eruption?), 1716, 1752, 1756(?), 1771, 1776, 1785, 1811, 1825, 1826, 1835, 1848, 1849(?), 1864, 1901, 1919, 1920, 1951, 1966, 1967, 1990, Oct-Nov 2007, 13 Feb 2014
Typical eruption style:
Explosive. Lava domes, pyroclastic flows. Presence of extensive crater lake at low elevation, generating destructive lahars.
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Kelud volcano news

Kelut volcano (East Java, Indonesia): seismic swarm, alert level raised

Sunday Feb 02, 2014 19:32 PM | BY: T

The new lava dome of Kelut volcano in Nov 2007
The new lava dome of Kelut volcano in Nov 2007
Earthquakes at Kelut volcano during 2014
Earthquakes at Kelut volcano during 2014
The alert level of the volcano was raised today from 1 ("normal") to 2 ("Waspada", "watch") on a scale of 1-4. During the second half of 2014, a strong increase in seismic activity and a 5.5 deg temperature increase of the crater lake water had been detected.
The number of shallow volcanic earthquakes rose from averages of 1-2 per day to approx 10 per day during 20-31 Jan and climbed to more than 100 events since the start of February alone. This might indicate a shallow intrusion is taking place and could lead to a new eruption. VSI recommends not to approach the crater within 2 km radius.
The last eruption of Kelut was in Oct-Nov 2007, when a new lava dome grew within the crater lake.
Previous news
Thursday, Nov 15, 2007
CVGHM lowered the Alert Status of Kelut on 8 November from 4 to 3 (on a scale of 1-4), due to a decrease in seismicity and deformation. Temperatures of the crater lake were measured at 75 deg C on 6 Nov, and 150-210 deg C on the surface of the new lava dome. According to a local news article, a volcanologist reported that the lava dome was 250 m in diameter and 120 m above the crater lake surface. On 11 November, a plume rose to an altitude of 3.7 km (12,000 ft) a.s.l. and ashfall was reported in several areas.
CVGHM recommended that evacuees could return to their homes, but should stay clear of the mountain within a 3-km radius was restricted.
Thursday, Nov 08, 2007
There is still high activity inside the crater of mount Kelud. In the crater lake a small island is growing (probably a kind of lava dome). There is also a high seismic activity and many tremors that show upcomming lava. Steam from the cooking lake is rising up to 1000 m. It is possible that a big explosion may happen or a rupture of the new island inside the crater lake. The volcano is under close observation by volcanologists. ... [more]
Monday, Nov 05, 2007
As the news report, the lake in the Kelud crater has reached temperatures of more than 90 C. The heating of the crater lake indicates that magma is rising in the fault system of Keluds vent. Probably there is a volcano dome beeing built up in the crater that plugs the vent and leads to high preasure inside the system. In connection with overheated steam there may be a huge explosion of the crater top in the next hours or days. The region around the volcano is in highest danger of mud flows and pyroclastic flows. About 100.000 people living around the volcano have been evacuated already two weeks ago, but still a few people remain on their own risk in their homes. [more]
Saturday, Nov 03, 2007
The Indonesian Maount Kelud volcano seems to have erupted like a top official said on Saturday. Based on seismograpic data there have been several eruptions that could not be seen, because of dense clouds over the mountains top. ... [more]
Monday, Oct 29, 2007
CVGHM reported that the Alert Level for Kelut remained at 4 (on a
scale of 1-4) during 17-23 October. According to news articles,
several thousand evacuated people remained in shelters. [more]

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