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Smooth fracture surfaces at the lava dome: trees, having their roots reach into the tiniest crevaces, are clinging onto the vertical walls like free-climbers.
Smooth fracture surfaces at the lava dome: trees, having their roots reach into the tiniest crevaces, are clinging onto the vertical walls like free-climbers.
Imposing rock towers at the lava dome
Imposing rock towers at the lava dome
Satellite image of Methana (NASA)
Satellite image of Methana (NASA)
Tectonic setting of Methana
Tectonic setting of Methana

Methana volcano

32 Lava domes 740 m
Greece, 37.62°N / 23.34°E
Current status: dormant (1 out of 5)
Last update: 3 Jul 2013
Typical eruption style: Effusive, construction of lava domes, flowing through karstic systems, hydrothermal explosions.
Today: Only hydrothermic activity (Methana-Volcanic-Spa).
Methana volcano eruptions:

1700: Submarine volcano "Pavsanias" aprox. 1,5 km north-west of the historic volcano.
240-230 B.C.: Historic eruption near the village Kameni Hora that was described by ancient writers like STRABON, OVID and PAUSANIAS;
Every 2000 - 12.000 years: Eruptions on mayor fault systems.
10.000-30.000 B.C.: Building of the central volcano domes
100.000-600.000 B.C.: Building of the volcano domes in the eastern part of Methana.
1.500.000 years ago: First submarine eruptions (pillowlavas boninite from Agios Nikolaos)

TimeMag. / DepthDistanceLocation
Thu, 22 Jan
Thu, 22 Jan 09:03 UTCM 1.7 / 9.6 km11 km16 Km WSW from Aigina
Wed, 21 Jan
Wed, 21 Jan 15:20 UTCM 2.0 / 35.5 km19 km9 Km S from Corinth
Sat, 17 Jan
Sat, 17 Jan 08:55 UTCM 2.9 / 85 km15 kmSOUTHERN GREECE
Fri, 16 Jan
Fri, 16 Jan 21:57 UTCM 1.6 / 6.4 km21 km7 Km NNW from Aigina
Fri, 16 Jan 15:34 UTCM 1.3 / 30 km14 km2 Km SE from Corinth
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Methana is the northwestern part of the active, Greek volcanoes. It is a part of the Hellenic Arc with its volcanoes Milos, Santorini and Nisyros. It contains about 32 lava domes, the youngest one of which formed around 238 BC as recorded by Greek and Roman historians (e.g. Pausanias).
The peninsula is famous for its hot springs.


On Methana the last activities have been recorded at 1700 in a submarin part north of Kameni Hora. On Methana there are about 32 volcanoes. The activity began about 1-2 million years ago. There are different kinds of volcanoes on Methana. Some are explosive, some are domes and some are only hdrothermal craters or lava flows through karstic systems. The hydrothermal activity is shown mostly on a west-east fault that runs through the town of Methana. There are also the thermal baths and mofettes (gas). Methana has been researched by a group of geologists of the Swiss university ETH and the Greek geological survey IGME. (1991-1995). The result were two maps in the size 1:25.000 (geological and topographical maps). 3D-Maps you can find here!

Methana Photos:

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