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Volcanoes Today, 30 Oct 2014: Stromboli volcano, Popocatépetl, Bardarbunga, Turrialba, Kilauea, Santiaguito, Fuego, Shiveluch

Thursday Oct 30, 2014 20:00 PM |
Thermal image of the upper Sciara del Fuoco of Stromboli
Thermal image of the upper Sciara del Fuoco of Stromboli
View of the eruption this morning (Mila webcam)
View of the eruption this morning (Mila webcam)
County of Hawaii media image of lava flow reaching earth barrier in Pahoa village on Oct 29, 2014.
County of Hawaii media image of lava flow reaching earth barrier in Pahoa village on Oct 29, 2014.
View of the lava flows moving into Pahoa village on the afternoon of 29 Oct (image: HVO)
View of the lava flows moving into Pahoa village on the afternoon of 29 Oct (image: HVO)
Ash explosion from Popoatépetl yesterday afternoon
Ash explosion from Popoatépetl yesterday afternoon
Glow from the crater of Copahue on 27 Oct (image: SERNAGEOMIN)
Glow from the crater of Copahue on 27 Oct (image: SERNAGEOMIN)
Stromboli (Eolian Islands, Italy): (30 Oct) The effusive eruption that had started on 7 August seems to be ending: the lava flow emitted from the 650 m vent at the eastern base of the summit crater complex has decreased a lot two days ago and seems to have almost (or completely) stopped by today.
INGV Catania reports strong degassing from the summit vents.

Bardarbunga (Iceland): (30 Oct) Huge lava effusion rates continue to characterize the ongoing eruption at the Holuhraun fissure. There are no signs of the eruption ending soon.
Earthquakes continue to be frequent under the central volcano's caldera.

Shiveluch (Kamchatka): (30 Oct) An ash plume was reported last evening rising to approx. 30,000 ft (9 km) altitude and extending east (Tokyo VAAC).
Most likely, a collapse of a part of the growing lava dome (or an explosion) occurred. In the first case, the ash plume is likely associated with a pyroclastic flow.

Kilauea (Hawai'i): Prominent among other "hot topics" today, the Pahoa resident whose house is immediately in threat has constructed a 5m/15ft earth barrier to attempt to divert the lava around his house. While the legality of his action has come into question, local officials are stressing constructive dialog the unites, not divides, the community. However, as of this morning the lava has reached the barrier which still remains in place and began spreading around it. The earth barrier can be seen in the USGS photo in our previous post, as well as in the County images released this morning.

Other important developments are the arrival and deployment of 80 US National Guard who will work under the authority of the Police Department. These are local residents coming back to help their community as part of the supplementary force. Also, the power pole which has so far survived the lava flow has shown signs of burning but has been stabilized & reinforced with no loss of electricity to customers.
...30 Oct:
This afternoon, the lava flow continued to move through private property and gets ever closer to the Pahoa village road. The leading edge of the flow was advancing about 10 m (11 yd) per hour this afternoon. It flow moved downslope about 125 m (136 yd) over the past 24 hours. The flow width was less than about 50 meters (55 yards) at the leading edge.
As of 4:15 pm (29 Oct local time), the flow was about 185 m (202 yd) in a straight line distance from Pāhoa Village Road and about 775 meters (850 yd) in a straight-line distance from Highway 130.
The lava lobe south of the main flow and upslope of Apa`a Street was not active today, but there were a couple of small breakouts on the north side of the flow that have advanced 70 to 110 m (75 to 120 yd) in the past day. (HVO's latest update)

Popocatépetl (Central Mexico): (30 Oct) Overall, the volcano's activity has remained unchanged. Occasional explosions produce ash plumes that rise 1-2 km above the volcano. Yesterday, the volcano was a bit more active and had 5 such eruptions.
Overnight incandescence is observed comming from the central and east sector of the crater.

Santiaguito (Guatemala): (30 Oct) The viscous lava flow on the eastern side continues to advance slowly. No significant explosive activity from the lava dome has been reported recently.

Fuego (Guatemala): (30 Oct) The volcano's activity has been stable over the past weeks. Mild to moderate strombolian explosions continue.
Yesterday, the observatory reported 11 weak explosions (ash plumes rising up to 500 m) and 13 moderate ones (ash plumes up to 800 m). The plumes drifted SE and W for approx. 10 km before dissipating. Light ash fall occurred in downwind areas.
The explosions at the summit produce incandescent avalanches on the upper slopes of the volcano.

Turrialba (Costa Rica): A relatively large explosion occurred at the volcano last night at 23:40 local time. According to local news, the eruption lasted about 45 minutes and was accompanied by strong seismic activity, which was felt by the local population.
As the eruption occurred at night, there are no visual reports.
... [read more]

Copahue (Chile/Argentina): Signs of unrest at the volcano have decreased and SERNAGEOMIN lowered the alert level back to yellow:
Seismicity declined during the past days, the volcanic edifice showed deflation and a crater lake has reformed at the bottom of El Agrio crater.
Glow from the summit, probably caused by very hot gasses, was last seen on 27 Oct (but bad weather prevented observations since).
Tidigare Nyheter
County of Hawaii media image of lava flow through Pahoa village on Oct 28, 2014.
Wednesday, Oct 29, 2014
Kilauea (Hawai'i): According to the latest report, the lava flow front is now 280 m/yds from Pahoa Village Road, averaging about 10 m/yds per hour. Lava has already consumed a few small agricultural structures, and there are perhaps 10-15 residences in its direct path on both sides of the road. Residents have been placed on an "evacuation notice" without being forced to leave, so that they can see what happens to their property and hopefully bring some emotional closure to the ordeal. ... [mera]
The advancing lava front in Pahoa last evening (image: HVO)
Tuesday, Oct 28, 2014
Dukono (Halmahera): Explosive activity at the volcano continues. An ash plume at estimated 10,000 ft (3 km) altitude was seen drifting 45 nautical miles to the east on satellite data today (VAAC Darwin). ... [mera]
Lava flows on Stromboli last evening (photo: Ferruccio Ferrari)
Monday, Oct 27, 2014
Stromboli (Eolian Islands, Italy): No major changes have occurred at the volcano: Lava effusion continues from the 650 m vent and feeds active lava flows on the upper Sciara del Fuoco. From the lava flow fronts, incandescent blocks detach and roll down the slope. ... [mera]
The June 27th lava flow crossed Apaʻa Street / Cemetery Road at 3:50 AM, HST, Saturday morning, October 25, 2014. In this photo, which was taken at about 9 AM Saturday, the flow is moving from right to left, with burning asphalt visible along it's NW margin. A utility pole, far right, was surrounded by lava but remained standing at the time of the photo. The hope is that the protective insulation and cinder/cement barrier around the pole will prevent it from burning through. (image: HVO)
Sunday, Oct 26, 2014
Kilauea (Hawai'i): Lava has crossed the Apaʻa Street / Cemetery Road near the driveway to the Pāhoa cemetery and is now spreading mainly over open grassland. ... [mera]
Pyroclastic flow on Sinabung this morning
Saturday, Oct 25, 2014
Bardarbunga (Iceland): The eruption seems to continue with no changes, but there were no visual observations today. IMO writes: ... [mera]

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