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Stromboli volcano
stratovolcano 926 m
Eolian Islands, Italy, 38.79°N / 15.21°E

Stromboli webcams / live data
Stromboli volcano videos
Stromboli volcano eruptions:
Persistant (near-constant) activity since at least 2-3000 years. Lava flow eruption from Dec. 2002-July 2003, and in March 2007.
Typical eruption style:
Small explosive (strombolian) eruptions, typically every 20-30 mins. Intermittently, ca. every 2-20 years, minor effusive eruptions (lava flows); on average 2-5 times per year larger explosions.
Last earthquakes nearby
Lava flow and explosions in Jan 2013
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latest (Aug-Dec 2014) | Jan-Jul 2014 | Apr-Dec 2013 | archive
Fri, 12 Dec 15:19
Strong degassing and small explosions from Stromboli's summit vents yesterday (INGV Catania)
Activity has remained low - there is no lava effusion. At the vents in the summit craters, there are occasional small explosions and strong degassing. ...more [read all]
Sat, 22 Nov 10:08
Strombolian acttivity at the summit vents of Stromboli (INGV)
Lava effusion seems to have stopped completely since about a week ago. Small strombolian explosions continue to occur sporadically from vents in the northern and central crater terrace at the summit. ...more [read all]
Fri, 14 Nov 07:48
Occasional mild strombolian explosions occur from the summit vents. Very weak lava effusion also continues, at least intermittently from the vent at 650 m elevation. (Source: INGV Catania latest report)
Thu, 30 Oct 01:04
Thermal image of the upper Sciara del Fuoco of Stromboli
The effusive eruption that had started on 7 August seems to be ending: the lava flow emitted from the 650 m vent at the eastern base of the summit crater complex has decreased a lot two days ago and seems to have almost (or completely) stopped by today. ...more
Mon, 27 Oct 09:45
Lava flows on Stromboli last evening (photo: Ferruccio Ferrari)
No major changes have occurred at the volcano: Lava effusion continues from the 650 m vent and feeds active lava flows on the upper Sciara del Fuoco. From the lava flow fronts, incandescent blocks detach and roll down the slope. ...more
Fri, 24 Oct 14:16
Lava flows on Stromboli's Sciara del Fuoco and small ash emission this morning (INGV webcams)
There are no signs the effusive eruption is slowing down. A lava flow is being erupted from the vent at 650 m elevation and currently feeds two active branches on the upper Sciara del Fuoco. ...more
Sat, 18 Oct 21:43
Thu, 16 Oct 07:47
Lava flows at Stromboli last night (INGV webcam)
There are signs that the lava flow eruption could be approaching an end soon. Lava effusion rate has dropped although a weak lava flow continues to be active on the upper part of the Sciara del Fuoco. ...more [read all]
Wed, 8 Oct 08:20
Lava flows on Stromboli's Sciara del Fuoco last evening
Lava continues to flow from the effusive vent under the NE crater and forms several active branches on the upper Sciara del Fuoco. ...more [read all]
Sat, 4 Oct 21:45
Lava flows on Stromboli's Sciara del Fuoco this evening (INGV thermal webcam)
The lava continues to flow through the northern channel on the upper Sciara del Fuoco. Effusion rate remains significant. Small ash emissions continue to occur from the western summit vents.

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latest (Aug-Dec 2014) | Jan-Jul 2014 | Apr-Dec 2013 | archive

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