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The city of Naples and Vesuvius volcano - perhaps THE volcano...
The city of Naples and Vesuvius volcano - perhaps THE volcano...

Volcano news:
Wednesday, Jul 23, 2014
A large landslide occurred from the southern wall of the Askja caldera yesterday night. The slide caused a large flood wave in the Öskjuvatn lake that also swept into the famous Viti crater. ... [more]
Glow from Semeru's summit at night (VSI webcam)
Activity, weak during the past months, seems to have picked up. A new lava flow has started to slowly descend the southeastern slope. ... [more]
Monday, Jul 21, 2014
A series of small explosive eruptions took place at the volcano this Sunday (20 Jul). ... [more]
Lava flow on Stromboli 17 July evening
Sunday, Jul 20, 2014
Overall, activity remains similar. Several smaller and larger, but all short-lived lava overflows occurred from the second NE vent over the past days. ... [more]
Location and time vs depth of recent earthquakes under Katla volcano
Wednesday, Jul 16, 2014
An increased number of small earthquakes, up to magnitude 2.7, has been occurring near the surface or at very shallow depths under Katla's ice cap since yesterday. ... [more]
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