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Volcanoes of Central Chile and Argentina (59)

Antillanca | Antuco | Auca Mahuida Volcanic Field | Caburgua-Huelemolle | Calabozos | Caldera del Atuel | Callaqui | Carrán-Los Venados | Cerro Azul | Cerro Maichín | Cerro Nevado | Cerro Pantoja | Cerro Trautrén | Cochiquito | Copahue | Descabezado Grande | Domuyo | Huanquihue | Infiernillo | Laguna Blanca | Laguna del Maule | Laguna Mariñaqui | Lanin | Llaima | Llancanelo Volcanic Field | Lomas Blancas | Lonquimay | Maipo | Mocho-Choshuenco | Nevado de Longavi | Nevado de los Piuquenes | Nevados de Caburgua | Nevados de Chillán | Northern Mendoza Volcanic Field | Palomo | Payún Matru | Pino Hachado | Planchón-Peteroa | Puelche Volcanic Field | Puesto Cortaderas | Puntiagudo-Cordón Cenizos | Puyehue-Cordón Caulle | Quetrupillan | Quinchilca | Resago | Risco Plateado | San José | San Pedro-Pellado | Sierra Nevada | Sollipulli | Sordo Lucas | Tinguiririca | Tolguaca | Tralihue | Trocon | Tromen | Tupungatito | Tupungato | Villarrica
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Volcano list


(stratovolcanoes 1990 m / 6,529 ft)
The Antillanca group of stratovolcanoes is located 100 km NE of Puerto Montt in central Chile, at the eastern shore of Rupanco Lake. The cluster consists of scoria cones, maars and small stratovolcanoes and covers an area of 380 sq km.
The most prominent volcanic edifice is... [more]


(stratovolcano 2979 m / 9,774 ft)
Antuco volcano in central Chile rises majestically above the SW shore of Laguna de la Laja. Antuco is one of Chile's more active volcanoes. Mild explosive eruptions were recorded in the 18th and 19th centuries from both summit and flank vents, and historical lava flows have trave... [more]

Auca Mahuida Volcanic Field

(Volcanic field 2243 m / 7359 ft)


(cinder cones 1496 m / 4,908 ft)
Caburgua-Huelemolle volcano is a group of 4 cinder basaltic cones in central Chile: Volcanoes de Caburgua and Volcán Huelemolle, Volcán Redondo and Volcán Pichares. [more]


(caldera 3508 m / 11,509 ft)
Calabozos volcano in central Chile is a complex containing a large 26x14 km wide caldera, Cerro del Medio volcano at the south of the caldera, and 4 cinder cones of Descabezado Chico on the western caldera rim.
The caldera was formed by repeated massive (super-volcano) erup... [more]

Caldera del Atuel

(caldera, volcanic group 5189 m / 17,024 ft)
The large 30x45 km wide Caldera del Atuel is located in western Argentina just east of the Argentina-Chile border and 18 km SSW of the rim of Diamante caldera. [more]


(stratovolcano 3164 m / 10,380 ft)
Ice-capped Callaqui volcano is an elongated basaltic-andesite stratovolcano in central Chile Volcano. It has had a few small explosive eruptions in historic time, and it is known for its intense fumarolic activity. [more]

Carrán-Los Venados

(cinder cones 1114 m / 3,655 ft)
Carrán-Los Venados volcano in central Chile is a group of about 50 basaltic to basaltic-andesite scoria cones, maars, and a small stratovolcano. The volcanic group is broadly aligned on a 17 km long ENE-WSW trending line ESE of Lago Ranco.
The volcano erupted 3 times in the... [more]

Cerro Azul

(stratovolcano 3788 m / 12,428 ft)
Cerro Azul stratovolcano in Central Chile is located at the southern end of the Descabezado Grande-Cerro Azul group of volcanoes. Its steep summit cone contains a 500 m wide crater.
Cerro Azul is the site of one of the largest explosive eruptions in the 20th centuries. It e... [more]

Cerro Maichín

(Stratovolcano unknown)

Cerro Nevado

(Volcanic field 3791 m / 12438 ft)

Cerro Pantoja

(stratovolcano 2024 m / 6,640 ft)
Cerro Pantoja is an eroded dominantly basaltic volcano along the Chile-Argentina border. The only known activity within the past 10,000 years is a cinder cone on the Argentinian side.
Cerro Pantoja lies SSW of Lake Constancia located immediately west of the Argentinian bor... [more]

Cerro Trautrén

(Stratovolcano(es) 1846 m / 6056 ft)


(stratovolcanoes 1435 m / 4,708 ft)
Cochiquito is part of a small group of young volcanoes (Cochiquito, Sillanegra and Ranquil del Sur ) north of the town of Buta Ranquil, Argentina, near where the Río Grande and Río Barrancas join to form the Río Colorado. [more]


(stratovolcano 2997 m / 9,833 ft)
Copahue volcano is an active stratovolcano in central Chile at the border with Argentina. The volcano has a 6.5 x 8.5 km wide caldera with several craters aligned on a 2 km ENE-WSW trending zone.
The eastern summit crater has an acid 300 m wide crater lake known as El Agri... [more]

Descabezado Grande

(stratovolcanoes 3953 m / 12,969 ft)
Descabezado Grande ("the big decapitated") volcano in central Chile is an active stratovolocano with a 1.4 km wide ice-filled summit crater, a basal diameter of 11 km and a volume of 30 cubic km.
The only historical eruption was in 1932, when a lateral crater formed on the... [more]


(stratovolcano 4709 m / 15,449 ft)
Volcán Domuyo is a stratovolcano in NW Argentinia and perhaps still an active one. It has a 15-km wide caldera, within which at least 14 dacitic lava domes and other eruptive centers were constructed. Other 5 vents are outside the caldera, the largest being the Volcán Chanque-Mal... [more]


(stratovolcano 2139 m / 7,018 ft)
Huanquihue volcano is a group of young basaltic stratovolcanoes in western Argentina near the border with Chile and south of Lanín volcano. [more]


(volcanic field summit elevation unknown)
Infiernillo ("little hell") is a young basaltic-andesite volcanic field located along the Río Salado in Argentina about 70 km east of the crest of the Andes and NW of the town of Malargüe, 1000 km distance from Buenos Aires.
Volcanism in the field was caused by extensional... [more]

Laguna Blanca

(volcanic field 1700 m / 5,577 ft)
Laguna Bianca is a group of cinder cones and lava flows SW of the town of Zapala. A perfectly shaped and youthful-looking cinder cone on the northern shore of Laguna Blanca is the most prominent feature.
Laguna Blanca National Park is famous for its aquatic bird fauna, incl... [more]

Laguna del Maule

(caldera 3092 m / 10,144 ft)
Laguna del Maule is a 15x25 km wide lake-filled volcanic caldera in central Chile near the border to Argentina, east of Nevados de Longavi volcano. The complex is less than 30,000 years old and covers 300 km2 contains a cluster of small stratovolcanoes, lava domes, and cinder con... [more]

Laguna Mariñaqui

(cinder cones 2143 m / 7,031 ft)
Laguna Mariñaqui volcano is a group of 2 cinder cones 2 km apart on a NE trending fault SSE of Copahué volcano and ENE of Tolguaca volcano. The andesitic cinder cones have formed during the past 10,000 years and produced lava flows. [more]


(stratovolcano 3747 m / 12,293 ft)
Lanín is a large, conical and active (but at present dormant) stratovolcano on the Chile-Argentina border, located approximately 45 km southeast of Villarrica volcano.
The volcano is mostly basaltic and andesitic in composition and many eruptions came from flank vents.


(stratovolcano 3125 m / 10,253 ft)
Llaima stratovolcano is one of Chile's largest and most active volcanoes. It is located 90 km S of Callaqui in the Araucanía Region of southern-central Chile, in the Conguillio National Park about 80 km from the city of Temuco.
It is one of the volcanoes with the most known... [more]

Llancanelo Volcanic Field

(Pyroclastic cone(s) 1876 m / 6155 ft)

Lomas Blancas

(stratovolcano 2268 m / 7,441 ft)
Volcán Lomas Blancas is a small and young shield-like stratovolcano located about 15 km SE of Nevado de Longaví volcano. It has a 2.3-km-wide caldera, possibly formed by edifice collapse. The caldera is open to the SE where basaltic-andesite aa lava flows extend 7 km from the col... [more]


(stratovolcano 2865 m / 9,399 ft)
Lonquimay is a small symmetrical stratovolcano with a flat top in central Chile immediately SE of Tolguaca volcano. It contains a glacier in the summit crater and down on the south flank.
Lonquimay often erupts from flank vents and produces large lava flows. [more]


(caldera 5264 m / 17,270 ft)
Maipo is a conical stratovolcano in the High Andes on the Chile-Argentina border 108 km SE of Santiago. Maipo partially fills the large 15 x 20 km Diamante caldera, which formed about half a million years ago during a massive eruption. [more]


(stratovolcanoes 2422 m / 7,946 ft)
Mocho-Choshuenco volcano east of Lago Rinihué and SE of Lago Panguipulli in central Chile is a twin volcano composed by 2 glaciated stratovolcanoes. The younger of them, El Mocho, has been active in historic times, in 1864 and in 1937. [more]

Nevado de Longavi

(stratovolcano 3242 m / 10,636 ft)
Nevado de Longavi is a conical, glacier-covered, dominantly andesitic stratovolcano in central Chile with a lava dome at its summit. No historic eruptions have been recorded from Nevado de Longavi, but there is fumarolic activity and the last eruptions are about 7000 years ago. <... [more]

Nevado de los Piuquenes

(Stratovolcano 6019 m / 19747 ft)

Nevados de Caburgua

(Stratovolcano(es) 1862 m / 6109 ft)

Nevados de Chillán

(stratovolcano 3212 m / 10,538 ft)
Nevados de Chillán volcano (SERNAGEOMIN webcam)
Nevados de Chillán volcano (SERNAGEOMIN webcam)
Nevados de Chillán volcano in central Chile is one of the country's most active volcanoes. It is part of the Southern Volcanic Zone of the Andean Cordillera, and is composed by 3 overlapping stratovolcanoes located on a NNW-SSE-trending line. [more]

Northern Mendoza Volcanic Field

(Volcanic field unknown)


(stratovolcano 4860 m / 15,945 ft)
Palomo is a small stratovolcano in central Chile, 130 km south of Santiago, and west of the massive Caldera del Atuel. The summit is largely ice-covered. Its young morphology suggests that its last eruptions are relatively recent, perhaps prehispanic, but there has not been any k... [more]

Payún Matru

(shield volcano 3680 m / 12,073 ft)
Cerro Payún Matru is a massive Hawaiian-style shield volcano in Argentina located lies 530 km from the oceanic trench, which marks the subduction of the Nazca plate. It contains a 8 x 10 km caldera which was formed after about 168,000 years ago. [more]

Pino Hachado

(Caldera 2017 m / 6617 ft)


(complex volcano 4107 m / 13,474 ft)
Planchón-Peteroa is an elongated complex volcano along the Chile-Argentina border with several overlapping calderas. It is less than 550,000 years old and was formed by 3 different volcanoes representing different generations of the volcano: Azufre, Planchon and Peteroa.
Pe... [more]

Puelche Volcanic Field

(Volcanic field 3140 m / 10302 ft)

Puesto Cortaderas

(pyroclastic cone 970 m / 3,182 ft)
The Puesto Cortaderas formation in Argentina is an isolated basaltic cinder cone SE of the Sierra Huantraico range, NE of Puesta Cortaderas, and is believed to be younger than 10,000 years old. [more]

Puntiagudo-Cordón Cenizos

(stratovolcano 2493 m / 8,179 ft)
Puntiagudo-Cordón Cenizos volcano is a volcanic chain located between Lago Rupanco and Lago Todos Los Santos in the Chilean lake district in central Chile.
Volcán Puntiagudo is an andesitic stratovolcano with a prominent 2493-m-high sharp-peaked summit (hence its name), whi... [more]

Puyehue-Cordón Caulle

(stratovolcano 2236 m / 7,336 ft)
Puyehue-Cordón Caulle with the steam and ash plume from the rift zone eruption seen from space on 26 January 2012 (NASA Earth Observatory)
Puyehue-Cordón Caulle with the steam and ash plume from the rift zone eruption seen from space on 26 January 2012 (NASA Earth Observatory)
Puyehue-Cordón Caulle volcano in Central Chile is a complex of 2 volcanoes: Puyehue volcano and the fissure system of Cordón Caulle. Puyehue volcano has a 2.4 km wide summit caldera, but historical eruptions occurred at the Cordón Caulle rift zone.
The Cordón Caulle geother... [more]


(stratovolcano 2360 m / 7,743 ft)
Quetrupillan is a glaciated stratovolcano in central Chile built within a large 7x10 km caldera. The volcano last erupted in 1872. [more]


(Stratovolcano(es) 1632 m / 5354 ft)


(cinder cone 1890 m / 6,201 ft)
Volcán Resago is a cinder cone with a double crater in Linares province. The volcano produced a basaltic-andesite lava flow that traveled about 3 km to the WNW into Laguna Dial. The youthful cone may have been formed during an undocumented eruption during historical time. [more]

Risco Plateado

(stratovolcano 4999 m / 16,401 ft)
Risco Plateado is a volcanic complex about 10 km south of the Caldera del Atuel and consists of a stratovolcano cut by a 4-km-wide caldera. The age of the last eruption is known but thought to be Holocene (within the past 11,000 years). There are youthful-looking basalt lava flow... [more]

San José

(stratovolcano 5856 m / 19,212 ft)
Volcán San José volcano on the Chile-Argentina lies at the southern end of a volcano group that includes the older volcanoes of Marmolejo and Espíritu Santo. San José volcano has a broad 2 km x 0.5 km summit region with overlapping and nested craters, pyroclastic cones, and block... [more]

San Pedro-Pellado

(stratovolcano 3621 m / 11,880 ft)
San Pedro-Pellado volcano (also known as San Pedro-Tatara) and is a stratovolcanoe in central Chile, located within the 6 x 12 km Río Colorado caldera.
San Pedro stratovolcano has a glacier-filled crater and fumaroles on the SE side of Pellado volcano, an older, eroded pred... [more]

Sierra Nevada

(Stratovolcano 2554 m / 8379 ft)


(stratovolcano 2282 m / 7,487 ft)
Sollipulli volcano in central Chile, 60 km NE of Villarrica, is a dormant stratovolcano with a 4 km wide, glaciated summit caldera. It has explosion craters and cinder cones on the outer flanks of the caldera, and a series of lava domes are at the eastern and southern caldera rim... [more]

Sordo Lucas

(Stratovolcano 3349 m / 10988 ft)


(stratovolcano 4280 m / 14,042 ft)
Tinguiririca is a complex stratovolcano west of the Chile-Argentina border in central Chile. The volcano consists of overlapping small stratovolcanoes, cinder cones and craters that have developed over an NNE-SSE trending fissure. The youngest appear to be Tinguiririca and Fray C... [more]


(stratovolcano 2806 m / 9,206 ft)
Tolguaca volcano (also spelled Tolhuaca volcano) in Central Chile is a young basaltic-andesitic stratovolcano immediatelz NW of Lonquimay volcano. Only fumarolic activity has been known in historic times, but it has erupted frequently during the past 10,000 years. The volcano con... [more]


(stratovolcano summit elevation unknown)
Tralihue volcano in southwest Argentina is one of the lesser known probably still active volcanoes in the Andes. In post-glacial times, it has erupted small lava domes and basaltic tephra erupted from vents on a NW-trending fracture zone. [more]


(lava domes 2500 m / 8,202 ft)
Trocon volcano is a group of overlapping lava domes in southwest Argentina, 28 km NE of Copahue volcano. The volcano has 2 summit craters and a cinder cone which produced an andesitic lava flow to the east. [more]


(stratovolcano 3978 m / 13,051 ft)
Tromen volcano is a stratovolcano in NW Argentina, and lies at the northern end of an elongated volcanic massif. The summit of Tromen is cut by two overlapping 3.5-km-wide calderas. [more]


(stratovolcano 6000 m / 19,685 ft)
Tupungatito volcano is the northernmost historically active volcano of the central Chilean Andes. It is located on the Chile/Argentina border 99 km east of Santiago.
Tupungatito's name is a diminuitive version of the massive Cerro Tupungato stratovolcano located immediately... [more]


(Stratovolcano 6570 m / 21555 ft)


(Stratovolcano 2847 m / 9,340 ft)
Snow-covered Villarrica, one of Chile's most active volcanoes, rises above the lake and town of the same name. It erupts basaltic lava and is one of the few permanently active volcanoes in the world, with frequent strombolian activity and sometimes a small lava lake present in it... [more]
Volcano news
Wed, 5 Apr 2023, 14:00

Laguna del Maule volcano (Central Chile-Argentina) - Smithsonian / USGS Weekly Volcanic Activity Report for 29 March-4 April 2023 (New Activity / Unrest)

SERNAGEOMIN reported that increased seismicity at Laguna del Maule was first registered around 1800 on 30 March. The seismic monitoring stations recorded a swarm of 300 volcano-tectonic earthquakes that occurred in an elongated area in a NW-SE direction approximately 10 km SW of the crater at a depth of up 8 km. These events were associated with rock fracturing processes. ... Read all
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