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Second spectacular eruption within 48 hours lights the night sky

Do, 18. Feb 2021, 08:49
08:49 AM | VON: T
Lava fountains from Etna last night (image: Massimo Lo Giudice / facebook)
Lava fountains from Etna last night (image: Massimo Lo Giudice / facebook)
Tremor signal showing the two peaks of the recent paroxysms (image: INGV Catania)
Tremor signal showing the two peaks of the recent paroxysms (image: INGV Catania)
Less than 30 hours after Tuesday's spectacular paroxysm (lava-fountaining episode), the volcano gave again an impressive display of fire, producing another similar and very powerful eruption last night.
After the end of the previous paroxysm on 16 Feb, the volcano's activity had actually dropped to the lowest levels in recent weeks, but that was about to change very quickly last evening.
Around 11 pm local time, the sop-far intermittent and mild strombolian explosions from the New SE crater began to increase significantly, both in size and frequency. At the same time, the monitoring network of INGV Catania detected a rapid rise of volcanic tremor signal, indication of magma moving underground towards the surface.
Less than two hours later, around 1 am this morning local time, the eruption reached its peak phase: for almost an hour, tall lava fountains shot into the night sky, reaching considerable heights of probably around 500 m or even more. Multiple large lava flows descended on several sides of the cone as well.
This time, lava flows not only descended eastwards into Valle del Bove, but also to the south covering similar areas as many lava flows that had inundated the the area previously known as Torre del Filosofo in the past few years.
The Volcanic Ash Advisory Center of Toulouse detected volcanic ash reaching an altitude of 10,000 m (30,000 ft).
This latest paroxysm is likely only one of others to follow, and indicates that Etna is once again in a phase of alternating between intermittent and rather mild summit activity and violent, but short-lived lava fountains. When the next one will occur is impossible to predict, - it could be tonight or tomorrow or in 4 or more weeks. Only Etna knows for sure.
In the meanwhile, you can check its activity on various live webcams.
Massimo Lo Giudice (facebook)

Vorherige Nachrichten

Mi, 17. Feb 2021, 06:00

Etna volcano (Sicily, Italy) - Smithsonian / USGS Weekly Volcanic Activity Report for 17 February-23 February 2021 (New Activity / Unrest)

INGV reported that a series of paroxysmal events separated by relative calm periods at Etna began on 16 February and continued at least through 23 February. The first episode began late on 16 February, characterized by gradually increasing Strombolian activity at the E vents of the Southeast Crater (SEC). Overflows of lava from the crater at 1805 caused a partial collapse of the cone and a pyroclastic flow that traveled 1.5 km along the W wall of the Valle de Bove. ... Read all
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Ätna Vulkan
Komplexer Schichtvulkan Currently about 3329 m (changing due to eruptive activity and collapse of its crater rims)
Sizilien (Italien), 37.75°N / 14.99°E
Aktueller Status: Schwache Aktivität oder Ausbruchswarnung (3 von 5) Ausbrüche des Ätna:
fast ununterbrochene Tätigkeit in historischer Zeit, u.a.:
122 v.Chr. (explosive Eruption am Gipfel), 1669 n.Chr. (zerstörerische Flankeneruption), 1787 (spektakuläre Gipfeleruptionen; laut Berichten Lavafontänen bis zu 3 km Höhe)
Eruptionen seit 1950 (f: Flankeneruptionen / s: Gipfeleruptionen):
1950-51(f), 1952(s), 1953(s?), 1955-64(s), 1966-1970(s), 1966(f), 1971(f), 1971-1980(s), 1974(f), 1978(f), 1979(f), 1980-81(s), 1981 (f), 1983(f), 1984(s), 1985(f), 1986(s), 1987(f), 1987(s), 1989(f), 1989-1991(s), 1991-93(f), 1995-2001(s), 2001(f), 2002(s), 2002-03(f), 2004-2005 (f), 2006(s), 2007(s), 2008-2009 (f), 2010, 2013-anhaltend
Typische Aktivität
Effusive (Austritt von Lavaströmen) und explosiv mit anhaltender strombolianischer Tätigkeit, unterbrochen von heftigen Paroxysmen (Lavafontänen). Ausbrüche von den Gipfelkratern und im Schnitt alle 5-10 Jahre von seitlichen Bochen (Flankenausbrüche).

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