Fourpeaked Volcano (Alaska), eruption news: first known eruption

Sa, 26. Feb 2005, 01:49
Aerialphoto of the summit of Fourpeaked volcano on an overflight on the 24th of Sep 2006 showing several steaming vents on its summit. (Photo courtesy: Cyrus Read, AVO/USGS)
Aerialphoto of the summit of Fourpeaked volcano on an overflight on the 24th of Sep 2006 showing several steaming vents on its summit. (Photo courtesy: Cyrus Read, AVO/USGS)

The first known historic eruption of Fourpeaked volcano on the Alaska peninsula is taking its course. Several vents emitting gasses and ash have appeared on the glacier-topped volcano and are slowly melting the ice cap.

On September 17, an explosion of ash, gas, and steam from Fourpeaked Mountain 320 km (200 mi) SW of Anchorage on the Alaska Peninsula marked the onset of unrest at this long-dormant, ice-clad volcano. AVO elevated the level of concern color code to YELLOW on September 20. Since then, AVO has gathered aerial and ground-based information and also initiated installation of geophysical instrumentation to better track activity at Fourpeaked. Based on our observations and limited geologic understanding of the volcano, it is possible that significant eruptive activity could occur in the coming days to weeks.
Over the weekend and continuing today, AVO flew a variety of missions to Fourpeaked volcano. The main findings are as follows: (1) Observers saw a linear series of vents running north from the summit for about 1 km (0.6 mi). Most of these vents were vigorously emitting steam and other volcanic gasses. In the immediate vicinity of the vents, the glacier had been disrupted and showed signs of subsidence. (2) Gas measurements reveal that emission rates of sulfur dioxide, hydrogren sulfide, and carbon dioxide were all high. The sulfur dioxide emission rate was roughly equivalent to that measured at Augustine before its January 2006 eruptions. A distinct sulfur smell was evident up to 50 km (30 mi) from Fourpeaked's summit. (3) Marked scouring of a glacier flowing west from the summit indicates flooding, probably from the September 17th event.

Source: abbreviated from the AVO website

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Sa, 26. Feb 2005, 01:01
Enjoying a break during a long hike (Bob, Phil, Tom, and Pam; l. to r.)
The two volcano tours on Hawai'i have come to an end, or better, the time to enjoy these fresh memories has now started. We look back on 10 days packed with impressions from exceptional activity at Kilauea volcano,- we have been incredibly lucky both as to activity (Kilauea was/still is in one of its most active phases since the start of the eruption in 1983), and the weather and last but not least thanks to the great mix of people we have had on board. Not only got we to see lots of lava during the 5 days each, but we also had our great share of fun, met interesting new people from all over and did many other interesting and nice activities aside.Tom took many photos, some of which will soon be available (mainly on Due to the sucess of the tour, the VolcanoDiscovery Hawai'i team (Tom, Phil and Philippe) can offer to repeat the tour for individuals or small groups at almost any date on request, in English and/or French as well as Portuguese. In addition, two new fixed dates, now open for inscriptions, are now set up for mid November: 13-18 and 20-25 November, 2005. Details of the tour can be found at this page. (Since Tom will be on location as well during these tours, the languages the tour can be done, are: German, English, French, Danish, Italian, Greek and Portuguese or a mix of these). ... Read all
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