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Bárdarbunga Vulkan
Stratovolcano approx. 2000 m / ca. 6,560 ft
Central Iceland, 64.63°N / -17.53°W
Aktueller Status: normal / ruhend (1 von 5)
Bárdarbunga Webcams / aktuelle Daten | Berichte
Bárdarbunga Vulkan-B cher
Ausbrüche des Bárdarbunga :
1080(?), 1159(?), ca. 1210, ca. 1270, ca. 1350, ca. 1410(?), 1477 (very large effusive-explosive eruption), 1697, 1702, 1706, 1712, 1716, 1717, 1720, 1726, 1729, 1739, 1750, 1766, 1769, 1797, 1807(?), 1862-64, 1872(?), 1902-03
Typische Aktivität:
Large effusive eruptions, some explosive activity.
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Bárdarbunga Vulkan: Nachrichten

Bardarbunga volcano update: Eruption update

Montag Sep 01, 2014 22:20 | VON: T

Aerial view of the eruption on 1 Sep (Icelandic Coast Guard)
Aerial view of the eruption on 1 Sep (Icelandic Coast Guard)
SO2 plume from the eruption (NOAA)
SO2 plume from the eruption (NOAA)
The Icelandic Coast Guard made an aerial survey of the eruption site. According to IMO, the fissure is 1.5 km long, but only erupts from a 600-800 m long central section.
A single crater has been active at its southern end, but little or no lava extrudes from it now. Lava fountains rise to a height of a few tens of meters where the activity is greatest, centrally on the fissure.
The lava flow field stretches 3,5 km from the center of the fissure and is max 1,6 km wide, with a 500 m wide flow front. So far, approx 4.5 square km have been covered by the lava flows. The University of Iceland published an updated map.
At 16:00, a rough estimate gave a total volume of 20-30 million cubic meters of lava erupted so far, meaning that 5-10 million cubic meters had been added in 18-19 hours. Therefore, the average flow is now of the order of degree 100 m3/s.
The two small ice cauldrons in Dyngjujökull, aligned in the direction of the fissure, seemed unchanged since Friday 29 August.
Radar revealed no changes in Bárðarbunga nor in the depressions to the southeast of it.

Gas from the eruption
A significant amount of sulphur dioxide (SO2) is being released into the atmosphere. It is estimated at approx. 20,000 tonnes/day.
Vorherige Nachrichten
Montag, Sep 01, 2014
The fissure eruption on Holuhraun continues with no signs of weakening. Icelandic press now counts as a relatively large effusive eruption, comparable to the Krafla fissure eruptions in 1980-1984. ... [mehr]
Picture of the eruption this morning (image: Gísli Einarsson / RUV)
Montag, Sep 01, 2014
The fissure eruption is continuing at a stable level with little variation. A curtain of lava fountains up to 70 m high is being erupted above the fissure and pahoehohoe type lava flows are expanding to several kilometers around it, forming a growing flat lava flow field. ... [mehr]
Sonntag, Aug 31, 2014
According to local news, the lava flows have already reached more than 3 km distance from the fissure vent. The eruption is much stronger than the previous one on Friday, with up to 10 times lava output. ... [mehr]
Sonntag, Aug 31, 2014
According to IMO, "the new eruption started in Holuhraun shortly after 04 AM, on the same volcanic fissure, which erupted earlier this week. The fissure is estimated to be 1,5 km long. ... [mehr]
View of the eruptive fissure this morning (Mila webcam 2)
Sonntag, Aug 31, 2014
A new eruptive phase has started at the same fissure that had been briefly active Friday morning. ... [mehr]

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