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Bárdarbunga Vulkan
Stratovolcano approx. 2000 m / ca. 6,560 ft
Central Iceland, 64.63°N / -17.53°W
Aktueller Status: normal / ruhend (1 von 5)
Bárdarbunga Webcams / aktuelle Daten | Berichte
Bárdarbunga Vulkan-B cher
Ausbrüche des Bárdarbunga:
1080(?), 1159(?), ca. 1210, ca. 1270, ca. 1350, ca. 1410(?), 1477 (very large effusive-explosive eruption), 1697, 1702, 1706, 1712, 1716, 1717, 1720, 1726, 1729, 1739, 1750, 1766, 1769, 1797, 1807(?), 1862-64, 1872(?), 1902-03
Typische Aktivität:
Large effusive eruptions, some explosive activity.
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Bárdarbunga Vulkan: Nachrichten

Bardarbunga volcano update: Eruption continues, small earthquake swarm under Tungnafellsjökull volcano

Donnerstag Sep 11, 2014 18:30 | VON: T

Updated map of the lava flows from the eruptive fissures (triangle) (IMO)
Updated map of the lava flows from the eruptive fissures (triangle) (IMO)
Earthquakes around Bárdarbunga today so far (IMO)
Earthquakes around Bárdarbunga today so far (IMO)
The eruption at Holuhraun continues at similar intensity. It appears that the lava output is now balancing the magma influx at depth, most of which seems to be draining from the reservoir underneath the Bárdarbunga caldera, which reacts by subsidence.
Lava flows from the main fissure expand east and north. The main lava flow now follows the river bed of Jökulsá á Fjöllum, but no explosive activity due to the lava and river water interaction has been observed.
IMO warns of high concentrations of sulfuric gases that reach dangerous (even life-lethal) levels near the eruption site and are likely to affect the downwind areas including the northern part of the Eastern fjords, Fljótsdalur, Hérað, Jökuldalur, and Vopnafjörður.
Earthquake activity in the caldera of Bárðarbunga remains similar to that of the last days. Epicenters are distributed along the northern and south-eastern caldera fault. An earthquake of M 5.3 occurred at 00:07 h. Earthquake activity at the dyke tip has decreased. More than 30 events have been detected since midnight. Low frequency tremor is similar to what has been observed in the last few days. (IMO)

Earthquake swarm in Tungnafellsjökull
A smalll earthquake swarm has been occurring under the Tungnafellsjökull volcano located to the NW of Bárdarbunga since yesterday. According to scientists from the Iceland university we talked to today, this was likely a result of an intrusion from magma from Bárdarbunga which disturbed the other volcano's own volcanic system.
In a similar way, all surrounding volcanoes (including Askja, Kverkfjöll and Grimsvötn in particular) have been disturbed by the ongoing activity.
Vorherige Nachrichten
Mittwoch, Sep 10, 2014
No significant changes have occurred. The eruptive activity at Holuhraun continues at similar levels as during the previous days. Lava fountains were strong from the central vents on the main fissure this morning. ... [mehr]
Lava fountains at the main fissure this morning (Mila webcam)
Dienstag, Sep 09, 2014
The fissure eruption at Holuhraun continues, although it appears that only the main fissure is still producing lava fountains and flows, while the smaller fissures south of it became inactive and only emitted steam yesterday. ... [mehr]
Lava fountains at the Holorhaun fissure eruption yesterday (image: Uni. Icelande / @uni_iceland / Twitter)
Sonntag, Sep 07, 2014
The eruptive activity at Holuhraun has not decreased, the Icelandic Met Ofccie writes: "Magma flow is between 100 and 200 m3/s. The lava advances by about 1 km/day and its area yesterday afternoon was around 16 km2. ... [mehr]
Earthquakes in the Vatnajökull area during the past days (IMO)
Sonntag, Sep 07, 2014
The eruption continues at similar levels as during the previous days. At the eruptive fissures, most lava emission in the form of lava fountains is now concentrated from the central vent on the main fissure. ... [mehr]
Updated map of the lava flows from the eruptive fissure and location of the new fissure that opened yesterday (triangle) (IMO)
Samstag, Sep 06, 2014
Eruptive activity at Holuhraun is the same as yesterday. Two eruptive fissures are active, with most activity continuing at the same fissure that opened up a week ago. In addition, the fissure that opened yesterday morning is still active. The lava now extends 10 km ENE and has just under one km to reach Jökulsá á Fjöllum river. ... [mehr]

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