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Copahue Vulkan
Schichtvulkan 2997 m / 9,833 ft
Chile/Argentina, -37.85°S / -71.17°W
Aktueller Status: unruhig (2 von 5)
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Ausbrüche des Copahue:
2000, 1992, 1961, 1937, 1867(?), 1759(?), 1750
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Copahue volcano news & activity updates

Copahue volcano (Chile/Argentina) activity update: intermittent ash emissions, strong degassing, crater incandescence

Sonntag Okt 18, 2015 08:58 | VON: T

Ash/steam plume from Copahue last evening
Ash/steam plume from Copahue last evening
Weak crater glow this morning from Copahue
Weak crater glow this morning from Copahue
Intermittent ash emissions that resumed on 6 Oct, continue from the El Agrio crater and incandescence (from hot gasses) is visible at night. The ash/steam plume has been reaching heights of up to 1 km.
SERNAGEOMIN keeps the alert level at yellow.
During a field service on 11 Oct, it was found that the acid crater lake had disappeared and that temperatures in the vent reached 500 °C.
Seismic activity during 1-15 Oct was above background, relatively low. A total of 133 quakes including 72 volcanic-tectonic earthquakes (rock fracturing events) were detected, most of them at shallow depths of less than 9 km beneath the crater. Values of tremor and long period events (fluid movements) have been low. Weak inflation of the volcanic edifice was observed. According to the latest report of SERNAGEOMIN, it is thought that a magmatic intrusion is currently disturbing the hydrothermal system, but not reaching the surface itself. Continuing weak explosions of phreatic type and associated ash emissions are the expected scenario for the near future.
A safety radius of 2.5 km from the crater is recommended.
Vorherige Nachrichten
Ash plume from Copahue volcano on 3 Oct 2015
Montag, Okt 05, 2015
Activity, both internal and external, has picked up at the volcano. Small, intermittent ash emissions have been observed during the past days, accompanied by a significant increase in tremor related to fluid movements within the volcanic edifice. ... [mehr]
Screenshot of a video from 3 Dec looking at the erupting vent in Copahue's crater (Robin Campion, Univ. Mexico)
Donnerstag, Dez 04, 2014
A recent video by Robin Campion (Univ. Mexico) shows that the activity at the volcano is now magmatic in nature, i.e. fresh magma is being erupted as a small jet of mostly finely fragmented incandescent ash: ... [mehr]
Ash emission from Copahue this morning
Mittwoch, Dez 03, 2014
The volcano continues to produce steam and ash emissions of varying intensity. Phases of hour-long continuous ash emissions have become more frequent recently and incandescence is often visible from the El Agrio crater at night: ... [mehr]
Mittwoch, Nov 19, 2014
The volcano remains restless. Intermittent small to moderate ash emissions from the El Agrio crater and night-time glow continue to be observed at the volcano. ... [mehr]
Ash emissions from Copahue 4 Nov 2014
Mittwoch, Nov 05, 2014
Light ash emissions occurred yesterday from the volcano. Glow continues to be visible from the crater at night. ... [mehr]

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