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Cotopaxi Vulkan
Schichtvulkan 5911 m / 19,393 ft
Ecuador, -0.68°S / -78.44°W
Aktueller Status: normal / ruhend (1 con 5)
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Cotopaxi volcano update: Continuing ash emissions 2 km high

Montag Aug 24, 2015 08:07 | VON: T
Ash plume from Cotopaxi last evening
Ash plume from Cotopaxi last evening
Activity at the volcano remains more or less similar with moderately strong, near continuous ash emissions producing a plume rising approx. 2 km and drifting into westerly directions.

This is the latest press release of the government:

"The Institute of Geophysics of the Polytechnic University reported that the volcanic activity has remained similar to that of the last past days. The evaporative emissions have contained a high presence of ashes which have reached up to 2000 meters over the crater and has been directed towards the West and Southwest side of the volcano.

Throughout the day volcano ash emissions continued to fall in the areas of Tanicuchi, Guaytacama, Chugchilán, Isinlivi, Mulaló, Lasso, Joseguango, Pastocalle and El Chasqui. Due to reports of ash fall over roads and highways the Ministry of Transport and Public Work has recommended the public to drive with caution and to not exceed a speed limit of 30 kilometers per hour.

Continuing with contingency plans, on Saturday night, the Secretary of Risk Management (SGR) coordinated an evacuation drill in the parish of Puerto Napo, district of Tena. While on Sunday, it trained 150 people from Barrio Centro, in the parish of Aláquez, district of Latacunga, and 129 people in the Libertad Bajo Joseguango parish. An evacuation drill was also conducted with 143 people in Quisinche Alto, the parish of Mulaló—Latacunga. Finally the authorities also gave out 1,280 clinical masks in Tanicuhí and 6,160 in Toacazo.

In the district of Rumiñahui, outside of the San Luis Shopping Center, the autonomous local governments of Quito and Rumiñahui organized a citizen fair—“Looking at the Volcano”—where various institutions within the field of prevention provided information on shelters and safe meeting points in risk areas.

As a protective measure from any ash fall we remind you to always carry with you a clinical masks, appropriate protective glasses, and a hat. In addition, we remind you can access volcano related and up-to-date information at"
Vorherige Nachrichten
Sonntag, Aug 23, 2015
Ash plume from Cotopaxi seen from Quito yesterday (Image: Ministerio Coordinador de Seguridad)
Ash emissions have been increasing and producing plumes that rose 2 km above the summit and drifted west for over 50 km. ... alles lesen
Freitag, Aug 21, 2015
Ash emissions from Cotopaxi yesterday morning
The volcano continues to be relatively calm. Modest ash emissions occurred yesterday morning producing plumes that rose a few 100 m above the summit and were then pushed down by strong winds along the flank of the volcano. ... alles lesen
Mittwoch, Aug 19, 2015
volcano remains calm. Only low-energy degassing is being observed from the summit crater. During yesterday's overflight, no significant changes to the crater morphology have been detected. alles lesen
Dienstag, Aug 18, 2015
Eruption from Cotopaxi this morning (image: juan jose espinosa p / twitter)
During the night and this morning, some relatively small explosions occurred at the volcano, producing plumes of up to 700 m height. ... alles lesen
Montag, Aug 17, 2015
No new explosions of significant size have occurred at the volcano during the past 48 hours. Seismic activity remains elevated and suggests that smaller ash emissions continue, however. ... alles lesen

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