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Strong mag. 6.9 earthquake - Mexico-Guatemala Border Region on Wednesday, 14 June 2017 - information

Starkes Erdbeben der Stärke 6.9 - Mexico-Guatemala Border Region am Mittwoch, 14. Jun. 2017

Starkes Erdbeben der Stärke 6.9 - Mexico-Guatemala Border Region am Mittwoch, 14. Jun. 2017
Jun 14 07:40: Magnitude recalculated from 7.0 to 6.7.
Hypocenter depth recalculated from 106.0 to 107.0 km.
Jun 14 07:46: Magnitude recalculated from 6.7 to 6.8.
Hypocenter depth recalculated from 107.0 to 108.0 km.
Jun 14 07:55: Magnitude recalculated from 6.8 to 6.9.
Hypocenter depth recalculated from 108.0 to 104.0 km.
Datum & Zeit: Mittwoch, 14. Juni 2017 07:29 UTC
Magnitude: 6.9
Tiefe: 104.0 km
Epizentrum Breite / Länge: 15,09°N / 91,69°W (Guatemala)
Nächstgelegener Vulkan: Tajumulco (20 km)
Primäre Datenquelle: GFZ
Estimated released energy: 1,4 x 1015 joules (392 gigawatt hours, equivalent to 3,4 x 105 tons of TNT or 21,1 atomic bombs!) [learn more]
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Data for the same earthquake reported by other agencies

UhrzeitMag. / TiefeOrtQuelle
Wed, 14 Jun 2017
Wed, 14 Jun 07:29 UTCM 6.9 / 94 km- 8km SW of Tajumulco, GuatemalaUSGS
Wed, 14 Jun 07:29 UTCM 6.9 / 120 km GUATEMALAEMSC

shake map
(shakemap: USGS)

"Ich habe es gespürt" Meldungen

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Santa Lucia Milpas Altas, Sacatepequez, Guatemala / Strong shaking (MMI VI): I was awakened out of a sound sleep by what felt like violent shaking on my bed. I heard the wind chimes ringing, which never happens with small quakes.
Quetzaltenango / Strong shaking (MMI VI): Is was a strong one fur sure, at least in xela! Windows shattered, parts of the wall coming off, blackout.
137.9 km ESE of epicenter [Map] / Moderate shaking (MMI V)(reported through our app)
San Pedro La Laguna (62.9 km SE of epicenter) [Map] / Strong shaking (MMI VI): My partner and I were sleeping and were woken up by the intense shaking/moving of the ground underneath us. There was also a strange noise. Our puppy was also very alarmed, and came to us on the bed, shaking.
118.9 km ESE of epicenter [Map] / Strong shaking (MMI VI): It was strong. I have never felt something like That before (reported through our app)
Guatemalan city (138.4 km ESE of epicenter) [Map] / Moderate shaking (MMI V): It was not that
138.1 km ESE of epicenter [Map] / Moderate shaking (MMI V)(reported through our app)
Coatepeque, Quetzaltenango (46.3 km SSW of epicenter) [Map] / Severe shaking (MMI VIII): Un sismo similar a los que ocurrieron en noviemnbre del 2015, la diferencia que estos de la madrugada fueron bien profundos, quizas por ello no causaron mucho daño (reported through our app)
Zona 2, Guatemala, Guatemala / Moderate shaking (MMI V)
VILLAHERMOSA, TABASCO (348.1 km NNW of epicenter) [Map] / not felt(reported through our app)
Guatemala City / Moderate shaking (MMI V): We were awakened by gentle shaking which lasted almost a minute. Closet doors were rattling. We didn't feel threatened.
GUAYAQUIL (2314.3 km SE of epicenter) [Map] / Weak shaking (MMI III)(reported through our app)
Salcaja, GT / Moderate shaking (MMI V): Was asleep and woke to strong movement, sound of creaking. The lights were on but then the area went dark. I walked downstairs and outside to join neighbors who were checking for damage. It is too dark to see if we have more than very minor cracks in walls.
Quetzaltenango / Strong shaking (MMI VI)
Quiche GUATEMALA / Strong shaking (MMI VI)
Quetzaltenango / Strong shaking (MMI VI)
Jaltenango de la paz / Strong shaking (MMI VI)
San Marcos La Laguna (62 km SE of epicenter) [Map] / Strong shaking (MMI VI): Felt in San Marcos La Laguna, awaken, house and furniture shaking a lot. Lasted for a long time
San salvador / Moderate shaking (MMI V): I Washington awakened, mano vibrations
Antigua (118.4 km ESE of epicenter) [Map] / Moderate shaking (MMI V): I sleep deep but woke just before long and rolling quake. Neighbors went outside. Dogs acting scared. No damage evident. Everyone woke from sleep but not scared.
Chimaltango / Strong shaking (MMI VI)
Guatemala City / Moderate shaking (MMI V): Too long, felt outside by almost everyone.
Guatemala city / Light shaking (MMI IV)
Santa maria / not felt
Mixco, Guatemala / Moderate shaking (MMI V): Usually a sound sleeper, this time I felt it! I think it was long enough to wake me up
Antigua, Guatemala (78.2 km ESE of epicenter) [Map] / Light shaking (MMI IV): Felt the bed move then felt room going side to side. Was able to get up and stand in door way. Nothing fell off shelves, but fixtures were swaying and pool water was sloshing around out of pool. Scared my 4 year old.
147.4 km ESE of epicenter [Map] / Strong shaking (MMI VI)(reported through our app)
130.5 km ESE of epicenter [Map] / Strong shaking (MMI VI)
32.2 km SSE of epicenter [Map] / Very strong shaking (MMI VII): Fuertes sacudidas horizontales. El servicio eléctrico se cortó. Ahora volvió a temblar. (reported through our app)
Guatemala City / Strong shaking (MMI VI)
Guatemala city / Strong shaking (MMI VI): the strongest I've ever felt in my life, got scared when lots of car alarms went off.
Quetzaltenango / Strong shaking (MMI VI)
Guatemala City in building / Moderate shaking (MMI V)
San Marcos la laguna / Strong shaking (MMI VI): I thought my house was going to collapse it was shaking so much. Ground shaking, loud noises, I went outside.
Guatemala City / Light shaking (MMI IV)
134.3 km ESE of epicenter [Map] / Strong shaking (MMI VI)(reported through our app)
San José Pinula / Strong shaking (MMI VI)
SAN LUCAS SAC / Moderate shaking (MMI V)
Mazatenango (65.1 km SSE of epicenter) [Map] / Very strong shaking (MMI VII): Se sintio muy fuerte con muchos jalones (reported through our app)
Quetzaltenango / Strong shaking (MMI VI): Very strong. Lasted what seemed like a long time. Glass everywhere. Electricity out for over an hour
Ciudad de Guatemala. Zona 10 (141.7 km ESE of epicenter) [Map] / Moderate shaking (MMI V): Was to long... (reported through our app)
antigua guatemala / Moderate shaking (MMI V): It felted long and strong, everybody woke up, even children.
San Pedro la Laguna / Moderate shaking (MMI V)
136.3 km ESE of epicenter [Map] / Strong shaking (MMI VI)
Antigua Guatemala / Moderate shaking (MMI V)
Guatemala City (Guatemala, 144 km E of epicenter): I was going to sleep when it happened. It was strong enough to scare me, so I though of going out of my house. But it didn´t damage the house, so I stayed inside. (reported through EMSC)
Jáltipan de Morelos (Mexico, 447 km NW of epicenter): It lasted quite awhile, maybe close to a minute: longer than most we feel in this region. Last month we felt two, one began with a falling sensation then a southward jolt, the other just a southward jolt. (reported through EMSC)
Guatemala City (Guatemala, 144 km E of epicenter): It felt so strong (reported through EMSC)
Villa Nueva (Guatemala, 141 km SE of epicenter): I was sleeping. Quick but strong little bottle fell down water in deposit was moving and i could listen it. (reported through EMSC)
El Rodeo (Guatemala, 127 km SE of epicenter): Strong vibrating lasting almost 15 seconds ending with a strong horizontal jolt. (reported through EMSC)
San Pedro La Laguna (Guatemala, 70 km SE of epicenter): Woke us up! Power went out briefly. (reported through EMSC)
(Mexico, 58 km W of epicenter): One of the most powerfull earthquakes here in my 31 years old. There is one big seismic swarm in front of Puerto Madero Chiapas Mexico in the area of Middle America Trench since 15 days, increment of activity at south of Suchiate Chiapas Mexico-Champerico Guatemala beside the others swarms since 2 years in Pijijiapan and Mapastepec Chiapas Mexico and many other things. Strange that the earthquake was near to Tajumulco Volcano and not in the principal swarm, maybe this wanna tell us something. (reported through EMSC)
Panajachel (Guatemala, 77 km SE of epicenter): Wow what a Shaker this one was ... and even the electricity went out for a little bit and that never happens in all the earthquakes I've experienced here .... and all of my dogs went nuts and started running around and barking (reported through EMSC)
Cancún (Mexico, 847 km NE of epicenter): I was sitting in the living room on my laptop and I definitely felt the couch shake. I took my headphones off and started looking around but nothing was shaking or moving and then it stopped. I immediately went online to see if there was an earthquake in Cancun and saw that there are 2 in Mexico but in Chiapas. Can you feel an aftershock this far?? (reported through EMSC)
Caluco (El Salvador, 273 km SE of epicenter): Definitely felt and shook things, a long quake (reported through EMSC)
San Cristobal de las Casas (Mexico, 203 km NW of epicenter): It woke me up and seemed to last a while.. (reported through EMSC)
Guatemala (Guatemala, 156 km SE of epicenter): En extremo fuerte!!! (reported through EMSC)
Guatemala (Guatemala, 146 km E of epicenter): Muy fuerte y largo. Comenzó con un temblor y después se hizo más fuerte. (reported through EMSC)
Guatemala (Guatemala, 135 km E of epicenter): Sismo fuerte sensible en ciudad de Guatemala (reported through EMSC)
Sololá (Guatemala, 72 km SE of epicenter): Estuvo muy fuerte pero todo quedo intacto (reported through EMSC)
Quezaltenango (Guatemala, 41 km SE of epicenter): Definitely shook (reported through EMSC)
Erdbeben in der gleichen Gegend bis zu 1 Jahr danach (meist Nachbeben)
UhrzeitMag. / TiefeOrtKarteQuelle
Wed, 14 Jun 07:52 UTCM 5.0 / 104 km - [info] Guatemala[Karte]GFZ

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