Updates March-April 2012: the eruption ends

continuing degassing and earthquake activity
Update Wed 18 Apr 20:02
Earthquake activity and degassing from the submarine vent continue at El Hierro. 2 relatively large quakes with magnitudes 3 and 2.2 occurred on 16 April at 15 and 19 km depth. A faint tremor signal is still present and has increased slightly recently. At the sea surface, discolored water and raising bubbles can be observed at spots above the submarine volcano south of La Restinga and in the Bay of Naos.
Update Thu 05 Apr 18:11
Some earthquake activity (about 1-2 small quakes per day) continues at El Hierro and a zone of degassing ("jacuzzi") has been observed in a different spot today, west of the location of the principal vent. The volcanic tremor signal has disappeared.

IGN has published a video that shows degassing activity at the the submerged volcanic edifice at depths between 100 and 150 m.
According to Prof. Ramon Ortiz, lava emission from the submarine vent ended in late February, judging from seismic data. In his opinion, the continuous seismicity in the last week with again increased magnitudes suggests that the eruptive process is not finished yet and he would not be surprised if a new eruption occurs.
El Hierro - official end of eruption, but some doubt remains
Update Wed 28 Mar 22:40
The authorities have decided to declare the eruption ended and shut down the web cameras at La Restinga and stop active monitoring of what could still be going on at the sea floor south of La Restinga.
Volcanic tremor is still present, although at minimal levels and some earthquake activity continues beneath the island. According to our friends at lava cafe, chances are that the eruption continues with little change, despite the official statements which would be mainly motivated by the intention not to scare potential visitors to the island. We are not able to really judge well what is or not going on, but it will be interesting to watch what is going to happen next.
Update Sat 24 Mar 19:36
A small jacuzzi above the underwater vent has been observed today and occasionally during the past days.
Images of incandescent scoria under water
Update Mon 19 Mar 23:47
The University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has published a brief article with images of glowing lava seen floating at a depth of 70 m, taken on 14 March during the recent campaign of the ROV E-Wally on board of the "Atlantic Explorer" oceanographic research vessel.
Glowing lava photographed at 70 m water depth on 14 March
Glowing lava photographed at 70 m water depth on 14 March
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