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Fogo Vulkan
Stratovolcano 2829 m / 9,281 ft
Cape Verde, 14.95°N / -24.35°W
Aktueller Status: normal / ruhend (1 von 5) | Berichte
Fogo Vulkan-B cher
Ausbrüche des Fogo:
Typische Aktivität:
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Fogo volcano news & eruption updates

Fogo volcano (Cape Verde) update: eruption continues, slowed lava advance

Freitag Dez 12, 2014 14:46 | VON: T

Map of Fogo's lava flow as of 10 Dec 2014 (Copernicus)
Map of Fogo's lava flow as of 10 Dec 2014 (Copernicus)
Volcanic activity continues, but the advance of the lava flows has slowed down to approx. 5 meters per hour and it seems that the effusion rate has diminished.
The abundant presence of gases and ash in the area of the Cha das Caldeiras caldera promts authorities to maintain a total access restriction.
By the afternoon of 10 Dec, the most advanced flow was approx. 600 m ENE of the rmeains of Bangaeira village. Whether or not it will reach the break in slope to the outer caldera flank and potentially reach the populated coastal area is impossible to predict.

Nevertheless, authorities are preparing a contingency plan for the possible evacuation of Cutelo Alto and Fonsaco areas, the latest report of United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) writes:
"According to analysis provided by the local scientific community and international experts in Fogo, if the lava flow reaches Fernão Gomes, it may descend the north-east side of the volcano. An additional 2109 people would in this scenario need to be evacuated and require temporary accommodation and assistance. Presently, in the worst case scenario, at the decreased current flow rate, the lava would reach the area of Fernão Gomes within 7 to 10 days, according to experts.

"As a preventive measure, the Civil Protection has identified the area surrounding the football stadium in Mosteiros as a location where 20 tents sent by the Civil Protection in Praia to Fogo could be set up, should there be a need to host displaced people in the worst case scenario. About 60% of the 2109 persons have accommodation with host families and have started evacuation of their belongings spontaneously. There is no official evacuation order."

"According to reports from the Civil Protection, approximately 95% of the community of Portela and 70% of the community of Bangaeira has been destroyed.
- About 450 hectares of land have been destroyed, including about 120 hectares of various crops. Crops have been lost and livestock also perished.
- Volcanic activity continues, although no immediate threat to human health is reported.
- Humanitarian assistance is ongoing. Displacement will continue for a period of time to be determined as conditions in Chã das Caldeiras are not safe for return." (OCHA)
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Vorherige Nachrichten
The lava flow of Fogo passing near a destroyed building (image: INVOLCAN / @involcan / twitter)
Montag, Dez 08, 2014
The second village Bangaeira in the path of the rapidly advancing lava flow has been destroyed within only a few hours. ... [mehr]
Fogo's lava flow reaching Bangaeira in the background - parts of destroyed Portela in the foreground
Montag, Dez 08, 2014
The new lava flow, more fluid than the earlier one, continues to advance rapidly. It has reached and started to engulf Bangaeira village, downslope of the already destroyed Portela village. ... [mehr]
Lava flow from Fogo in Portela (Asociación Canaria de Volcanología / facebook)
Sonntag, Dez 07, 2014
The eruption intensified according to news reports on Saturday, and destroyed most of what still had been left of Portela. The new lava flow advanced at 30 meters per hour and consumed another 20 houses and the sports center. ... [mehr]
The vents at Fogo volcano and the new lava flow near its source (image: GeoVol)
Freitag, Dez 05, 2014
The eruption continues. A new lava flow that appeared last night is heading again towards the village of Portela, which it might hit in less than 2 days. ... [mehr]
Map of the lava flow field (2 Dec, source: INGT / facebook)
Donnerstag, Dez 04, 2014
The intensity of the eruption has strongly decreased, and the lava flows that have been destroying Portela seems to have at least temporarily stopped. [mehr]

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