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23. Feb - 1. Mär 2020: Volcanoes of the Danakil desert - Danakil desert (Ethiopia)
4.-8. Mai 2020: Krakatau Vulkanspezialreise - Krakatau Vulkan (Indonesien)
9.-17. Mai 2020: Feuerberge Siziliens - vom Stromboli zum Ätna - Äolische Inseln + Ätna
11.-29. Aug 2020: Kamchatka - Land of Colors - Kamchatka (Russia)
3.-19. Sep 2020: Vulkane auf Java - Java (Indonesien)
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Flora and fauna of Hawaii:

Plants and Flowers of Hawaii

von S. H. Sohmer, R. Gustafson

University of Hawaii Press (July 1, 1987)

Hardcover (160 Seiten)

Hawaii's isloated location and unique formation led to a unique history of settlement and development of fauna and flora. This book describes more than 130 indigenous and endemic species of Hawaiian plants. A useful guide with splendid photographs and illustration is the perfact companion for those interested in depth of Hawaii's characteristic flora.  Mehr...

Hawaii's Birds

von Hawaii Audubon Society

Hawaii Audubon Society (5th edition; January 1, 1997)

Paperback ( Seiten)



A Concise History of the Hawaiian Islands

von Phil Barnes

Petroglyph Pr Ltd (November 1, 1999)

Paperback (88 Seiten)

A Concise History of the Hawaiian Islands covers the major events and personalities in Hawaiian history from the first human landfall through the sovereignty movement of the late 1990s The history comes to life through illustrations and interesting anecdotes. By investing a couple of hours the casual reader can greatly increase the depth of their understanding of the events that have shaped and continue to shape these magical islands.  Mehr...


Recommended reading about Hawaii:

We present you a small selection of available, mostly recent books about Hawai'i, focussing on its geology and general topics. For more details on the book, you can click on the links and go directly to the page of Amazon, where you can also order them. Amazon has outstanding customer service, is fast, and has very competetive prices.

Geology and volcanism of Hawaii:

Roadside Geology of Hawaii

von Richard W. Hazlett, Donald W. Hyndman

Mountain Press Publishing Company (August, 1996)

Paperback (304 Seiten)

This book provides a good overview for everyone interested in the fascinating geology of the Hawaiian islands. It is aimed towards the interested layman, very well written, and avoids the excessive use of technical terms and those that are used are very well explained. It has an excellent informative content and is strongly recommended for everyone interested in the geologic origin and natural history of the Hawaiian Islands.  Mehr...

Volcanoes in the Sea: The Geology of Hawaii

von Gordon A. and MacDonald

University of Hawaii Press (2nd edition; September, 1983)

Hardcover (528 Seiten)

A comprehensive overview of Hawaii's geology. Although it is somewhat outdated (from 1983) and does for instance not include the Pu'u O'o eruption of Kilauea or the 1984 Mauna Loa eruption, it contains a wealth of information. An almost must-have for the passionate about Hawaii geologist or geology amateur.  Mehr...

Discover Hawai'i's Birth by Fire

von Katherine Shelley Orr

Island Heritage Pub (January, 1997)

Paperback (43 Seiten)

Learn how volcanoes are the force behind the creation of Hawaii - from the old, worn-down atolls to the relatively young and still-growing Big Island. Discover the future island of Loihi, still forming underwater.  Mehr...

Natural history in general:

Hawaiian Natural History, Ecology, and Evolution

von Alan C. Ziegler

University of Hawaii Press (October, 2002)

Paperback (477 Seiten)

Not since William A. Bryan's 1915 landmark compendium, Hawaiian Natural History, has there been a single-volume work that offers such extensive coverage of this complex but fascinating subject. Illustrated with more than two dozen color plates and a hundred photographs and line drawings, Hawaiian Natural History, Ecology, and Evolution updates both the earlier publication and subsequent works by compiling and synthesizing in a uniform and accessible fashion the widely scattered information now available. Readers can trace the natural history of the Hawaiian Archipelago through the book's twenty-eight chapters or focus on specific topics such as island formation by plate tectonics, plant and animal evolution, flightless birds and their fossil sites, Polynesian migrational history and ecology, the effects of humans and exotic animals on the environment, current conservation efforts, and the contributions of the many naturalists who visited the islands over the centuries and the stories behind their discoveries. An extensive annotated bibliography and a list of audio-visual materials will help readers locate additional sources of information. Those interested in Hawaiian natural history will find this a thoroughly enjoyable overview and a valuable reference. Instructors and students will benefit from its up-to-date summary and synthesis of the subject.  Mehr...

Atlas of Hawaii

von Sonia P. Juvik

University of Hawaii Press (3rd edition; November, 1998)

Paperback (352 Seiten)

This is not only a collection of maps, but a comprehensive overview on the islands of Hawaii, covering its physical environment including geology and volcanology, animals and plants, as well as its cultural history including history, religion, architecture. The content is presented with pleasant maps, tables, statistics and complete with a comprehensive index. The Atlas of Hawaii is an excellent and quick reference tool. Highly recommended.  Mehr...


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