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Volcanoes of Sulawesi and the Sangihe Islands

Ambang | Awu | Banua Wuhu | Hamiding | Karangetang | Kawalusu | Kawio Barat | Klabat | Lipang | Lokon-Empung | Lompobatang | Mahawu | Napo Taroare | North Kawio | Ruang | Sempu | Soputan | Tangkoko | Tondano | Una Una | Unnamed
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(Complex volcano 1795 m / 5,889 ft)
The compound Ambang volcano is the westernmost of the active volcanoes on the northern arm of Sulawesi. The 1795-m-high stratovolcano rises 750 m above lake Danau. Several craters up to 400 m in diameter and five solfatara fields are located at the summit. Ambang's only known his... [mehr]


(Stratovolcano 1320 m (4,331 ft))
The massive Gunung Awu stratovolcano occupies the northern end of Great Sangihe Island, the largest of the Sangihe arc. Deep valleys that form passageways for lahars dissect the flanks of the 1320-m-high volcano, which was constructed within a 4.5-km-wide caldera. [mehr]

Banua Wuhu

(submarine volcano -5 m / -16 ft)
Banua Wuhu is a submarine volcano in the Sangihe Islands, Indonesia, 45 km south of Awu. The volcano rises more than 400 m from the sea floor and almost reaches the surface, forming a shallow shoal at 5 m depth. Banua Wuhu, during some of its eruptions, has created temporary isla... [mehr]


(Unknown 1204 m / 3950 ft)


(Stratovolcano 1784 m (5,853 ft))
Karangetang volcano on Api Siau Island
Karangetang volcano on Api Siau Island
Karangetang (Api Siau) volcano is one of Indonesia's most active volcanoes. Located on the remote Api Siau Island north of N Sulawesi, it is notorious for building lava domes and producing dangerous pyroclastic flows. [mehr]


(Stratovolcano 239 m / 784 ft)

Kawio Barat

(Submarine -1874 m / -6148 ft)


(Schichtvulkan 1995 m / 6,545 ft)
Klabat east of Manado city is an beautiful and isolated symmetrical stratovolcano rising almost 2000 m near the eastern tip of the northern arm of Sulawesi Island, forming the highest peak of Sulawesi. Klabat is probably still an active volcano and has active fumaroles on the sum... [mehr]


(Stratovolcano 126 m / 413 ft)


(Stratovolcano 1580 m / 5,184 ft)
The twin volcanoes Lokon and Empung, rising about 800 m above the plain of Tondano, are among the most active volcanoes of Sulawesi.
Lokon, the higher of the two peaks (whose summits are only 2.2 km apart), has a flat, craterless top. The younger Empung volcano has a 400-... [mehr]


(Stratovolcano 2871 m / 9419 ft)


(Stratovolcano 1324 m / 4,344 ft)
The elongated Mahawu volcano lies immediately east of Lokon-Empung volcano. It is the northernmost of a series of young volcanoes along a SSW-NNE line near the margin of the Quaternary Tondano caldera.
Mahawu is capped by a 180-m-wide, 140-m-deep crater that sometimes cont... [mehr]

Napo Taroare

(Submarine 0 m / 0 ft)

North Kawio

(Submarine 109 m / 358 ft)


(Stratovolcano 725 m / 2,379 ft)
Ruang volcano is the southernmost volcano in the Sangihe Island arc, north of Sulawesi Island. The 4 x 5 km island volcano rises to 725 m across a narrow strait SW of the larger Tagulandang Island. The summit of Ruang volcano contains a crater partially filled by a lava dome in... [mehr]


(caldera 1549 m / 5,082 ft)
Riendengan-Sempu volcano, located just north of the frequently active Soputan volcano, is a volcanic system that includes the Sempu dome that grew within the 3-km-wide Riendengan caldera.
Another prominent feature is the Kawah Masem maar, an explosion crater in the W part ... [mehr]


(Stratovolcano 1784 m (5,853 ft))
The small Soputan stratovolcano on the southern rim of the Quaternary Tondano caldera on the northern arm of Sulawesi Island is one of Sulawesi's most active volcanoes. The youthful, largely unvegetated volcano rises to 1784 m and is located SW of Sempu volcano. It was construc... [mehr]


(Schichtvulkan 1149 m / 3,770 ft)
Tangkoko (also spelled Tonkoko, Tangkoko-Duasudara) is a stratovolcano 8 km north of the city of Bitung in NE Sulawesi, the most northeasterly of the volcanoes on the Island of Sulawesi, before the chain extends into the ocean as a chain of island volcanoes.
Tangkoko volca... [mehr]


(caldera 1202 m / 3,944 ft)
Tondano is a large, ca. 20 x 30 km wide lake-filled caldera in north Sulawesi and famous for its idyllic landscape. [mehr]

Una Una

(Schichtvulkan 507 m / 1,663 ft)
Una Una (also known as Colo) is an isolated volcano in the Gulf of Tomni, offshore central Sulawesi. It is the site of sulfur extraction. [mehr]


(unknown type - submarine volcano ca. -5000 m / -16,400 ft)
The existence of this volcano is questionable and there are no convincing data available to confirm the existence of this volcano in the Celebes Sea. [mehr]
Map showing major active volcanoes of Sulawesi and Sangihe Islands (basemap created by UNAVCO map tool featuring Face of the Earth).
Map showing major active volcanoes of Sulawesi and Sangihe Islands (basemap created by UNAVCO map tool featuring Face of the Earth).
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