Vulkane in New Guinea (28)

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Aird Hills

(Lava dome(s) 328 m / 1076 ft)

Biwau Hills

(Pyroclastic cone(s) 400 m / 1312 ft)


(Schichtvulkan 2507 m / 8,225 ft)
Mount Bosavi is an extinct volcano in a remote part of the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. Mount Bosavi is actually the collapsed cone of an extinct volcano on the Great Papuan Plateau, part of the Kikori River basin. Its caldera is approximately 4 km wide and 1 km deep. Bosavi is... [mehr]

Crater Mountain

(Schichtvulkan 3233 m / 10,607 ft)
Crater Mountain volcano is a curved volcanic chain of 3000 m and higher peaks located in the highlands of New Guinea. The volcanoes are deeply eroded, but there are young flows covering the steep-sided valleys to the north and east, which might be of Holocene age. The easternmost... [mehr]

Darai Hills

(Volcanic field 500 m / 1640 ft)

Doma Peaks

(Schichtvulkan 3568 m / 11,706 ft)
Doma Peaks is an andesitic stratovolcano located at the western end of a volcanic chain in the highlands of New Guinea.
The volcano has 2 westward facing escarpments which are probably the result of landslides.
It has a main cater breached towards the west by the Ar... [mehr]


(Stratovolcano 1850 m / 6070 ft)


(Stratovolcano 1583 m / 5194 ft)


(Schildvulkan 4368 m / 14,331 ft)
Mt Giluwe is the highest volcano in Pacific Oceania and considered one of "the 7 volcanic summits" (not Mauna Kea on Hawaii, as many think: Giluwe is 162 m higher).
It is an ancient extinct shield volcano with 2 prominent 400 m high cones forming its summit, called the mai... [mehr]


(Stratovolcano(es) 3765 m / 12352 ft)

Hydrographers Range

(Schichtvulkan 1915 m / 6,283 ft)
Hydrographers Range east of Lamington volcano is one of 4 large andesitic stratovolcanoes on the north coast of southeastern New Guinea.
Hydrographers Range is covered by rainforest and deeply eroded. If has a perfectly preserved crater and some explosion craters on its sou... [mehr]


(Stratovolcano 3465 m / 11368 ft)


(Stratovolcano 2561 m / 8402 ft)


(Stratovolcano 3700 m / 12139 ft)


(maar (explosion crater) 1500 m / 4,921 ft)
Koranga Crater is a complex of explosion craters 3 km NW of Wau village and 75 km SW of Lae. It is located in the Morobe goldfields in the Owen Stanley Range SW of Huon Gulf. [mehr]


(Schichtvulkan 1680 m / 5,512 ft)
Mt Lamington volcano is a large andesitic stratovolcano within sight of the provincial capital Popondetta north of the Owen Stanley Range. It rises 1680 m above the coastal plain.
The forested Mount Lamington had not been known as a volcano, before it erupted violently in ... [mehr]


(Schlackenkegel 850? m / 2,789 ft)
Madilogo is an isolated cinder cone on the SW side of the Owen Stanley Range about 50 km NE of Port Moresby. It was first discovered as a volcano in 1969 and has a small summit crater and a 1 km long lava flow. It probably erupted less than 1000 years ago. [mehr]


(vulkanische Gebiet 1342 m / 4,403 ft)
Managlase volcano is a volcanic field also known as the Managlase Plateau. It is a triangular-shaped area between 460 and 1070 m altitude 35 km SSE of Popondetta in Papua New Guinea, south of the Hydrographers Range and SW of the Dyke Ackland Bay.
The field contains 30 smal... [mehr]


(Stratovolcano 2254 m / 7395 ft)

Musa River

(hydrothermal field 808 m / 2,651 ft)
Musa River volcano is a geothermal field east of Port Moresby in the Owen Stanley Ranges. The volcanic field contains hot springs and thermal vents. It is located on a basement of metamorphic shists and near to Tertiary andesitic volcanoes at less than 1 km distance. [mehr]


(pyroklastischen Kegel 370 m / 1,214 ft)
Sessagara volcano is a small volcanic field in eastern New Guinea. It is ocated 8 km inland from the coastal village of Uiaku near the mouth of the Uiaka River, south of Collingwood Bay.
The lavas of the field are alkalic andesitic. Their precise age is unknown, but 2 of th... [mehr]


(Stratovolcano 2650 m / 8694 ft)


(Stratovolcano 2667 m / 8750 ft)


(Volcanic field 3900 m / 12795 ft)


(Schichtvulkan 1495 m / 4,905 ft)
Mt Trafalgar volcano is a large extinct andesitic stratovolcano northeast of Victory Volcano on the NE coast of southeastern New Guinea. It is deeply eroded.
Along with Hydrographers Range, Mount Lamington, and Mount Victory volcanoes, Trafalgar volcano belongs to a group ... [mehr]


(Schichtvulkan 1925 m / 6,316 ft)
Mt Victory Volcano is a dominantly andesitic stratovolcano on the NE coast of mainland New Guinea, 30 km from Tufi on Cape Nelson.
Mt Victory's summit contains a small crater lake. There is only 1 confirmed historical eruption from Victory volcano, but that consisted in lo... [mehr]


(pyroclastic cone 640 m / 2,100 ft)
Waiowa volcano (also known as Goropu) is an isolated cinder cone on the mainland of New Guinea 19 km inland from Collingwood Bay in Oro Province.
The cone formed in 1943-44 through a series of explosive eruptions in an area without previous volcanic activity. [mehr]


(Schichtvulkan 3384 m / 11,102 ft)
Mt Yelia volcano was first recognized as a volcano in 1963, although it has long been a familiar landmark for pilots flying between Port Moresby and Goroka.
The last significant eruption of Yelia volcano was about 18,000 years ago, and it is unknown whether it has erupted s... [mehr]
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