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Satellitenfoto des Ruapehu Vulkans (c) Google Earth View
Satellitenfoto des Ruapehu Vulkans (c) Google Earth View
Ruapehu Vulkan
Stratovolcano 2797 m / 9,176 ft
North Island, New Zealand, -39.28°S / 175.57°E
Aktueller Status: normal / ruhend (1 von 5)
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Ausbrüche des Ruapehu:

Typische Aktivität:
Mildly explosive, formation of lahars
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News and activity reports about Ruapehu volcano:

Ruapehu volcano (New Zealand): crater lake temperature near peak of heating cycle

Thursday Feb 05, 2015 20:00 PM | VON: T

The crater lake temperature has been increasing since early December 2014, rising from 15 to over 40 deg C. This is not seen as a sign that an eruption is to be expected in the near futures and the alert level remains at level 1, meaning minor unrest only.
The volcano's lake undergoes frequent cycles of cooling and heating. It seems that the lake is now at the peak of the current cycle. Similar temperatures were recorded in March 2011 and April 2014, before the lake cooled again.

GeoNet wrote in a special bulletin on 30 Jan:
"There are several changes in the lake chemistry. In particular we see evidence for increased amounts of volcanic gas discharging through the lake. The increase in the lake temperature and gas discharge is probably indicative of renewed heating of the hydrothermal system under the lake. Observations from recent visits and pilot reports confirm some convection is present in the lake. The lake has changed from a blue/green colour to light grey as a consequence.
Mt Ruapehu is an active volcano with a well-established monitoring regime in place and documented historic eruption record. In the past changes like those we are observing now have had two typical outcomes:

- In most cases the lake temperature reaches a maximum (40-42 °C), which is sustained for a short time (days-weeks) and then the lake starts cooling with no eruptive activity. At present the lake appears to have stopped heating.
- More rarely the lake temperature continues to increase and minor steam eruptions may start in the Crater Lake. This is very similar to the climax of many heating episodes between 1985 and 1995. If the lake temperature continued to increase larger volcanic eruptions could occur."
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Vorherige Nachrichten
Wednesday, Dec 03, 2014
Recent measurements by NZ scientists indicate that the volcano's crater lake is currently in a cooling trend. At 15 deg C, it has the lowest temperature recorded since April 2010. ... [mehr]
Saturday, Apr 13, 2013
GNS reported that "the temperature of Crater Lake has started to rise and has now reached 30°C. It has been accompanied by some minor volcanic tremor. The chemistry data from our last sampling trip confirms the decline of temperature in the deep geothermal system. ... [mehr]
Tuesday, Mar 12, 2013
The latest lake water temperatures readings and seismic recordings showed no particular signs of unrest in recent weaks and the volcanic alert status level has been reduced back to normal=green. [mehr]
Tuesday, Mar 05, 2013
Unrest at the volcano is decreasing. GNS scientists have been able to confirm that the temperatures at depth of the crater lake have started to decline, although still remain elevated. ... [mehr]
Current seismic recording at Ruapehu (Far West station, GeoNet)
Thursday, Jan 24, 2013
Current level of earthquakes remains low. [mehr]

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