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San Miguel Vulkan
Schichtvulkan 2130 m / 6,988 ft
El Salvador, 13.43°N / -88.27°W
Aktueller Status: normal / ruhend (1 von 5)
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San Miguel Vulkan-B cher
Ausbrüche des San Miguel:
2002, 1997, 1995, 1985-86, 1976-77, 1970, 1967, 1966 (Jul), 1966 (Feb), 1964, 1954, 1939, 1936(?), 1931, 1930, 1929, 1919-20, 1890-91, 1884, 1882, 1867-68, 1862, 1857, 1855, 1854(?), 1844-48, 1819, 1811(?), 1798(?), 1787, 1769, 1762, 1699, 1510 ± 5 years
Typische Aktivität:
small to moderate phreatic and phreatomagmatic summit explosions
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San Miguel volcano news & activity updates

San Miguel volcano (El Salvador) activity update

Freitag Jan 15, 2016 11:20 | VON: T

Degassing from San Miguel volcano yesterday (MARN)
Degassing from San Miguel volcano yesterday (MARN)
The volcano continues to show strong degassing with light ash content, generating a plume that rises up to 1500 m from the crater and is being blown westwards.
Tremor amplitude remains elevated.
An image showing a pyroclastic flow allegedly from yesterday morning, circulating in some places and news articles, seems to be false.

The source said in its official Twitter account that the "freeing" of the volcano began at 5:20 local time (11:20 GMT) and the elevation of ash emitted by the crater ranges between 1,200 and 1,500 meters.

The seismic amplitude (MARS) volcano is at 1,244 units, when the normal level is 50 units, the ministry said.

Civil Protection director Jorge Melendez, with the mayor of San Miguel, Miguel Pereira, moved to the communities near the volcano to verify the conditions of the locals.

"The Chaparrastique is an active volcano (...) we do not expect a more serious situation that presented, we will continue monitoring and informing the population, which is quiet," said the head of Civil Protection.

Pereira said communities in San Jorge, San Rafael, San Miguel and Chinameca, near the crater, were authorized by "any emergency that may happen in the coming hours."
Vorherige Nachrichten
Ash emissions from San Miguel volcano this afternoon
Mittwoch, Jan 13, 2016
A new phase of eruptive activity began at the volcano on Monday. Accompanied by a spike in volcanic tremor, weak to moderate ash emissions have been occurring from the main crater. This activity, the 22nd eruptive phase since Dec 2013 according to MARN, has been decreasing since yesterday. [mehr]
Seismicity at San Miguel since the beginning of 2015 (MARN)
Freitag, Aug 14, 2015
Yesterday (13 Aug), a new ash emission occurred from the volcano, the first eruptive activity since early this year. Light ash fall occurred in areas up to 10 km west of the volcano in the small towns of San Jorge, Las Moritas and Piedrita. ... [mehr]
Ash plume from San Miguel's eruption on Monday (MARN)
Mittwoch, Jan 28, 2015
A small explosion occurred last Monday at 06:43 morning. Probably phreatic in nature, it was the first eruptive activity since minor ash emissions past July. ... [mehr]
Pulsating steam emissions from Chaparrastique on 20 Dec 2014 (MARN)
Sonntag, Dez 28, 2014
The volcano remains restless with seismic activity above background and shows occasional pulsating gas and steam emissions. Overall, activity has been slowly decreasing over the past months. ... [mehr]
Tremor amplitude at Chaparrastique volcano over the past weeks (MARN)
Dienstag, Sep 02, 2014
Seismic activity, in particular the level of internal vibration (tremor), has increased again at the volcano. This follows a month of lower values detected. [mehr]

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