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12.-30. Aug 2019: Kamchatka - Land of Colors - Kamchatka (Russia)
13.-29. Aug 2019: Vulkane auf Java - Java (Indonesien)
14.-17. Aug 2019: Krakatau Vulkanspezialreise - Krakatau Vulkan, Sunda Strasse
1.-19. Sep 2019: Kamchatka - Land of Colors - Kamchatka (Russia)
3.-18. Sep 2019: Von Krakatau bis Bali - Java (Indonesien)
21.-28. Sep 2019: Perle der Ägäis - Santorin - Santorin (Griechenland)
11.-25. Okt 2019: Italiens Vulkane - Vom Vesuv zum Ätna - Süditalien
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Letzte Nachrichten vom Stromboli Vulkan:

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Mo, 18 Dez 2006, 21:38

As INGV reports, an unusually strong eruption occurred at Stromboli on 15 December 2006. Bombs landed on both Pizzo and the Sciara del Fuoco, reminding that it is not completely safe to stay on Pizzo.

Di, 7 Nov 2006, 08:39

On a visit to Stromboli on 5 Nov by the VolcanoDiscovery team, Stromboli volcano was observed to be in relatively low activity (the lowest observed during the past 15 months), although there are still 7 active vents. The hornito in the NW crater continues to emit powerful, noisy jets of gas and few incandescent fragments. The central vents have typical strombolian bursts every 10-20 minutes, usually less than 150 m high, except for the vent in the NE corner of the central crater which was observed to produce tall candles, up to 3-400m high, about 1 time per hour. The NE crater vent (towards Stromboli village) has moderate eruptions about every 20-30 minutes, to about 100-150 m height, showering the E flank of the crater with incandescent bombs and emitting dark ash plumes of small size.

Di, 17 Okt 2006, 21:31

An unusually strong explosion took place on Stromboli on 16 Oct. at 19h11 local time. One of the vents of the central crater emitted a lava fountain that lasted 14 seconds, throwing large incandescent blocks all over the crater terrace and the upper slopes of the Sciara del Fuoco. The lava emission was followed by a strong jet of gas that lasted 3 minutes.

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Do, 6 Jul 2006, 07:19
Smoke ring emitted from the NE cone on 28 June 2006

Exceptionally strong activity continues at Strombli volcano:

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So, 25 Jun 2006, 16:06
Stromboli volcano's crater terrace with 7 of the 9 active vents visible: from left to right, a tall eruption from the NW crater, 2 visible glowing vents in the central crater, the spattering NE cone of the central crater with its smaller flank vent, and two vents (one erupting weakly) of the NE crater. (Photo taken early on 25 June)

During the past weeks and months, Stromboli has continued to show extraordinarily high activity as several groups of VolcanoDiscovery have observed.
During a visit on 24 June, 9 active vents were counted: two active vents in the NW crater (towards Ginostra), one of which exploded with tremendous noise every 20-30 minutes, throwing powerful jets of burning gas followed by large amounts of spatter to heights of up to 3-400 m, showering the OUTER rims of the crater terrace. A neighboring vent, a few meters away from it, is normally not visible, but when it erupted, it had the appearance of the ground opening and emitting glowing ash that slowy rose, blackened and created small ash plumes.
In the central crater, 4 visible glowing vents and one hidden behind the wall were active, the most prominent being the tall cone in the NE corner of the complex. The NE cone was spattering constantly, throwing spatter to considerable 50-100 m height. This activity was interupted every 5-10 minutes by strong, hissing fountains lasting up to 20 seconds, and thowing incandescent material to up to about 250 height. At times, the force of the fountain activated a second vent next to it, on the SE side of the cone, apparently serving as an additional valve whenever the output rate during the fountains from the cone itself becomes too large. Two other vents in the central crater complex were large, constantly glowing holes, but showed only occasional weak spattering and erupted only rarely strombolian bursts of spatter to 100-150 m height. A fith vent is not visible from Pizzo, but on a visit on 15 June, it was observed to erupt spatter occasionally to about 100 m height (about once per hour).On 25 of June, it was not erupting.
Last, there were two active vents in the NE crater (towards the village of Stromboli), one of which erupts spectacularly about every 20-30 minutes, throwing lots of incandescent bombs towards the E, showering the outer crater slope with bombs. These eruptions also produced dense ash clouds.

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Do, 18 Mai 2006, 09:59

According to reports from local correspondants, activity at Stromboli's craters is very strong these days, with frequent and tall explosions from several of the active vents. Marco and a small group of VolcanoDiscovery are on their way to Stromboli to get a picture.

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