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Letzte Nachrichten vom Stromboli Vulkan:

Stromboli volcano (Italy): normal activity & field report

Donnerstag Mai 23, 2013 10:29 | VON: T

Strombolian eruption from the NE vent (21 May 2013)
Strombolian eruption from the NE vent (21 May 2013)
Jet-like and simultaneous ash-rich eruption from two of the NW vents (21 May 2013)
Jet-like and simultaneous ash-rich eruption from two of the NW vents (21 May 2013)
Explosive activity at Stromboli is currently at normal to moderately high levels, but the magma column has obviously dropped considerably compared to previous weeks, as there are no longer lava overflows. We observed the volcano during the past days and found a total of 8 active vents in the crater terrace, out of which 4 were showing their typical different strombolian activity:
In the NW crater area, two adjacient vents often erupted simultaneously. One was ejecting dense jets of incandescent gas, almost no ash and only few incandescent tephra that formed candle-like fountains reaching 100-200 m height, and accompanied by loud jet-engine like noises. The other one erupted silent, dense low ash plumes and glowing material to 50-100 m. Eruptions occurred every 20-30 minutes on average.
Two vents in the central crater area were constantly glowing and ejecting pulsating steam puffs, but did not erupt.
The tall, breached hornito at the northern crater rim next to the NE vent, which is now open to the Sciara and had been the site of many of the recent overflows, produced strombolian eruptions as tall jets reaching 100-150 m height, at irregular intervals of 20 minutes to several hours.
The most spectacular activity remained the bright and sometimes powerful explosions from the large NE cone, that erupted dense ash plumes and sent glowing bombs to heights of up to 300 m approximately. These explosions occurred relatively regularly at intervals of 20-30 minutes as well. Sometimes, jets of liquid lava were oblique to the west of the east (towards the shelter area!).
Vorherige Nachrichten
Thermal image of the crater area of Stromboli (INGV Catania)
Montag, Mai 20, 2013
Over the past days, Stromboli has returned to normal levels of activity with frequent, mostly small to medium-sized explosions and low to medium tremor. Small lava overflows and frequent rockfalls still occur. [mehr]
Seismic signal  from Stromboli this morning (STR8 station, INGV)
Mittwoch, Mai 15, 2013
Activity has remained generally elevated and seems to have increased yesterday. Current seismic recordings show strong explosion signals and an increase in tremor. A small lava overflow is currently visible from the NE crater. [mehr]
Thermal webcam image of the crater area of Stromboli (INGV)
Donnerstag, Mai 02, 2013
Lava continues to intermittently flow over and out of vents at the rim and the base of the NE crater. Yesterday, the active flow front had reached about half way down the Sciara, local guides reported. ... [mehr]
Lava overflow on the Sciara del Fuoco (INGV thermal webcam)
Mittwoch, Mai 01, 2013
After decreasing a bit yesterday, the overflow of lava from the NE vents has gained in strength this morning again, accompanied by constant rockfalls, relatively strong explosions and higher tremor. [mehr]
New lava overflow on the Sciara del Fuoco (INGV thermal webcam)
Montag, Apr 29, 2013
Spattering and lava effusion have increased from the NE hornito, feeding a new relatively large sustained lava flow on the Sciara del Fuoco. [mehr]

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