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Stromboli volcano (Italy) activity update: activity remains elevated, summary of 5-11 Aug

Mi, 14. Aug 2019, 20:22
20:22 PM | VON: T
Above: strombolian eruptions from the northern vent cluster at Stromboli; below: ash-rich eruption from the cinder cone in the CS crater area (image: INGV Catania)
Above: strombolian eruptions from the northern vent cluster at Stromboli; below: ash-rich eruption from the cinder cone in the CS crater area (image: INGV Catania)
The crater area of Stromboli with the 2 clusters of vents indicated (image: INGV Catania)
The crater area of Stromboli with the 2 clusters of vents indicated (image: INGV Catania)
The activity at the volcano remains elevated and has not changed much, although it appears to have decreased a bit during the past days.
Numerous vents are active on the crater, producing medium to strong explosions at short intervals of few minutes.
A small lava flow continues to overflow from the SW rim of the crater terrace onto the upper Sciara del Fuoco, but it has been very weak recently and only reaches about 600 m elevation.
INGV Catania published a highly informative summary about the activity observed during 5-11 Aug 2019, which is partially summarized here:
The crater can be roughly divided into two principal clusters of vents, called Northern and Central-Southern areas. During a field survey on 7 Aug, at least 9 vents are seen active in the North crater area, of which 3 form well-structured spatter cones. From these, strombolian eruptions of low to moderate intensity occurred ejecting lava to up to about 150 m height. Frequency of explosions ranged between 14-17 per hour.
The Center-South crater area (CS) is dominated by a wide flat cinder cone, which generates medium to high intensity explosions rich in very fine material (ash). Explosions from this vent reached over 200 m height for the finer ejecta. Stronger than the from the northern vents, the frequency of explosions was lower, about 4-6 per hour.
As for the effusive activity, the lava flow from the CS crater terrace remained confined to the upper part of the Sciara del Fuoco, at an altitude of between 500 and 600 m.
Along the Sciara del Fuoco, rockfalls from collapsing parts of the lava flows occurred frequently.

Other observations:
Seismic and ground deformation activity have not shown significant variations, except for an increase in volcanic tremor amplitude from generally low values to generally medium-low values starting from 11 Aug. It is also worth noting the occurrence of some low energy hybrid events recorded in recent days, which could indicate the rising of new magma. SO2 emissions have been at medium levels.

Based on the given data, it is impossible to predict whether the now classic strombolian activity will continue at similar levels or build up to new, stronger explosions. The summit area remains closed for excursions.

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Mi, 7. Aug 2019, 08:47
Eruption from a vent of Stromboli and glow from the lava flow on the Sciara shortly after midnight (image: LBS webcam)
During the first days of the month (Aug 2019), the explosive activity of the volcano has increased further, LGS reported in its latest update on 4 Aug evening: ... Read all
Mi, 7. Aug 2019, 06:00
INGV reported that Stromboli's crater terrace activity was analyzed during 5-11 August through webcam views, and field inspections during 7-8 August. At least nine vents in Area N (north crater area, NCA) were active on 7 August, three of which had well-formed spatter cones, with Strombolian activity ejecting material 150 m high. A large scoria cone in Area C-S (South Central crater area) jetted material 200 m high. ... Read all
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