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Tolbachik Vulkan
Shield volcano 3682 m / 12,080 ft
Kamchatka, 55.83°N / 160.33°E
Aktueller Status: normal / ruhend (1 von 5)
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Ausbrüche des Tolbachik:
Typische Aktivität:
effusive fissure eruptions
Letzte Erdbeben in der Nähe
Tolbachik Vulkanresien
Kamchatka - Land of Colors (volcano expedition to Kamchatka)

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Tolbachik volcano: eruption updates & news

Tolbachik volcano (Kamchatka, Russia) activity update

Friday Dec 21, 2012 11:05 AM | VON: T

The eruption continues at full force. Here's the latest KVERT update:
Effusion of lava flows continues from the southern fissure at Tolbachinsky Dol. Very fluid lava is moving to the western side of Tolbachinsky Dol. A 5th cinder cone grows on the southern fissure above of Krasny cone.
Gas-steam plumes with ash rose up to 3-4 km a.s.l. and extended to different directions of Tolbachinsky Dol all week. A gigantic thermal anomaly was noting at satellite images in the northern area of Tolbachinsky Dol all week. A magnitude of volcanic tremor increased from 9 mcm/s on December 16, to 28 mcm/s on December 19, - probably, the explosive activity of the new cinder cone is increasing.
Vorherige Nachrichten
Giant thermal anomaly showing the extent of the recent lava flows
Wednesday, Dec 19, 2012
KVERT reported that the amplitude of volcanic tremor was almost 3 times as strong as a week ago. Possibly, magmatic channels to the surface have narrowed with time while lava effusion rate is remaining stable. [mehr]
Tuesday, Dec 18, 2012
The eruption Plosky Tolbachik continues with vigorous lava emission and strong tremor as during the beginning of the eruption. ... [mehr]
Monday, Dec 17, 2012
The eruption continues with vigorous lava emission and the tremor signal has intensified, almost doubled its value compared to previous days KVERT reports. [mehr]
Tolbachik volcano yesterday (KVERT)
Friday, Dec 14, 2012
KVERT reports strong volcanic tremor at Plosky Tolbachik again today. Ash plumes were rising to approx. 10-13,000 ft (about 3-4 km) altitude. [mehr]
Hot spots (past 2 days) at Tolbachik volcano, showing the recent lava flow extension.
Thursday, Dec 13, 2012
The eruption continues with lava fountains at the lower vent and active lava flows. KVERT noted that tremor levels were fluctuating. This could suggest that the magma supply has become less steady and the eruption might be approaching an end. Ash plumes from the eruption still rose to up to 15,000 ft (4.5 km) altitude today. [mehr]

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