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Adventure Volcano - Yasur Volcano Travel

expedition to Yasur volcano, Tanna Island, Vanuatu

Observation of Yasur volcano at night
Observation of Yasur volcano at night
Strombolian eruption at Yasur
Strombolian eruption at Yasur
The cone of Yasur volcano seen from the east
The cone of Yasur volcano seen from the east
A woman in a local village dyeing bands from banana leaves
A woman in a local village dyeing bands from banana leaves
Tree fern
Tree fern
Tropical beach at Port Resolution
Tropical beach at Port Resolution
Fireworks at night (Yasur volcano)
Fireworks at night (Yasur volcano)
Eruption from a vent at Yasur volcano
Eruption from a vent at Yasur volcano
Explosion of lava from Yasur volcano
Explosion of lava from Yasur volcano
Group at Yasur volcano
Group at Yasur volcano
This tour is for you if you are interested in getting to know in depth one of the world's most active volcanoes - Yasur on Tanna Island.
Accompanied by an expert guide on Yasur volcano you spend several days near and around the volcano to offer multiple possibilities to watch its activities. Visits in colorful local villages where the old kastom culture of Vanuatu is still alive, splendid rainforest trails, gorgeous beaches and good local food round out the trip, which can be highly customized according to your preferences.
  • 4 days for observation of the active volcano Yasur
  • Close meeting of the traditional life and culture of the Vanuatu people
  • Relax on paradise beaches

Tanna Island & Yasur volcano

This sample itinerary corresponds to the second half of the Volcanoes in the South Sea and is only an indication for the planned program. Changes due to unexpected events, volcanic activity, weather etc. are possible. Customized versions can be offered on request.
Tag 1: Ankunft auf Vanuatu (Port Vila, Insel Efate)
Ankunft am Flughafen und Fahrt nach Port Villa. Gemeinsames Abendessen in einem Restaurant am Meer.
Tag 2: Flight to Tanna
In the morning, flight to Tanna, then 4WD picks us up and takes across the island to a simple, but charming guesthouse directly at the feet of Mt. Yasur volcano. After lunch, we drive and hike to Yasur volcano to enjoy its spectacular volcanic activity from close, as long as we wish...
Tag 3: Tagesausflug nach Port Resolution - Yasur
Tagesausflug nach Port Resolution (traumhafter Strand!) und zur Haifischbucht. Abends erneuter Aufstieg zum Yasur Vulkan.
Tag 4: Custom dances of Imao - John Frum village - Yasur
Optional early morning / sunrise excursion to Yasur volcano. Walk to the village of Imao to see unique custom dances with an
amazing panoramic view on Yasur volcano.
After lunch, transfer to the village of John Frum : meeting (and lunch) with village chief; side-trip to Sulfur Bay at the foot of Yasur to bathe in hot springs, visit of the local museum dedicated to the memory of John Frum.

If this falls on Friday, option to assist the all-night long dancing celebrations. Option to visit Yasur volcano again in the evening / night.
Tag 5: Rückflug nach Port Vila, freier Nachmittag
Flug zurück von Tanna - Port Vila, freier Nachmittag, gemeinsames Abendessen am Meer
Tag 6: Rückflug oder Möglichkeit zur Verlängerung der Reise
Rückflug oder Möglichkeit zur Verlängerung der Reise


The tour starts and ends in the capital Port Vila on Efate Island where international flights arrive (usually from Brisbane or Sydney in Australia or via Aukland New Zealand). Participants normally arrange their own flight tickets, but on request we can help with that.

Reiseart: Vulkanexpedition: aktive Vulkane - Fotografie - Natur & Kultur
Schwierigkeitsgrad: Leicht
Gruppengröße: 5-10
Dauer: variable: 5 days


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Preis (pro Person): 1590 € $£¥

Im Preis enthalten:

  • Domestic flights (return) Efate (Port Vila) - Tanna Island
  • Alle Transfers wie im Programm beschrieben
  • Accommodation on Tanna island in spartanic bungalows in the rainforest near the volcano
  • 2 nights in hotel in Port Vila (1st and last day)
  • 1 day trip (return transfer) to Port Resolution transfer
  • 1 day trip (return transfer) to John Frum village
  • 1 evening return transfer to Yasur volcano
  • Full board from arrival on Tanna island to last night in Port Vila, including drinking water
  • Half board on Tanna Island
  • Entry fees for Yasur volcano (unlimited number of visits)
  • Experienced local guide for Tanna Island & Yasur volcano
  • Professional volcanologist guide from our team

Tour photos:

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