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Victory Vulkan

Schichtvulkan 1925 m / 6,316 ft
New Guinea, Papua Neuguinea, -9.2°S / 149.07°E
Aktueller Status: normal / ruhend (1 von 5) | Reports
Victory Vulkan-Bücher
Typische Aktivität: explosive, lava dome building
Ausbrüche des Victory: 1890-1935 ± 5 years, 1810 (?) Keine jüngeren Beben
TimeMag. / TiefeDistanceLocation
Keine jüngeren Beben
Mt Victory Volcano is a dominantly andesitic stratovolcano on the NE coast of mainland New Guinea, 30 km from Tufi on Cape Nelson.
Mt Victory's summit contains a small crater lake. There is only 1 confirmed historical eruption from Victory volcano, but that consisted in long-lasting activity during the late 19thand until the 20th century, and its red crater glow was a well-known beacon for passing ships at that time. Pyroclastic flows occurred during this period of activity around 1880 and destroyed several villages and caused fatalities. At present, there is weak thermal activity.


Mount Victory is one of 4 large Quaternary stratovolcanoes on the north coast of southeastern New Guinea, the other 3 being Hydrographers Range, Mount Trafalgar, and Mount Lamington.
Mount Victory is densely mantled by rainforest, which is somewhat stunted near the summit. On the NE it abutts the deeply dissected Pleistocene Mount Trafalgar volcano. The summit crater of Mount Victory is breached to the SE and is of possible landslide origin.
Several near-summit lava domes are present, the SE-most of which marks the 1925-m-high summit of the volcano. 4 small satellite cones are located on the SW side, and 2 others occur on the NE flank.
Source: Smithsonian / GVP volcano information

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