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Volcanic activity world-wide 26 September 2012: Karymski, Askja, El Hierro, Popocatépetl, Fuego, Colombia volcanoes, Tungurahua, Reventador, Alaskan volcanoes

Mittwoch Sep 26, 2012 09:52 | VON: T

A stronger than average eruption occurred at Karymski volcano in Kamchatka last night at 20:41 GMT, producing an ash cloud reaching 22,000 ft (ca. 7 km) altitude.

An increased number of earthquakes can be noted beneath Askja volcano in Iceland during recent weeks. A shallow M2 quake occurred early this morning at 07:29 GMT.

The number of earthquakes at El Hierro remains elevated, but stable with about 10 usually small events detected per day. There are 2 areas where they occur - in a N-S zone in the western El Golfo bay at about 10 km depth and scattered in the SW part of the island near El Pinar at about 20 km depth.

Popocatépetl has increased again the frequency of explosions and produced 26 between 24-25 Sep as stated in the latest CENAPRED reports. Weak glow is visible from the crater at night.

In Guatemala Fuego has been a bit more active. During 24-25 Sep, the volcano had 13 explosions, some of which could be heard in 6 km distance. Incandescent material was thrown up to 100-150 m above the crater and ash plumes reached 300-800 m height and drifted up to 10 km to the north and northeast, INSIVUMEH reported in the last bulletin yesterday.

Colombia updates:
Nevado del Ruiz volcano remains comparably calm, but still has occasional steam and ash emissions and produces a strong SO2 plume. Elevated seismic activity occurrs under the Arenas crater.

Elevated seismic activity continues at Cerro Machin with small quakes at shallow depths under the main dome and south of it.

Earthquake swarms continue to plague Cumbal volcano. There were 2 episodes of low energy on 18 and 21 September with 400 and 170 events respectively, INGEOMINAS reports.Surface activity of the volcano consisted mainly of gas emissions from the El Verde crater, located in the northern sector of the volcanic complex.

Weak seismic activity including a small seismic swarm on 25 Sep are measured at Galeras. The volcano produces a steam cloud with some minor ash emissions from time to time.

Nevado del Huila continues to produce volcanic quakes and weak tremor pulses and otherwise shows strong degassing from fumaroles.

Small earthquakes at shallow depth continue to occurr under at Sotará volcano, 36 in total during the past 7 days. There is no surface activiy observed.

Reventador volcano in Ecuador produces a 2 km high steam plume and has intermittend explosions.

Visual observations of Tungurahua volcano are near impossible due to constant cloud cover, but the seismic activity, described as moderate by IG, does not indicate significant eruptive activity.

In Alaska, volcanoes have been calm. The Alaska Volcano Observatory AVO has no evidence of recent eruptive activity. Cleveland volcano and Iliamna volcano as well as newcomer Little Sitkin volcano remain on yellow alert with slightly increased seismicity.
Vorherige Nachrichten
Dienstag, Sep 25, 2012
After a week of relatively low and infrequent explosions, Sakurajima volcano has stepped up its activity with 3 eruptions during the early hours of yesterday. The largest at 12:52 h local time produced an ash plume rising to 11,000 ft (3.4 km). ... [mehr]
Donnerstag, Sep 20, 2012
During a visit to the summit crater of Etna volcano this afternoon, we could hear deep-seated explosion sounds at intervals of few minutes from the Voragine pit crater, suggesting that some activity is going on deep (several 100 m) within its conduit. Sporadic explosive activity from adjacent Bocca Buova ceased about a week ago according to the Etna mountain guides. ... [mehr]
Mittwoch, Sep 19, 2012
Fuego volcano, Guatemala has increased its activity again. Strong strombolian explosions generated ash plumes rising up to 1 km and ejected blocks up to 200 m above the rim. Incandescent material rolled down the flanks for 500-1000 m and shock waves accompanied the explosions. ... [mehr]

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