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Volcanic activity worldwide 2 Jan 2014: Sinabung, San Miguel, Kamchata & Guatemala updates

Donnerstag Jan 02, 2014 16:12 |

Glow from Shiveluch's active lava dome this evening (KVERT webcam)
Glow from Shiveluch's active lava dome this evening (KVERT webcam)
Explosion and pyroclastic flow from Sinabung yesterday
Explosion and pyroclastic flow from Sinabung yesterday
Degassing plume from Popocatépetl yesterday
Degassing plume from Popocatépetl yesterday
Degassing plume from Popocatépetl yesterday
Degassing plume from Popocatépetl yesterday
Mild explosion from Fuego volcano (INSIVUMEH)
Mild explosion from Fuego volcano (INSIVUMEH)
Gas plume from San Miguel seen from the ISS on 30 Dec (Image: Rick Mastracchio)
Gas plume from San Miguel seen from the ISS on 30 Dec (Image: Rick Mastracchio)
The new year begins with intense and dangerous activity in Indonesia:
Sinabung (Sumatra, Indonesia): The volcano's eruption continues with increasing and more and more frequent (every 15 minutes) explosions and pyroclastic flows from the growing lava dome. Ash plumes have been reaching 20,000 ft (6 km) altitude, run-out lengths of the pyroclastic flows approx. 2-3 km.

... [read more]

San Miguel (El Salvador): No new explosions have occurred at the volcano of Chaparrastique (San Miguel), but elevated degassing (SO2 flux estimated at about 2800 tons / day) suggests that new magma is still arriving inside the volcano and could lead to new eruptions.
Authorities decided to order evacuation of additional 3,000 people from the cities of San Miguel, San Jorge, San Rafael Oriente, and Chinameca. However, it appears that a significant number of people decided to return to their homes inside the danger zones, because of the apparent (and possibly very dangerous) lack of new activity in the past few days.
Analyzes of ash from the 30 Dec eruption indicate that they consist of 80% juvenile material (i.e. from new magma), which supports the idea that a new magma batch has risen inside the volcano and could lead to new activity in the near future. MARN also mentions that the absence of crystals in the juvenile glass matrix of the ash indicates that the magma rose quickly, i.e. without having time to form crystals. That further adds to the need to stay on alert, because a sudden eruption might just happen again.

Kamchatka and Alaska volcano updates

Klyuchevskoy (Kamchatka): The explosive-effusive eruption of the volcano finished on December 20, according to KVERT who placed the Aviation Color Code back to green today.
Since that date, the volcano has only produced its normally strong steam/degassing plume. Satellite images still show a thermal anomaly from the now cooling lava flows. Seismic activity continues at low levels. KVERT interprets some of these data that the magma column has descended and probably left a deep crater at the summit.

Karymsky (Kamchatka): Intermittent strombolian to vulcanian explosions continue to be registered. An ash plume of 1.5-2 km height was reported by KVERT extending about 120 km to the SE. A thermal anomaly is visible on satellite data, while no seismic data are currently available for technical reasons.

Shiveluch (Kamchatka): The eruption of the volcano continues with the new lava dome growing on the north-western part of the old lava dome. Moderate ash explosions up to 13,100-19,800 ft (4-6 km) a.s.l., fumarolic activity and incandescence of the dome summit and hot avalanches accompanies this process. Satellite data showed a thermal anomaly over the volcano. (KVERT daily report).

Tolbachik (Kamchatka): A thermal anomaly is still visible over the northern area of Tolbachinsky Dol. KVERT reports weak seismic activity of the volcano.

Bezymianny (Central Kamchatka Depression): Weak seismic activity of the volcano continues. According to video data, a moderate gas-steam activity was observed. Satellite data showed a weak thermal anomaly over the volcano (KVERT daily reports).

Gorely (Southern Kamchatka): Seismic activity of the volcano continues to be weak.

Veniaminof (Alaska Peninsula, USA): Seismic activity of the volcano remains slightly above background, and alert level remains at Yellow. AVO has otherwise no indications of recent volcanic activity.

Cleveland (Aleutian Islands, Alaska): Nothing unusual has been observed in mostly cloudy satellite views of Cleveland volcano over the past 24 hours. AVO has received no reports of activity from local observers. Since the brief explosion from at 4:06 UTC on 31 Dec, no signs of unrest have been detected.

Other ongoing activity:

Suwanose-jima (Tokara Islands, Japan): An explosion this morning sent an ash plume to 6,000 ft (1.8 km) altitude, VAAC Tokyo reported.

Popocatépetl (Central Mexico): No significant activity has occurred over the past 2 weeks.
Degassing, infrequent small emissions of mostly steam (less than 10 per day, typically) and continued glow from the crater are being reported by CENAPRED who maintain alert level "Yellow Phase 2" unchanged.

Santa María / Santiaguito (Guatemala): Weak to moderate explosions and abundant rock falls from the active flows on the NE and SE side of the Caliente lava dome were reported by INSIVUMEH.

Pacaya (Guatemala): Mild stombolian activity with ejections to 10-50 m height above the new cone inside Mackenney crater continue at intervals of approx. 30 seconds.

Fuego (Guatemala): The volcano's activity has remained unchanged and at relatively low levels, with weak to moderate strombolian explosions producing ash plumes of 300-700 m height.
Vorherige Nachrichten
view of Etna this morning from Catania
Mittwoch, Jan 01, 2014
Etna (Sicily, Italy): For the first day of the year, Etna is wearing a beautiful snow dress. ... [mehr]
Strombolian explosions at the New SE crater on the evening of 29 Dec (Photo: Emaunela / VolcanoDiscovery Italia)Tremor amplitude (
Dienstag, Dez 31, 2013
Etna (Sicily, Italy): The fireworks on Etna seem to be coming to an end, although there is currently no visibility due to bad weather. Tremor has gradually decreased after another long, but rather weak paroxysm at the New SE crater (photos). ... [mehr]
Weak lava fountain at the New SE crater
Montag, Dez 30, 2013
Etna (Sicily, Italy): The 21st paroxysm at the New SE crater which started last evening is still going on although it has decreased a bit. Until now, the eruption has been rather weak with no sustained tall lava fountains as during most of the paroxysms. Instead, the New SE crater continues to produce loud, spectacular near-continuous strombolian-type jets (or low, pulsating fountains) and explosions of lava bubbles. The eruption so far: ... [mehr]
Strombolian activity at New SE crater (Etna-Web webcam)
Sonntag, Dez 29, 2013
Etna (Sicily, Italy): Activity is rapidly increasing towards the 21st paroxysm. The New SE crater produces near continuous bright strombolian explosions accompanied by loud explosion sounds. Tremor is rising steeply. ... [mehr]
Ash emission from Etna's NE crater this evening
Samstag, Dez 28, 2013
Etna (Sicily, Italy): The volcano remains restless. Ash emissions have resumed (or continue) at the NE crater. Tremor is fluctuating, but there's a slow overall rising trend. ... [mehr]

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