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In this section, we will post job opportunities when available. If you're interested to join our growing team, please contact us (best via email)!

Volcano news editor(s):

VolcanoDiscovery at Krakatau
VolcanoDiscovery at Krakatau
Do you enjoy following volcanic activity worldwide and share fresh information and updates with others?
We are looking for volunteers and freelancers wanting to help us out with keeping up with volcanic activity world-wide. Your involvement could be anything from a few hours per week upwards. It could involve only a single or a few specific volcanoes you enjoy monitoring in particular, or volcanic activity all over the world, or specific topics in volcanology in general.
We'd expect from you:
- you have some background and a genuine interest in volcanoes and volcanology
- you enjoy writing about it in an easy-to-understand but scientifically correct (non-sensationalist) way, preferably in non-academic language
- you are familiar with looking up relevant primary sources of information (e.g. reports by volcano observatories, local newspapers etc)
- you like digging for news and information
- you are familiar with researching / posting / sharing on social media
- have basic knowledge about HTML
- you're willing to a possible long-term freelance cooperation with us

We offer you:
Unfortunately, we have only a very small budget and cannot offer anything like a normal salary to hire editors to write for us - the direct income from this is way too small. However, on the long term, you we can offer you:
- recognition as part of our news team
- gain experience with web publishing, database, HTML and CMS technology
- a small re-numeration to be discussed after we establish some routine together

Earthquake news editor:

Similar as for our volcano news section, we are looking for freelancers to help us follow earthquake activity worldwide, maintaining and updating our growing database, research and write background information and similar tasks.
Ideally, you have a background in and passion for geoscience or related fields, speak and write English or Spanish fluently.

Volcano video contributor(s):

Our YouTube volcano channel has grown to have a significant audience. If you have interesting videos about volcanos, eruptions, phenomena or related subjects you would like to publish on our channel and increase their visibility, earn a 50% share of any profits they directly generate and 100% of an indirect profit they could potentially earn (*), we invite you to contact us and send us material for review!
(*) Indirect profit would be any media sales that we simply forward after your video was discovered through our channel.
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