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24 Jun - 1 Jul 2018: Volcanoes of the Danakil desert - Danakil desert (Ethiopia)
12-14 Jul 2018: Krakatau Volcano Special - Krakatau volcano, Sunda Strait
15-31 Jul 2018: Volcanoes and Spices - N-Sulawesi + Halmahera (Indonesia)
22-27 Jul 2018: Adventure Volcano - Yasur Volcano Travel - Tanna Island (Vanuatu)
22 Jul - 5 Aug 2018: Volcanoes and Cultures - Adventures in the South Sea - Vanuatu (South Sea)
26 Jul - 5 Aug 2018: The Volcanoes of Ambrym - the Grand Traverse - Vanuatu (South Sea)
30 Jul - 13 Aug 2018: Colors of Iceland: Fire, Earth, Ice and Water - Iceland
15-31 Aug 2018: Volcanoes and Spices - N-Sulawesi + Halmahera (Indonesia)
1-14 Sep 2018: Volcano Special: Ibu - Dukono - Lokon - Halmahera (Indonesia)
26 Sep - 10 Oct 2018: Volcanoes and Cultures - Adventures in the South Sea - Vanuatu (South Sea)
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Latest volcano news:
Monday, Jun 18, 2018
Volcanic Ash Advisory Center Buenos Aires (VAAC) issued the following report: ... [more]
Monday, Jun 18, 2018
Volcanic Ash Advisory Center Washington (VAAC) issued the following report: ... [more]
Monday, Jun 18, 2018
Volcanic Ash Advisory Center Washington (VAAC) issued the following report: ... [more]
Image taken of Sakurajima’s ash plume that rose after the volcano’s large explosion on 16.06.2018 around 7h19 local time (photo Tomoaki Iwakiri / Twitter)
Monday, Jun 18, 2018
On Saturday morning June 16, 2018, at 7h19 AM local time a strong explosion occurred from Sakurajima’s Minamidake crater. The eruption created an ash plume that rose about 4700 me above the crater and then drifted to the west. There were observations of pyroclastic flows running down the volcano’s southwest flank and significant ash falls were reported to cover Kagoshima. The volcano’s alert level is maintained at 3 – do not approach – since the start of its increased activity on February 5, 2016. ... [more]
Photograph showing the fissure through which lava erupts during the current  of the Fernandina volcano (source: Marcelo Izquierdo, Yate la Pinta).
Monday, Jun 18, 2018
After a short precursory period of seismic unrest, the volcano on Fernandino island, Galapagos, started a new eruptive phase on Saturday 16 June around 11h00 – 11h15 local time. A fissure on its NNE flank opened up with lava fountains that produced flows which quickly reached the sea. ... [more]
Photograph showing the inward slumping of Halema‘uma‘u crater rim and walls in response to ongoing subsidence of Kilauea’s summit. This view to the southwest, taken after the explosion that occurred on the morning of 16 June, a section of dark-coloured wall rock (center left) has detached and dropped downward into the crater. (HVO/USGS)
Monday, Jun 18, 2018
Kilauea’s summit caldera continues to subside in response to the withdrawal of magma from beneath the volcano’s summit that drains to the Lower East Rift Zone eruption site. The seismic cycle with M5 events and explosions in Halema’uama’u crater also persists, resulting in inward slumping of the crater rim and walls. ... [more]
This photo take during a 17 June, 2018, morning overflight shows a fissure 8 lava fountain pulsing to heights of 50 m (165 ft) within the cinder spatter cone. (HVO/USGS)
Monday, Jun 18, 2018
Throughout the weekend, Kilauea’s lower East Rift Zone eruption persisted to vigorously effusive large amounts of lava from fissure 8 which travelled along the well established 13 km (8 mile) channel to the broad ocean entry at Kapoho. ... [more]


What's erupting? List & map of currently active volcanoes

Europe and Atlantic Ocean:
Africa and Indian Ocean:
Aleutians, Alaska and North America:
Mexico, Central America and Carribean:
South America:
Other regions:
  • Erebus (Antarctica)
  • Bristol Island (United Kingdom, South Sandwich Is)
  • Michael (United Kingdom, South Sandwich Is)
  • Zavodovski (South Sandwich Islands (UK))
  • Siple (Marie Byrd Land, Western Antarctica)
Pacific Ocean:
  • Kilauea (Hawai'i)
  • Bagana (Bougainville Island, Papua New Guinea)
  • Kadovar (Northeast of New Guinea, Papua New Guinea)
  • Yasur (Tanna Island, Vanuatu)
  • Ambrym (Vanuatu)
  • Aoba (Vanuatu)
  • Fernandina (Galápagos Islands, Ecuador)
  • Loihi (United States, Hawaiian Islands)
  • Langila (New Britain, Papua New Guinea)
  • Ulawun (New Britain, Papua New Guinea)
  • Manam (Papua New Guinea)
  • Lopevi (Vanuatu)
  • Tinakula (Santa Cruz Islands, Solomon Islands)
  • Sierra Negra (Isabela Island, Galapagos)
  • Mauna Loa (Big Island, Hawai'i)
  • Karkar (Northeast of New Guinea, Papua New Guinea)
  • Ruapehu (North Island, New Zealand)
  • Tongariro (North Island, New Zealand)
  • White Island (New Zealand)
  • MacDonald (Austral Islands,  )
  • Suretamatai (Banks Islands, Vanuatu)
Ring of Fire (Kurile Islands to Philippines):
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