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Volcanes en el Norte de Chile, Bolivia y Argentina (119)

Acamarachi | Acotango | Aguas Delgadas | Antofagasta de la Sierra | Antofalla | Apagado | Aracar | Arintica | Aucanquilcha | Caichinque | Cañapa | Capur | Caquena | Cerro Ascotan | Cerro Bayo | Cerro Cariquima | Cerro Chascon | Cerro Colorados | Cerro de la Niebla | Cerro de Rio Negro | Cerro del Azufre | Cerro del Leon | Cerro el Condor | Cerro Galan | Cerro Moiro | Cerro Napa | Cerro Overo | Cerro San Agustin | Cerro Tatajachura | Cerro Zapaleri | Cerros de Tocopuri | Cerros de Tocorpuri | Chao | Chiliques | Colachi | Copa-Ocana | Copiapo | Cordon de Puntas Negras | Cordón del Azufre | Curutu | Deslinde | El Azufre | El Negrillar | El Solo | El Tatio | El Volcan | Escala | Escorial | Falso Azufre | Gemelos-Saladillo | Guallatiri | Guayaques | Hecar | Inacalari | Incaguasi | Incapillo | Irruputuncu | Isluga | Jorcada | La Negrillar | Laco | Laguna Jayu Khota | Laguna Verde | Larancagua | Lascar | Lastarria | Lejia | Lexone | Licancabur | Llullaillaco | Los Patos | Losloyo | Miniques | Miscanti | Nevado Anallajsi | Nevado de Incahuasi | Nevado del Sajama | Nevado Queva | Nevado San Francisco | Nuevo Mundo | Ojos del Salado | Olca-Paruma | Ollague | Pampa Luxsar | Paniri | Parinacota | Patilla Pata | Peinado | Piedra Parada | Poquis | Porquesa | Potor | Puchuldiza | Pular | Purico | Putana | Quetena | Robledo | Rochaculla-Inca Camacha | Sacabaya | Sairecabur | San Pedro | Sierra Nevada | Socompa | Sunequera | Taapaca | Tacora | Tata Sabaya | Tilocalar | Tipas | Tocomar | Tres Cruces | Tujle | Tumisa | Tuzgle | unnamed | Uturuncu | Vilacollo | Volcan Linzor
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Volcano list


(estratovolcán 6046 m / 19,836 ft)
Acamarachi (also known as Cerro Pili) volcano is a stratovolcano in northern Chile. The andesitic-dacitic volcano has very steep slopes (45 deg angle) and forms the highest peak in this part of the Andes.
The volcano contains a poorly preserved summit crater and a large la... [màs]


(Volcán 6052 m / 19,856 ft)
Acotango volcano is a poorly known volcano on the Chile/Bolivia border. A young lava flow on the northern flank suggests that the volcano has had eruptions within the past 10,000 years and might be considered active. [màs]

Aguas Delgadas

(Stratovolcano unknown)

Antofagasta de la Sierra

(campo volcánico 4000? m / 13,123 ft)
Antofagasta de la Sierra is a young volcanic field in Catamarca, NW Argentina, located SW of Beltran volcano and between the Salar de Antofalla on the west and the massive Cerro Galán caldera on the east.
The field contains some of the youngest volcanic vents of vents of th... [màs]


(Stratovolcano(es) 6409 m / 21027 ft)


(estratovolcán 5,680 m / 18,635 ft)
Apagado is a Pleistocene stratovolcano in northern Chile. Its last eruptions were more than 10,000 years ago and it is now likely extinct.
Note: there is another potentially still active volcano with the same name Apagado in central Chile. [màs]


(estratovolcán 6082 m / 19,954 feet)
Aracar volcano is a probably still active stratovolcano in NW Argentina close to the border with Chile. The volcano has a well-preserved 1.5 km wide summit crater with a small crater lake and steep eroded flanks. It is not known whether there has been activity in the Holocene (pa... [màs]


(estratovolcán 5597 m / 18,363 ft)
Arintica volcano is a stratovolcano in the Arica y Parinacota region of Chile near the border with Bolivia.
There are no known Holocene eruptions, and the volcano might be extinct, although little is known about it. [màs]


(estratovolcán 6176 m / 20,262 ft)
Aucanquilcha is a massive stratovolcano in the Central Volcanic Zone of the Andes in northern Chile. Volcán Aucanquilcha (also known as Cerro Aucancquilche) is the youngest of about 20 volcanoes and cones that form the Aucanquilcha Volcanic Cluster and one the largest volcanoes o... [màs]


(estratovolcán 4450 m / 14,600 feet)
Caichinque volcano is a relatively small volcanic complex in northern Chile. It devides Salar Capur from Salar Talar. There are more than 6 vents that have erupted andesitic-to-dacitic lava flows. The youngest of these are found on the NE and SE sides of the Cainque stratovolcano... [màs]


(Stratovolcano 5630 m / 18471 ft)


(Stratovolcano 5216 m / 17113 ft)


(Lava dome(s) unknown)

Cerro Ascotan

(Stratovolcano 5473 m / 17956 ft)

Cerro Bayo

(Volcán 5401 m / 17,720 ft)
Cerro Bayo is a complex volcano on the northern Chile/Argentina border. The volcano contains a young cone exactly on the border with a 400 m wide crater which has erupted two 4 km long lava flows to the north and NW.
The youngest known product of the volcano are 2 dacitic ... [màs]

Cerro Cariquima

(Stratovolcano 5365 m / 17602 ft)

Cerro Chascon

(Lava dome 5125 m / 16814 ft)

Cerro Colorados

(Stratovolcano 6049 m / 19846 ft)

Cerro de la Niebla

(Compound 4500 m / 14764 ft)

Cerro de Rio Negro

(Stratovolcano 5067 m / 16624 ft)

Cerro del Azufre

(estratovolcán 5846 m / 19,180 ft)
Cerro del Azufre ("sulphur peak") volcano is a large andesitic stratovolcano in northern Chile 20 km from the border with Bolivia. It is the largest and youngest volcanic center of a 50-km-long, NW-SE-trending chain of volcanoes south of Salar de Ascotán.
The volcano has 2 ... [màs]

Cerro del Leon

(estratovolcán 5760 m / 18,898 ft)
Cerro del Leon stratovolcano is located in northern Chile next to the massive Chao lava dome. [màs]

Cerro el Condor

(estratovolcán 6532 m / 21,430 ft)
Cerro el Cóndor is a large stratovolcano located in NW Argentina. it is one of the few larger volcanoes which are completely inside Argentina.
The volcano was built on top of a 2.5-km-wide caldera and contains several ash cones and craters which are aligned on a NNW-SSE tre... [màs]

Cerro Galan

(Caldera 6000 m / 19685 ft)

Cerro Moiro

(Pyroclastic cone 4250 m / 13944 ft)

Cerro Napa

(Stratovolcano 5145 m / 16880 ft)

Cerro Overo

(maar 4555 m / 14,944 ft)
Cerro Overo is an isolated basaltic maar in northern Chile, located on the lower NE flank of Chiliques volcano, west of the Salar de Aguas Calientes, and 20 km north of Lascar volcano. The fresh morphology suggests a possible Holocene age. It contains a 600-m-wide and 80-m-deep c... [màs]

Cerro San Agustin

(Stratovolcano 4980 m / 16339 ft)

Cerro Tatajachura

(Stratovolcano 5240 m / 17192 ft)

Cerro Zapaleri

(Stratovolcano 5643 m / 18514 ft)

Cerros de Tocopuri

(estratovolcán 5808 m / 19,055 ft)
Cerros de Tocorpuri is a stratovolcano in northern Chile on the border with Bolivia. It contains a 1.2 km wide summit crater and a lava dome, Cerro La Torta, located on its western side. [màs]

Cerros de Tocorpuri

(Stratovolcano 5808 m / 19055 ft)


(Domo de lava 5100 m / 16,732 ft)
The Chao lava dome in northern Chile near Calama town is one of the largest known lava domes in the world. It measures 14.5 km in length and 350-400 m in height. [màs]


(estratovolcán 5778 m / 18,956 ft)
Volcán Chiliques is a stratovolcano in northern Chile immediately south of Laguna Lejía. The volcano consists of a symmetrical cone rising 1000 m from the surrounding terrain and contains a 500 m wide crater. Several young lava flows are seen on its flanks and some might be young... [màs]


(estratovolcán 5631 m / 18,474 ft)
Colachi volcano is a stratovolcano in northern Chile. Th youngest lava flows were erupted probably less than 10,000 years ago and cover an area of 7 sq km area on the saddle between Colachi and the neighboring volcano Acamarachi. [màs]


(Stratovolcano(es) 5299 m / 17385 ft)


(estratovolcán 6052 m / 19,855 ft)
Copiapo volcano is an andesitic to dacitic stratovolcano in the Atacama province of northern Chile, close to Nevado Tres Cruces National Park and Laguna del Negro Francisco.
Most of the volcano's edifice is several hundreds of thousands to millions years old, and Copiapo mi... [màs]

Cordon de Puntas Negras

(estratovolcanes 5852 m / 19,199 ft)
Cordón de Puntas Negras is a stratovolcano in northern Chile 46 km SE of Lascar volcano.
The volcano has a number of fresh-looking cones and craters such as Cerros Cenizas, Aguas Calientes, Laguna Escondida, and Chinchilla with well-preserved summit craters and short lava ... [màs]

Cordón del Azufre

(Volcán 5463 m / 17,923 ft)
Cordón del Azufre is a small volcanic complex on the Argentina/Chile border. The volcano consists of a cluster of lava flows from a row of vents on the NW (Argentinian) side, and a 5 km long chain of vents along the border with Chile.

Note: there is a volcano with a ... [màs]


(Stratovolcano 5394 m / 17697 ft)


(Stratovolcano 5651 m / 18540 ft)

El Azufre

(Unknown 5480 m / 17979 ft)

El Negrillar

(conos piroclásticos 3500 m / 11,483 ft)
El Negrillar (Negros de Aras) is a group of cinder cones and andesitic lava flows in northern Chile about 20 km north of Socompa volcano. The age of volcanic activity from the field is unknown. The major Holocene debris avalanche from Socompa volcano overlies (= is younger than) ... [màs]

El Solo

(estratovolcán 6190 m / 20,308 ft)
El Solo volcano is large stratovolcano in Argentina at the border with northern Chile and west of Nevados del Ojos de Salado and SE of Tres Cruces volcano.
Is comprises 9 eruptive centers. The age of its last eruptions is unknown, but was during the Holocene (less than 11,... [màs]

El Tatio

(campo hidrotermal 4280 m / 14,042 ft)
El Tatio is one of the most impressive thermal areas of the Andes. The geothermal field is located in northern Chile within a depression east of a chain of older volcanoes, Cerro Deslinde, Cerro Volcán, Cerros del Tatio, and Volcán Tatio.
The Hoyada de Los Geisers del Tatio... [màs]

El Volcan

(Stratovolcano 5100 m / 16732 ft)


(Lava dome 4000 m / 13123 ft)


(estratovolcán 5447 m / 17,871 ft)
Cerro Escorial volcano is a small andesitic-dacitic stratovolcano in northern Chile on the border with Argentina. The volcano contains a 1 km wide well-preserved summit crater of possible Holocene age. There are young-looking lava flows mostly towards the Chilean side, but they a... [màs]

Falso Azufre

(Volcán 5890 m / 19,324 ft)
Falso Azufre volcano is a volcanic complex on the Chile/ Argentina border. The 15 km long complex contains overlapping craters and lava domes. The western part contains the highest peak, Cerro Falso Azufre. [màs]


(Pyroclastic cone(s) unknown)


(estratovolcán 6071 m / 19,918 feet)
Volcán Guallatiri in northern Chile just west of the Bolivian border is one of northern Chile's most active volcanoes.
It is a symmetrical ice-covered stratovolcano at the SW end of the Nevados de Quimsachata volcano group. Its summit contains a dacitic lava dome complex wi... [màs]


(domos de lava 5598 m / 18,366 ft)
ASTER satellite image of Guayaques and neighboring volcanoes, taken in 2003 (retrieved from: http://ava.jpl.nasa.gov/volcano.asp?vnum=1505-093)
ASTER satellite image of Guayaques and neighboring volcanoes, taken in 2003 (retrieved from: http://ava.jpl.nasa.gov/volcano.asp?vnum=1505-093)
Guayaques volcano is a group of lava domes in northern Chile on the border with Bolivia. The group of domes forms a 10 km long N-S trending chain and has fed thick, viscous lava flows extending up to about 3 km from the vents.
The youngest domes appear to be north of the su... [màs]


(Stratovolcano 5029 m / 16499 ft)


(Stratovolcano 5618 m / 18432 ft)


(Unknown 5689 m / 18665 ft)


(Caldera 5750 m / 18865 ft)


(estratovolcán 5163 m / 16,939 ft)
Irruputuncu is a small stratovolcano in northern Chile on the border with Bolivia. It contains 2 summit craters. A small summit lava dome and fumarolic activity are found at the southern crater which measures about 300 m in diameter. [màs]


(estratovolcán 5550+ m / 18,208 ft)
Volcán Isluga volcano is a broad stratovolcano in northern Chile 7 km west of the Bolivian border and forms the western end of a group of volcanoes extending to Tata Sabaya volcano in Bolivia. Isluga volcano is part of the 175,000 hectares Isluga National Park.
Isluga's sum... [màs]


(Stratovolcano 5750 m / 18865 ft)

La Negrillar

(conos piroclásticos 4109 m / 13,481 ft)
The La Negrillar volcano (also known as Aguas Perdidas) is a cone and lava flow complex along the SW margin of the Atacama basin in northern Chile, WSW of Socompa volcano between the Sierra San Juan and Sierra Almeida.
The La Negrillar field covers a roughly 16 km wide are... [màs]


(Lava dome 5472 m / 17953 ft)

Laguna Jayu Khota

(maar 3650? m / 11,975 ft)
Laguna Jayu Khota is a group of 2 young maars (Jayu Khota and Nekhe Khota to the NE) in the Central Altiplano of Bolivia, north of Salar de Uyuni and east of Salar de Coipasa. It was originally believed that they were meteorite impact craters. [màs]

Laguna Verde

(Stratovolcano 5464 m / 17927 ft)


(Stratovolcano 5580 m / 18307 ft)


(estratovolcán 5592 m / 18,346 ft)
Láscar volcano in northern Chile is the most active of the northern Chilean Andes. Lascar is an andesitic-to-dacitic stratovolcano with 3 overlapping summit craters. Large lava flows are visible on its NW flanks.
Lascar is flanked 5 km to the east by the older, but higher V... [màs]


(estratovolcán 5697 m / 18,691 ft)
Lastarria is a stratovolcano on the Argentina/Chile border. The volcano contains 5 nested summit craters. The youngest part of the volcano is a lava dome overlapping the northern crater.
A large prehistoric debris avalanche deposit is located on the SE flank and younger de... [màs]


(Stratovolcano 5790 m / 18996 ft)


(Lava dome(s) 5340 m / 17520 ft)


(estratovolcán 5916 m / 19,409 ft)
Licancabur volcano is an active stratovolcano in northern Chile on the border with Bolivia, 40 km east of San Pedro de Atacama town. Liancabur has an impressive symmetric shape with constant 30 degrees slopes.
It is known for containing the world's highest lake inside its ... [màs]


(estratovolcán 6739 m / 22,109 ft)
Llullaillaco is the world's highest historically active volcano. It is on the border between Chile and Argentina and belongs to the Puna de Atacama, a region of very high volcanic peaks on a high plateau within the Atacama Desert, one of the driest places in the world.
The... [màs]

Los Patos

(Stratovolcano 6250 m / 20505 ft)


(Stratovolcano 5343 m / 17530 ft)


(estratovolcán 5910 m / 19,390 ft)
Volcán Miñiques volcano is a large basaltic-andesite to dacitic volcanic complex south of Laguna Miscanti and Laguna Miñiques in northern Chile.
Its summit contains 3 overlapping E-W trending craters, partially filled by lava domes and flows. A prominent lava flow extends n... [màs]


(Stratovolcano 5613 m / 18415 ft)

Nevado Anallajsi

(Stratovolcano 5750 m / 18865 ft)

Nevado de Incahuasi

(estratovolcanes 6621 m / 21,722 ft)
Nevado de Incahuasi ("House of the Inca" in Quechua) is a complex stratovolcano on the Chile-Argentina border ENE of Nevados Ojos del Salado volcano. It consists of a 3.5 km wide caldera occupied by 2 younger stratovolcanoes and older lava domes.
The youngest stratovolcano... [màs]

Nevado del Sajama

(Stratovolcano 6542 m / 21463 ft)

Nevado Queva

(Unknown 6134 m / 20125 ft)

Nevado San Francisco

(Stratovolcano 6018 m / 19744 ft)

Nuevo Mundo

(domos de lava 5438 m / 17,841 ft)
Nuevo Mundo volcano is a complex of silicic lava domes and flows in western Bolivia between Potosí and Uyuni.
The biggest eruption from Nuevo Mundo was a plinian eruption that deposited ash 200 km east of the volcano, where it can be found at the famous Bolivian mining cent... [màs]

Ojos del Salado

(estratovolcán 6887 m / 22,595 ft)
Ojos del Salado volcano in February 2012 (Photo: Ulla Lohmann)
Ojos del Salado volcano in February 2012 (Photo: Ulla Lohmann)
Nevados Ojos del Salado is the world's highest active volcano. It is located on the Chile/Argentina border, about 20 km south of the road that crosses Argentina-CHile border at Paso de San Francisco.
The mountain has very dry conditions with snow only remaining on the peak... [màs]


(estratovolcanes 5407 m / 17,739 ft)
Olca-Paruma volcano is a group of 3 stratovolcanoes forming a 15-km-long E-W ridge along the northern Chile border with Bolivia. There are 3 stratovolcanoes in the complex: Volcán Olca, Cerro Michincha, and Volcán Paruma.
The only known historical activity from the Olca-Pa... [màs]


(estratovolcán 5868 m / 19,252 ft)
Volcán Ollagüe (also known as Oyahué) is a massive andesitic stratovolcano in northern Chile on the border with Bolivia. It contains a dacitic summit lava dome. No historical eruptions have been confirmed from Ollagüe, but there is intense fumarolic activity and a persistent ste... [màs]

Pampa Luxsar

(campo volcánico 5543 m / 18,185 ft)
Pampa Luxsar (also spelled Pampa Luxar) is a volcanic field in SW Bolivia 23 km from the border with Chile. It comprises a 45 x 45 km area of lava flows at the SW margin of Bolivia's Salar de Uyuni east of the Andean volcanic front. [màs]


(estratovolcán 5946 m / 19,508 ft)
Paniri is a stratovolcano in northern Chile 26 km SE of San Pedro volcano. It has 3 craters. There are no recent eruptions, but the volcano possibly has been active during the past 10,000 years. Archeological remains have been found on its summit in 1972.
A magnitude 5.4 ea... [màs]


(estratovolcán 6348 m / 20,827 ft)
Volcán Parinacota volcano is a symmetrical young stratovolcano in northern Chile near the border with Bolivia. Along with older Pomerape (6222 m) volcano 4 km to the NE it forms the Nevados de Payachata volcanic group.
Parinacota contains a pristine, 300-m-wide summit crate... [màs]

Patilla Pata

(Stratovolcano 5300 m / 17388 ft)


(estratovolcán 5740 m / 18,832 ft)
Peinado volcano is a symmetrical stratovolcano in NW Argentina and one of the youngest volcanoes of the region.
It has young, well preserved lava flows from the summit and flank vents, which extend up to 10 km from the summit. [màs]

Piedra Parada

(Stratovolcano 5920 m / 19423 ft)


(Stratovolcano 5770 m / 18930 ft)


(Lava dome(s) 5190 m / 17028 ft)


(Stratovolcano 5318 m / 17448 ft)


(campo hidrotermal 4500 m / 14,764 ft)
Puchuldiza is a geothermal field west of Salar Coipasa in northern Chile. It is surrounded by older volcanoes. No Holocene eruptive activity has occurred at Puchuldiza, but there are hot pools with water up to 85 deg C, steam vents and geysers, suggesting that there might still b... [màs]


(estratovolcán 6233 m / 20,449 ft)
Pular is a stratovolcano in the Antofagasta Region of northern Chile, NW of the Salar de Pular and 15 km from the border with Argentina. The volcano belongs to a 12-km long chain of several vents and volcanoes, which have erupted extensive lava flows.
A large satellite ven... [màs]


(Escudo piroclástico 5703 m / 18,710 ft)
Purico volcano is a volcanic complex in northern Chile, 13 km south of the Bolivian border. The complex consists of 2 large 1.3 million years old ignimbrite sheets, several older stratovolcanoes and domes including Cerro Toco lava dome, and the younger, less than 10,000 years old... [màs]


(estratovolcán 5890 m / 19,324 ft)
Volcán Putana (also known as Jorgencal or Machuca) is a stratovolcano in northern Chile on the border with Bolivia. Strong fumarolic activity is present at the summit crater and is visible from far distance, and the volcano has large sulfur deposits.
The volcano, whose nam... [màs]


(Ventilación de fisura 5730 m / 18799 ft)


(Caldera 4400 m / 14,436 ft)
Robledo volcano (also referred to as Cerro Blanco volcano) is a 6-km wide caldera in NW Argentina, located 80 km SW of the much larger and better known Cerro Galán caldera.
It contains Cerro Blanco del Robledo lava dome on the southern rim of the caldera. There are extensi... [màs]

Rochaculla-Inca Camacha

(Stratovolcano(es) 5300 m / 17388 ft)


(Escudo piroclástico 4215 m / 13,829 feet)
Volcán Sacabaya (also known as Tambo Quemado or Cerro Quemado) is a low pyroclastic shield near the Rio Lauca on the Bolivian Altiplano 26 km from the border with Chile.
It is not known when it last erupted, but its very fresh morphology suggests a young (Holocene) age and ... [màs]


(estratovolcán 5971 m / 19,590 ft)
Sairecábur volcano is a stratovolcano located on the Chile-Bolivia border. It is at the south end of a volcanic group containing at least 10 vents, including 4 major stratovolcanoes: Cerro Sairecabur (5,971 m), Curiquinca (5,722 m) at the NE end, Escalante (5,819 m), and Cerro Co... [màs]

San Pedro

(estratovolcán 6145 m / 20,161 ft)
San Pedro volcano in the Atacama desert of northern Chile is one of the highest active volcanoes in the world.
San Pedro volcano is a twin volcano with 2 peaks, San Pedro (the western summit) and the older sister volcano San Pablo (6092 m) in the east.

A large... [màs]

Sierra Nevada

(Volcán 6127 m / 20,101 ft)
Sierra Nevada is a volcanic complex on the Chile/ Argentina border in one of the remotest parts of the Central Andes. The volcano covers 225 km2 contains at least 12 volcanic vents, craters with up to 400 m diameter and large andesitic lava flows which reached 7 km distance. màs]


(estratovolcán 6051 m / 19,852 ft)
Socompa is a massive stratovolcano on the Chile/Argentina border. It is located at the southeastern end of the Atacama Basin and immediately north of the only railway line between Chile and Argentina.
The dacite volcano is known for having the world's largest and best prese... [màs]


(Shield 5899 m / 19354 ft)


(Volcán 5860 m / 19,225 ft)
Taapaca is a complex volcano in northern Chile, located partly in Lauca National Park. There are no known historic eruptions, but there have been numerous explosive eruptions followin lava dome building stages occurred in the past few 1000 years.
3 large avalanches have oc... [màs]


(estratovolcán 5980 m / 19,619 ft)
Tacora is the northernmost volcano in Chile and located near the Bolivian border. It is a roughly conical andesitic twin volcano tiogether with Chupiquiña volcano to the north.
Reported eruptions in 1930 and 1937 could not be verified by independent sources.
There ar... [màs]

Tata Sabaya

(estratovolcán 5430 m / 17,815 ft)
The symmetrical Tata Sabaya stratovolcano is located at the northern end of the Salar de Coipasa in the Altiplano of Bolivia. Salar de Coipasa is the world's largest salt flat. [màs]


(estratovolcán 3116 m / 10,223 ft)
Tilocalar is a twin volcano in northern Chile. The 2 stratovolcanoes are the larger Tilocálar Sur and the smaller northern volcano, Tilocálar Norte, located about 3.5 km SW. [màs]


(Volcán 6660 m / 21,850 ft)
Cerro Tipas (also known as Cerro Walter Penk) volcano is a massive volcanic complex in NW Argentina located immediately SSW of its better known neighbor, 6887-m-high Nevados Ojos del Salado. Tipas is the third highest active volcano in the world. It is poorly known because of its... [màs]


(Unknown 4950 m / 16240 ft)

Tres Cruces

(Stratovolcano 6620 m / 21719 ft)


(maar 3550+ m / 11,647 ft)
Cerro Tujle volcano (also known as Cerro Tucle or Cerro Tugle) is a maar in northern Chile. The maar has a 60 m deep crater located SE of Salar de Atacama. Its age is unknown. [màs]


(Stratovolcano 5671 m / 18606 ft)


(estratovolcán 5500 m / 18,044 ft)
Cerro Tuzgle volcano in NW Argentina is the easternmost young stratovolcano of the Central Andes. It is about 120 km distance east of the main volcanic front. It has many young lava flows from the well-preserved summit crater and from flank vents on the SW and SE slopes. The youn... [màs]


(cono piroclástico unknown)
An unnamed isolated basaltic-andesite cinder cone is located between the Corrida de Cori range on the Chile/Argentina border and the Salar Río Grande in Argentina.
The cone sits on top of Miocene ignimbrites and lava flows. It has erupted relatively fluid blocky lava flows ... [màs]


(estratovolcán 6008 m / 19,711 ft)
Uturuncu volcano is the highest peak in SW Bolivia and located SE of Quetana. The stratovolcano consists dominantly of andesitic to dacitic lava flows and some are probably less than 10,000 years old. At present, there are 2 solfatara fields near the summit.
Large-scale gr... [màs]


(Pyroclastic cone(s) 4688 m / 15381 ft)

Volcan Linzor

(Stratovolcano 5680 m / 18635 ft)
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