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Recent earthquake user reports ("I-felt-it" experiences)

Updated: 4 mar. 2024 21:24 GMT -
Many people all over the world experience an earthquake on every day. If you are one of them, we invite you to share your experience, and you can read the ones others have posted here. We have become one of the top addresses people send their experience reports to and we want to thank each of them.
Many of these reports include the exact location at the time they felt it (click on the details page for each quake to see them plotted on a map).
This information can be helpful or interesting not only for scientists trying to evaluate/quantify the effects and hazards of earthquakes with their type, depth and magnitude, but also for other people from both affected and distant locations.

Últimos sismos y temblores sentidos en todo el mundo en los últimos 7 días - lista, mapa, estadísticas


Actualizado: 4 mar. 2024 21:24 GMT -
¡Encuentre todos los sismos más recientes en nuestra lista! Los temblores suelen informarse en cuestión de minutos. ¡Utilice el ícono de actualización para verificar si hay terremotos que estén sucediendo ahora mismo!
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