Eruption and Volcano Specials: Tours to erupting volcanoes

Lava flow eruption (Stromboli, March 2007)
Lava flow eruption (Stromboli, March 2007)
We sometimes organize expeditions to active volcanoes or current eruptions outside our regular program on often short notice.
This gives you the best possible chance to witness a volcanic eruption with competent company and guidance, but you should be prepared to adventurous and improvised conditions and logistics. Due to the nature of such trips, we often cannot provide very detailed information on exact itinerary etc.
If you are up to a true volcano adventure, this is for you!

Generally, participants need to be quick to pack their backpacks, and arrange their arrival to the destination themselves (although we can assist you with finding your flight).
The program for these tours is very simple and almost entirely a function of the conditions on location and what is possible and safe: to spend several days in the area, visiting and searching for the best viewpoints to observe the eruption and its effects. We provide accommodation, transfers and the local know-how to find the best spots - and stay safe.
You find below a list of currently available Eruption Special tours - please note that this list is often updated, so come and visit this page regularly. If you like to be informed whenever we announce such a short-notice special trip, please let us know via email.

FechasPrice p.p.TourDificultad
Kilauea Volcano Special - 4 days geologic tour to observe and understand Kilauea volcano on Hawai'i 27 dic 18 - 2 ene 2019$ 2950  ? Big Island, Hawaiʻi(Expedición volcán: active volcanoes - Geología)
Expedition to active Anak Krakatau volcano 17-23 mar 2019 (4 nights on Krakatau)1690 €  ? Krakatau volcano, Sunda Strait(Expedición volcán: fotografía - adventure)
: espacios disponibles / : garantizada / : pocos espacios a la izquierda / : una reserva con antelación
(14 days volcano tour to erupting Dukono and Ibu volcanoes in Halmahera)
Volcano Special: expedition to Ibu, Dukono, Lokon
Duración: 14 days / 13 nights Tipo de viaje: Expedición volcán: active volcanoes - nature & culture - fotografía Dificultad Moderada
Price p.p.: 3190 €  ? 
no scheduled dates at present
This tour gives you the chance to see some of Indonesia's most active, but rarely visited volcanoes from close: In particular, Ibu and Dukono volcanoes have been in constant, often spectacular activity for years. A visit of frequently active Lokon volcano near Manado rounds out the tour.
If you are into volcano photography or filming, and don't mind the physical challenge (up to 5-6 hrs on steep trail to reach Ibu), this tour is an adventure you will never forget! On Ibu and Dukono, we camp multiple nights in order to maximize observation time and chances to see spectacular eruptions in good weather.
Furthermore, this part of Indonesia is among the least crowded and least visited. The people of Halmahera are very friendly and welcoming to foreigners. As always on our small group tours in Indonesia, it is an occasion to fully immerse into the colorful local culture. ...información de MS

Sumatra (Indonesia): Sinabung Volcano Special
(5 days volcano expedition to Sinabung volcano, Sumatra)
Sinabung Volcano Special
Duración: 5 days / 4 nights Tipo de viaje: Expedición volcán: fotografía - Geología - adventure Dificultad Fácil
Price p.p.: 1490 €  ? 
Fechas personalizadas y en grupos

Sinabung volcano on Sumatra has been in eruption since late 2013 and been regularly producing spectacular pyroclastic flows, as viscous lava continues to accumulate as a lava dome and regularly collapses.
Sinabung's eruption is also a text-book example of an erupting subduction zone volcano causing an ongoing crisis, which local people and authorities have learned to live with on a daily basis.
There is no fixed itinerary - we will move around the volcano as a function of weather, activity, the group's main interests and other factors. This tour is mainly intended for those eager to watch, learn about, photograph or film an active volcano, the processes behind, its monitoring and its impacts on human and nature. ...información de MS

Big Island, Hawaiʻi: Kilauea Volcano Special
(tour de 4 días para descubrir el volcán Kilauea, Hawai)
Kilauea Volcano Special - 4 days geologic tour to observe and understand Kilauea volcano on Hawai'i
Duración: 5 days / 4 nights Tipo de viaje: Expedición volcán: active volcanoes - Geología Dificultad Personalizado (variable)
Price p.p.: $ 2950  ? 
Fechas personalizadas y en grupos
27 dic 18 - 2 ene 2019
El propósito principal de esta expedición es permitir que un pequeño grupo pasar varios días en y cerca del volcán activo de Kilauea, Hawai, para observar la actividad volcánica y estudiar características volcánicas / geológicas para los propósitos de la fotografía, la comprensión y el disfrute de la naturaleza en un entorno único. ...información de MS

Krakatau volcano, Sunda Strait: Krakatau Volcano Special
(expedition to study & observe Anak Krakatau volcano and its activity)
Expedition to active Anak Krakatau volcano
Duración: 3 -7 days Tipo de viaje: Expedición volcán: fotografía - adventure Dificultad Fácil
Price p.p.: see details
Fechas personalizadas y en grupos
when erupting (now!)
17-23 mar 2019
NEW expeditions planned for 2019 (if activity continues): 17-23 March 2019 - 4 nights on Krakatau!
This is your chance to get to know one of the most famous volcanoes with an expert!

During this physically easy expedition, you have the unique opportunity to experience one of the world's most beautiful and powerful volcanoes. The exact itinerary varies from tour date to tour date, but we usually spend between 2 and 4 full days and nights on and around the volcanic islands of Krakatau. Depending on the intensity of Anak Krakatau's activity we either camp on the beach of the active volcano itself or make our camp on one of the surrounding islands. Watching Krakatau's fireworks when it is active is truly spectacular and we will do so from various viewpoints both on Anak Krakatau itself and the neighboring islands, using the chartered boat we have at our disposal.

Even when there is no eruption, the active volcano of Anak Krakatau with its lunar landscapes, fumaroles and frozen lava flows, and the surrounding islands' spectacular pumice cliffs on what remains of the island complex destroyed in 1883, is well worth exploring. Your expedition leader and tour guide Andi has been closely watching this volcano's activity and changes over the past 15 years and will happily share his geological knowledge with you!

Hot springs and beautiful coral reefs and other natural highlights of this unique bioreserve make this a perfect trip if you like a volcano extension out from Jakarta. The tasty camping food with fresh fish and overall excellent organization by our experienced local crew round up this trip into an unforgettable travel adventure. ...información de MS

(5 days expedition to observe and photograph Colima volcano, Mexico)
Volcano Special to Colima volcano, Mexico
Duración: 5 days / 4 nights Tipo de viaje: Expedición volcán: active volcanoes - fotografía - Geología Dificultad Fácil
Price p.p.: 1750 €  ? 
Fechas personalizadas y en grupos
on request on custom dates
At the moment, Colima is in a particularly active state. A new lava dome has started to grow in early July 2015 and has been producing intermittent spectacular explosions with tall ash plumes and incandescent ejections, and glowing rockfalls and pyroclastic flows.
This expedition invites you to join us to observe the volcano during 4 full days from various viewpoints day and night, in a comfortable setting - we will be staying the whole time in the lush forested area at the slopes of the volcano only about 7 km from the summit with stunning views already from our accommodation.
Insights into geologic and volcanological processes, explanations of outcrops and volcanic landforms, but also tips for volcano photography are provided by the accompanying volcanologist (Tom Pfeiffer). ...información de MS

Etna volcano: Etna Volcano Special
(expedición volcán de 4/5 días al volcán del Monte Etna, Italia)
Etna volcano special - custom tour with private guide on Etna to observe volcanic activity
Duración: 4-5 days Tipo de viaje: Expedición volcán: active volcanoes - fotografía Dificultad Personalizado (variable)
Price p.p.: on request
Fechas personalizadas y en grupos

Si desea conocer el volcán más activo y más grande de Europa en profundidad y tienen la oportunidad de presenciar en directo una erupción desde corta distancia, le ofrecemos visitas guiadas privadas excludively centraron en Etna.
Los tours son disponibles bajo petición, en (casi) cualquier fecha (también a corto plazo) para cualquier grupo de 1-8 personas. Pasamos 3-4 noches en un hotel confortable justo en la ladera del volcán y emprender las excursiones más gratificantes estrictamente en función de las condiciones climáticas y la erupción.
Acompañado por un geólogo experimentado VolcanoDiscovery / vulcanólogo de nuestro equipo y guías certificados de montaña, este tour es especialmente adecuado si va a fotografiar, filmar o documento de otro modo en la actividad volcánica del Etna. ...información de MS

(expediciones a los volcanes actualmente activos)
Expedition to active Anak Krakatau volcano
Duración: 5-14 días Tipo de viaje: Expedición volcán: fotografía - adventure Dificultad Fácil
Price p.p.: see details (Batu Tara: 1990 EUR)
no scheduled dates at present
Siguiente viaje: Batu Tara 22-30 Nov
(extensión de posibles 5 días a volcanes Mt Eqon, Lewotobi y Kelimutu)

Batu Tara en las islas de Lesser Sunda, Indonesia, es uno de los pocos volcanes con actividad estromboliana persistente y de hecho se parece mucho a Stromboli en Italia. El volcán tiene diarios espectaculares fuegos artificiales y a menudo produce plumas de ceniza detectados en imágenes de satélite.

A veces organizamos expediciones a los volcanes activos o erupciones actuales fuera de nuestro programa regular a menudo a corto plazo.
Esto le da la mejor oportunidad posible para presenciar una erupción volcánica con empresa competente y orientación, pero usted debe estar preparado para logística y condiciones improvisadas y aventureras. Debido a la naturaleza de estos viajes, a menudo no podemos proporcionamos información muy detallada sobre etc. Itinerario exacto.

Si hasta una aventura de verdadero volcán, esto es para ti! ...información de MS
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