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Wolf volcano
Shield volcano 1710 m / 5,610 ft
Galápagos Islands, Ecuador, 0.02°N / -91.35°W
Current status: normal or dormant (1 out of 5)
Wolf webcams / datos en tiempo real | Reports
Wolf volcano books
Erupciones del volcán Wolf:
2015, 1982, 1797
Typical eruption style:
sin especificar
Últimos terremotos cercanos
Latest satellite images

Wolf volcano eruption news & activity updates

dom, 28 jun 2015, 10:44
Map of lava flows during the current eruption (IGPEN)
The eruption in the Galapagos islands continues strongly from the effusive vent inside the caldera, near its southern rim. ...màs [leer todo]
lun, 22 jun 2015, 15:47
Thermal signal from Wolf volcano (MIROVA)
The eruption that started 4 weeks ago continues strongly, but from the location of the origin of the thermal signal it seems that since around 13 June, the eruption has been occurring from vents inside the vast summit caldera rather than from the fissure vents that opened on the upper ESE flank on 25 May. ...màs [leer todo]
mar, 2 jun 2015, 15:30
While no direct confirmation has been available from ground observations since 30 May, it seems plausible to assume, from satellite observations, that the eruption still continues and that the lava flow on the southeast flank of Wolf is still active and its front reaches near or into the sea. ...màs [leer todo]
vie, 29 may 2015, 05:32
Lava flows reaching the sea from Wolf volcano, Isabela Island (Galapagos) (photo: Jinsop Barzola / Galapagos National Park)
During the evening of 27 May (local time), the lava flow entered the sea on the southeast shore of the northern part of Isabela island.
mar, 26 may 2015, 23:45
Image of the eruption 26 May evening (image: Xavier Garcia / Parque Nacional Galapagos / facebook)
As of yesterday evening, the eruption has decreased a lot in intensity. Lava fountaining at the 1 km fissure vent had essentially stopped. The lava flows, still far from the sea, were only weakly alimentated and advancing slowly.
mar, 26 may 2015, 05:41
Lava fountains and lava flows from Wolf volcano yesterday evening (Galapagos National Park)
The eruption continues with strong lava fountains from the eruptive fissure and large lava flows advancing southeast. An aerial survey by the National Park staff confirmed that none of the main habitats of the local endemic fauna is threatened. In particular, the Island of Isabela is home to the Galápagos pink land iguana (iguana rosada), native only to the northern part of Isabela Island (around Wolf volcano). ...màs [leer todo]
lun, 25 may 2015, 13:36
Image of Wolf volcano's eruption on 25 May 2015 (Ecuador TV / twitter)
As day breaks on the archipelago, the first images start to emerge and media pick up on the spectacular eruption. ...màs [leer todo]
lun, 25 may 2015, 11:55
Ash plumes from Wolf volcano (VAAC Washington)
Podría haber empezado una gran erupción en el volcán más grande de las Islas Galápagos. ...màs [leer todo]

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