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Etna volcano
Complex stratovolcano Currently about 3329 m (changing due to eruptive activity and collapse of its crater rims)
Sicily, Italy, 37.75°N / 14.99°E
Current status: erupting (4 out of 5)
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Etna volcano eruptions:
Near continuously active; some major historic eruptions include 122 BC (large Plinian outbursts that created the small caldera of the "Cratere del Piano"), 1669 AD (devastating flank eruption that destroyed 15 villages and part of Catania), 1787 (Subplinian eruption and one of the most spectacular summit eruptions on record - lava fountains reportedly up to 3000 m high).
Eruptions since 1950 (f: flank / s: summit activity): 1950 (s), 1950-51(f), 1955 (s), 1956 (s), 1956 (f), 1957 (s),1960 (s), 1961 (s), 1964 (f), 1964 (s), 1966 (s), 1966-1971(s), 1968 (f), 1971(f), 1972-1973 (s), 1974 (f), 1974-1975 (s), 1975-1977 (f), 1977-1978 (s), 1978 (f), 1979(s), 1979 (f), 1980 (s), 1981 (s), 1981 (f),1982-1983 (s), 1983(f), 1984(s), 1985(s), 1985(f), 1986(s), 1986-1987 (f), 1987(s), 1988(s), 1989(s), 1989(f), 1990 (s), 1991-93(f), 1995(s), 1996(s), 1997 (s), 1998 (s), 1999 (s), 2000 (s), 2001(s), 2001 (f), 2002(s), 2002-03(f), 2004-2005 (f), 2006 (s), 2007 (s), 2008-2009 (f), 2010(s), 2011-2013(s), 2014-18, 2018(f), 2019 (s)
Typical eruption style:
Effusive (lava flows) and mildly explosive (strombolian) eruptions. Both summit and frequent flank eruptions, the latter seem to be occurring in clusters lasting few to a few tens of years.
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The best place to stay near Mt Etna is no doubt the Corsaro hotel, located a few 100 m from the cable car station at La Sapienza cable car station on Etna South: Hotel Corsaro

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Etna volcano updates and eruption news:

Etna volcano (Sicily): new lava analysis suggests volcano is changing behavior

Sunday Mar 31, 2013 23:01 PM |
Sample of the White Lava erupted during the 16 Mar paroxysm (OPEC)
Sample of the White Lava erupted during the 16 Mar paroxysm (OPEC)
The usual black lava from Etna (sample from the 16 Mar paroxysm) (OPEC)
The usual black lava from Etna (sample from the 16 Mar paroxysm) (OPEC)
Analysis of the White Lava sample at OPEC
Analysis of the White Lava sample at OPEC
Etna volcano might have begun a process of deep transformation in its eruption style, new scientific studies suggest.
During a recent field trip in order to sample the lava erupted during the latest New SE crater paroxysm on 16 March 2013, members of OPEC (Osservatorio Privato Etneo di Catania) found, along with the usual basaltic black lava commonly erupted pieces of the extremely rare so-called "white lava" (see photo).
This white lava was first seen as occasional xenoliths during the excentric flank eruptions in 2011 and 2012, but never since until now. First macroscopic inspection revealed that it is a special variety of light-colored quartz-rich basalt, normally only produced by submarine volcanoes under certain circumstances (e.g. the restingolitas from the El Hierro 2011-12 La Restinga submarine eruption).
Geochemical analysis at the OPEC have further revealed a large Europium anomaly in the white lava. Europium, one of the rare earth elements (atomic no. 63, symbol Eu, atomic weight 151.96), is little known in its role in magmas, but it is suspected that enrichment occurs as a result of magma-sea water mixing.
Given the similarity of this lava to El Hierro's restingolitas, the current silence of Etna, along with the simultaneous strong seismic crisis at El Hierro, it is possible that some of Etna's magmas have been diverted through underground channels to El Hierro. Another hypothesis, to be confirmed, is that Etna might be undergoing a transformation towards becoming a predominantly submarine volcano, possibly reactivating old dikes such as those found along the Acitrezza-Acireale Ionian coast.
Previous news
Saturday, Mar 16, 2013
It seems that a new paroxysm is in the making. The tremor signal is showing a pronounced rise, typical for the beginning of the New SE crater paroxysms. ... read all
Wednesday, Mar 06, 2013
Another paroxysmal eruption (the 7th in a row this year so far) occurred from the New SE crater during the night. Following a period of increasing strombolian activity, large lava fountains were rising from vent in the saddle between the old and new SE crater as well its summit vent. ... read all
Tuesday, Mar 05, 2013
Strombolian activity from Voragine continued this night, and also ash eruptions from the New SE crater were seen this morning. This could be a precursor of a new paroxysm in a near future. ... read all

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