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Islands of Fire and Whales

12-days expedition to the southern Kuriles Islands

Pilot tour 16-30 Aug 2020
The Kurile Islands stretching from Japan to Kamchatka are formed by very active volcanoes, which however are rarely visited by people.
  • Visit some of the world's most active and rarely visited volcanoes
  • Very small group size
  • Amazing wildernesses and breathtaking land- and seascapes
  • Untouched volcanic features from close
  • Large calderas and impressive stratovolcanoes
  • Abundant sea and bird life
  • Expedition style
  • Accompanying Russian and German volcanologist team

South Kuriles itinerary

Day 1: Flight to Yuzno-Kurilsk, visit Kurilsky Bay
Transfer to the airport, flight to Iturup. Arrival in Kurilsk. Transfer and accommodation in a hotel. Dinner. Trip to Yankito plateau. Kurilsky bay: reverberating beach is a conglomeration of rocks made of frozen volcanic lava on the seacoast. The alien scenery of mysterious shapes worry the imagination. Visit to the “Vannochki” complex – thermal mineral springs with a view of Kurilsky bay. Dinner in the hotel.
Day 2: Arrival
Arrival to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Pick up at the airport, transfer to our hotel. Accommodation in a hotel. Sightseeing tour around the city.
Welcome dinner.
Day 3: Baranskiy volcano
Full-day excursion to Baranskiy volcano.
Day 4: Spare day
Excursion to Kasatka Bay. Visit Baranskiy volcano — one of the active volcanoes of Iturup Island.
Day 5: White cliffs
Excursion to the White cliffs, waterfall wall.
Day 6: Yuzhno-Kurilsk
Transfer to the port, departure to Yuzhno-Kurilsk on a ferry.
Day 7: Arrival to Yuzhno-Kurilsk
Arrival in Yuzhno-Kurilsk. Transfer to hotel.
Day 8: Caldera of the volcano Golovnin, lake Kipyashyee.
Excursion to Caldera of the volcano Golovnin, lake Kipyashyee.
Day 9: Sea trip to Tyatya volcano
Transfer to the pier. Sea trip to point Rubezhny where Tyatya volcano is located. Make a camp near the crater “Otvazhny”.
Day 10: Tyatya volcano
Day 10
Ascent of the Tyatya volcano (4 hrs). Descent to the sea. Journey back on boats (if the weather is good; if not – with the quads)
Hotel “Iceberg", dbl
Day 11: Fumaroles of Mendeleev volcano
Excursion to fumaroles of Mendeleev volcano. Trekking to the Stolbchaty.
Day 12: Flight to Yuzhny-Sakhalinsk
Flight to Yuzhny-Sakhalinsk.
Day 13: Departure
Transfer to the airport. Flight back home or own extension.

Arrival info:

The tour starts and ends in Petropavlovsk (Kamchatka).

Tour type: Expedition: geology & volcanism - photography - adventure
Difficulty: Custom (variable)
Group size: 5-6
Duration: 12 days / 11 nights


Aug 2020

Price (per person): 5900 EUR (if 6 part.) / 6300 EUR (if 5 part.)


  • All transfers to / from Sachalin
  • Boat crew incl. cook
  • Full board incl. drinking water, tea, coffee
  • Camping & safety gear (incl. satellite phone)
  • Accompanying volcanologist from the Institute of Volcanology in Petropavlovsk specialist for the Kurile Islands
  • Accompanying volcanologist from our team

Tour guide:

Normally, volcanologist Dr. Tom Pfeiffer accompanies this tour. Tom has been traveling to volcanoes and documenting volcanic activity for over 20 years. His science background includes a PhD thesis about Santorini and Vesuvius volcano and he has worked at the Hawai'i and Vesuvius volcano observatories before founding VolcanoDiscovery in 2004 and the new brand Volcano-Adventures in 2015.
Tom speaks German, English, Italian, French, Greek and Danish fluently as well as some Spanish where needed.
Volcanologist Dr. Tom Pfeiffer on Santorini

Important note:

- Returning customers of VolcanoDiscovery will have priority on this expedition.
- Deposit payment modalities: by end of Oct, we will need to ask for a 3000 EUR deposit, as we will then need to pay a deposit for the boat charter. Rest payment is then due by 2 month prior to the trip.
- In case of cancellation from YOUR side, our refund policy on this trip is changed: until 1 Mar 2019: 10%, until 30 April: 50%, after and including 1 May: 90% cancellation fee. If you or we can find another traveler to take your spot then, we can waive the cancellation fee to a service fee of 100 EUR.
- The indicated per person price at 5 (6) participants is based on 480,000 (450,000) RUB at an exchange rate of 76 RUB/EUR. If by 2 months prior to the tour, the RUB/EUR exchange rate has deviated more than 5% from this value, the per person EUR price will be be adjusted accordingly to recalculate the final payment due.
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