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Three inactive and one active vent with a small lava pond (image: @povi_cl/twitter)
On 10 November the volcano observatory SERNAGEOMIN did a flight observations above the summit crater. ... lire toutes

Volcans en Argentine/Chili (sud) (30)

Aguilera | Apagado | Arenales | Calbuco | Cay | Cayutué-La Viguería | Chaitén | Corcovado | Crater Basalt | Cuernos del Diablo | Fueguino | Hornopiren | Hudson | Huequi | Lautaro | Maca | Melimoyu | Mentolat | Minchinmavida | Monte Burney | Osorno | Palei-Aike | Palena | Puyuhuapi | Reclus | Rio Murta | Tronador | Viedma | Yanteles | Yate
Aguilera est un volcan dacitique dans les Andes chiliennes plus au sud et situé à l'ouest du lac Argentine et NE de Peel Fjiord. Son histoire géologique est mal connus, mais il y Aguilera doit avoir eu une grosse éruption explosive inférieur à environ 3600 ans, qui a laissé une c... [informations]
(pyroclastic cone)
Volcán Apagado (also known as Hualiaque) is a young cinder cone 50 km SE of Puerto Montt town. It is located in the center of the peninsula between the Gulf of Ancud and the Reloncaví estuary, west of Hornopirén volcano and SW of Yate volcano in southern Chile.
The summit c... [informations]
Cerro Arenales is an isolated stratovolcano in southern Chile, located in the Northern Patagonian Ice Field 140 km SSW of Hudson volcano and 195 km north of Lautaro volcano.
The volcano was recognized as a volcano during a 1963 expedition traversing the Northern Patagonian... [informations]
Volcan Calbuco, avec son voisin, Osorno, est l'un des volcans les plus actifs du Chili. Il est situé à 11 km au sud du lac Llanquihuand NE 30 km de la ville de Puerto Mont, dans le district du Lac dans le sud du Chili. Volcan Calbuco se compose principalement de blocs de coulées... [informations]
Volcán Cay is a probably still active stratovolcano in southern Chile, 15 km NE of Maca volcano and NW of the town of Puerto Aisén. Like Maca and Hudson volcanoes, Cay is one of the large composite central volcanoes in the South Andean Volcanic Zone.
Cay volcano is basaltic... [informations]
Cayutué-La Viguería
(pyroclastic cones)
Cayutué-La Viguería volcano is a volcanic field in southern Chile, south of Lake Todos los Santos. The field contains about 20 young basaltic maars and cinder cones, aligned NNE-SSW on the Liquiñe-Ofqui fault zone, a major regional N-S feature. [informations]
(Caldera, lava dome)
Image of the rhyolitic lava dome of Chaitén Volcano during its 2008-2010 eruption (photo: Sam Beebe)Eruption plume from Chaiten on 26 May 2008 - view from the SW. Lumpy areas on the middle to lower cone mark obsidian outcrops on the now buried older dome. Burned vegetation is visible at the bottom center along the Blanco River. Photo by Jeff Marso, 2008 (U.S. Geological Survey).
Chaiten is a caldera volcano in southern Chile that had its first historic eruption on May 2, 2008 when it erupted violently. Ash fall and lahars during the eruption largely damaged the town of Chaitén, which had been evacuated as the eruption started. [informations]
Corcovado volcano is an isolated and little studied stratovolcano in southern Chile. Its only known historic activity was in 1834 and/or 1835. C. Darwin described seing it in activity in 1834 and an explosive eruption was reported to have occurred in November 1835 by a resident ... [informations]
Crater Basalt
(cinder cones)
Crater Basalt is a volcanic field of 9 cinder cones in the northern Patagonia region of southern Argentina 130 km SE of San Carlos de Bariloche.
The volcanic field covers an area of 700 sq km, and consists of cinder and spatter cones with many overlapping blocky basalt lava... [informations]
Cuernos del Diablo
Cuernos del Diablo volcano is a partially glacially eroded basaltic stratovolcano in southern Chile. The volcano has been frequently active in the Holocene (within the past 11,700 years) and produced flank cones and erupted basaltic lava flows. Most eruptions took place from vent... [informations]
(lava domes, cinder cones)
Le volcan Fueguino (Volcán Cook) est le volcan actif plus au sud des Andes de l'Amérique du Sud, située sur l'Isla Cook. Il est de 400 km loin de la plus proche autre volcan actif, Burney Monte au nord-ouest.
Le volcan se compose de dômes de lave et des cônes de cendres. Une é... [informations]
Hornopirén (meaning "snow oven") is a young stratovolcano in southern Chile, SSW of Yate volcano, north of the Hornopirén strait and immediately south of Lago Cabrera. The forested basaltic-andesite volcano lies on the major regional Liquiñe-Ofqui fault zone.
Prominent lav... [informations]
The ice-filled summit caldera of Cerro Hudson volcano
Cerro Hudson volcan dans le sud du Chili est le volcan le plus au sud actifs de la Zone Volcanique Sud du Chili causé par la subduction de la plaque Nazca sous la plaque sud-américaine. Le volcan massif d'Hudson contient un 10 km de large, presque circulaire rempli de glace cald... [informations]
Huequi is an active small stratovolcano in southern Chile. It is located on the Huequi Peninsula in Ancud Bay. Unlike most other stratovolcanoes in the region, there is no glacier on the volcano. Huequi has a parasitic cone on the west flank which contains an 800 m wide crater. <... [informations]
Lautaro is an active stratovolcano in southern Chile. The glacier-covered volcano is the highest Chilean volcano below 40 degrees south and the highest peak of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field.
Lautaro volcano has a crater just below its summit on the NW side and a 1km wid... [informations]
Volcán Macá is a large glaciated active stratovolcano in the southernmost part of the South Andean Volcanic Zone, Chile, NW of Puerto Aisén. It is the highest volcano between Lanín and Lautaro volcanoes.
Along with Cay and Hudson volcanoes, Maca is one of the central volca... [informations]
Melimoyu is an active stratovolcano in southern Chile, 40 km NW of the town of Puyuhuapi and 135 km south of Chaiten volcano.
The volcano has an 8 km wide ice-filled caldera, which is largely filled by a younger edifice and is drained by a glacier flowing through a gap in t... [informations]
Volcán Mentolat is an active stratovolcano southern Chile located in the central part of Magdalena Island across the Puyuhuapi strait from Puerto Cisnes. The volcano has an ice-filled, 6 km wide caldera.
The most recent eruption at Mentolat volcano was around the year 1710.... [informations]
Volcán Minchinmávida volcano is an active basaltic-to-andesitic stratovolcano in southern Chile, west of Lago Reñihue. It was observed and in activity by C. Darwin in 1834 during his historic journey to the Galapagos Islands.
The massive glacier-coverd volcano is elongated ... [informations]
Monte Burney
Monte Burney is a large active stratovolcano in the Patagonian region of Chile, located about 200 km NW of the town of Punta Arenas. It is the southernmost active stratovolcanoes of the volcanic chain of the Australandean arc.
The only known historical eruption of Monte Bur... [informations]
Osorno volcano is a symmetrical, glacier-covered stratovolcano in southern Chile, rising above Todos los Santos and Llanquihué lakes.
Osorno is one of the most active volcanoes of Chile. Historical eruptions have often produced produced lava flows. Many eruptions have occu... [informations]
(cinder cones and maars)
Palei-Aike volcano is a young volcanic field along the border of southern Argentina and CHile, north of the Straits of Magellan. It contains lake-filled maars and basaltic cinder cones and young lava flows. [informations]
(cinder cones)
Palena volcano is a group of 5 cinder cones in southern Chile NE of Melimoyu volcano. The cones are aligned along a NNE trend and are of Holocene age, i.e. younger than 11,700 years. The middle cone is called Cerro Palena and lends its name to the whole group. [informations]
(cinder cones)
Puyuhuapi volcano is a chain of basaltic cinder cones in southern Chile, at the head of Puyuhuapi fjord. The cones were formed on 2 NE-SW trending eruptive fissures. [informations]
Reclus volcano is a stratovolcano located in southern Chile and belongs to the Australandean Volcanic Zone of south Patagonia.
The volcano was first recognized as as a volcano in 1987. It contains a large dacitic cone with a 1 km wide crater.
Reclus Volcano Eruptions [informations]
Rio Murta
(pyroclastic cones)
Río Murta volcano is a group of basaltic lava flows emplaced on valley floors along the Río Murta, about 30 km SE of Hudson volcano in southern Chile. [informations]
Tronador is a large volcanic complex is located in southern Chile on the border with Argentinia, east of Lake Todos los Santos. It contains the glacier-covered Monte Tronador volcano, which has been active in the Pleistocene.
Possible eruptions in the past 10,000 years cou... [informations]
(volcan sous-glaciaire)
Viedma est un volcan sous la Patagonie champ de glace NW de Viedma Lake en Argentine du Sud. Son existence a été confirmée lors de l'éruption en 1988. Seules les parties du volcan s'élèvent au-dessus des glaciers. [informations]
Yanteles is a little-studied stratovolcanoin southern Chile. It has 5 glacier-capped peaks. It was reported to have erupted in 1835 one day after a magnitude 8.1 earthquake 800 km away, but the eruption is not confirmed. [informations]
Yate volcano is an isolated and poorly known young stratovolcano in the Andean Southern Volcanic Zone on the Hualaihué peninsula, Chile, south of the Relancaví strait and NNE of Volcán Hornopirén.
The volcano is glacially dissected and consists of basaltic-andesite lava fl... [informations]

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