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M7.5 earthquake - 102km W of Craig, Alaska, Saturday, 5 January 2013 at 08:58 (GMT)

Major mag. 7.5 earthquake - 94km W of Craig, Alaska on Saturday, 5 January 2013

Major mag. 7.5 earthquake  - 94km W of Craig, Alaska on Saturday, 5 January 2013
Date & time: Saturday, 5 January 2013 08:58 UTC
Local time at epicenter: Fri, 4 Jan 2013 23:58
Magnitude: 7.5
Depth: 9.8 km
Epicenter latitude / longitude: 55.368°N / 134.621°W (États-Unis)
Nearest volcano: Tlevak Strait-Suemez Is. (91 km)
Primary data source: USGS
Estimated released energy: 1.1*10^16 J (3117 GWh / 2.7*10^6 tons of TNT / 167.6 atomic bombs equivalent) [learn more]
If you felt this quake (or if you were near the epicenter), please share your experience with us and submit a short "I felt it" report.
You can use your GPS or device location as well to show where you were during the earthquake.
- Merci!.

Data for same earthquake as reported from other agencies
HeureMag. / DepthLocationSource
Sat, 5 Jan 2013
Sat, 5 Jan 08:58 UTCM 7.5 / 10 kmSOUTHEASTERN ALASKAEMSC
Sat, 5 Jan 08:58 UTCM 7.5 / 10 kmSoutheastern AlaskaGFZ
Sat, 5 Jan 08:58 UTCM 7.5 / 10 kmSoutheastern AlaskaGeoAu
Sat, 5 Jan 08:58 UTCM 7.5 / 10 km209 km S of Sitka,AK.NRCAN

shake map
(shakemap: USGS)
"I felt it" reports:
minster, Oh / not felt
juneau / MMI V (Moderate shaking): Furniture banging against wall and door was swinging back and forth. Started as back and forth shaking followed by circular or wave-like movement which created a seasick-like feeling.
Whitehorse, Yukon / MMI IV (Light shaking)
Smithers BC / MMI IV (Light shaking): 1:02 AM heard creaking and a low rumble. Felt a slight disorienting shift of the house and a sway of lights and hanging plants. Lasted about 20 seconds (maybe a little more)
Juneau, AK / MMI V (Moderate shaking): Whole house swayed, and heard knocking on the sides of the house in the rhythm of the swaying
Juneau, AK / MMI V (Moderate shaking): My boyfriend and I were watching a movie in bed and at first I thought he was playing a joke by moving his feet to make the bed shake, but then the shaking got stronger and hangers in the closet started swaying and the bed started swaying. You could hear the rumbling of the earth shaking and our whole apartment building swayed for some time after the quake had ended. It was an awesome experience!
Juneau, Alaska near Mendenhall glacier. / MMI V (Moderate shaking): Definitely moderate in my location but much larger in downtown area.
petersburg,alaska / MMI IV (Light shaking): woke me up at local time 23:58...houses in this part of the world ,like mine,are built on pilings..rattled the place good, no damage
Juneau, Alaska / MMI IV (Light shaking): My bedroom was moving back and forth. I take sleeping pills so I was in a deep sleep but this one woke me up at midnight.
Raymond, Wisconsin / MMI II (Very weak shaking): My husband and I were asleep when a slight vibration was felt by both of us. It woke both of us up from a sound sleep. I lookedd at the clock and it was 10:57. Could this be related to the earthquack in Alaska?
Juneau AK / MMI V (Moderate shaking): Woke me up, 3 friends called. Just after midnight
Ketchikan, alaska / MMI V (Moderate shaking): Woke me out of a dead sleep, and groggily tried to figure out why the room was swaying.
Coffman cove ak / MMI VI (Strong shaking): Was in deep REM sleep,sat up in bed asked my wife what was going on? She told me someone was doing aload of laundry, the washer was out of balance
Coffman cove ak / MMI VI (Strong shaking): Was in deep REM sleep,sat up in bed asked my wife what was going on? She told me someone was doing aload of laundry, the washer was out of balance
Tlell, Queen Charlotte Islands / MMI V (Moderate shaking): The dog went around the house 10 minutes before shaking trying to wake up kids and myself, crying and barking. Shaking that made one want to sit down and brace self. The hanging chandeliers swung about 4 to 6 inches out and around in a circle. Items on counters shook, dogs water shook and some sloped out. Lasted maybe 40 seconds to a minute with waves after that made me feel like I was on a boat.
Ketchikan, Alaska / MMI III (Weak shaking): In bed, felt bed shaking lightly for about 30 seconds.
petersburg / MMI VII (Very strong shaking): Woke me from my sleep. House swaying and rattling. Stained glass and vases in window shaking with some cupboard thrown open
Sitka ak / MMI IV (Light shaking)
(Canada) (1771 km E from epicenter)(no details): I was initially confused about what was happening as I had jsut sat down to work on my computer. I heard a rumbling and then felt the house shake as it sometimes does when we experience gusting winds above 60 mph. but there was no wind noise and the roof did not rattle as it does with the wind. My dogs which normally do not like to be outdoors for more than a half hour had to be bribed to come in the house after being out all day. They had taken refuge under my cabin cruiser and almost refused to come out from there until hunger overtook them. This would have been starting about 12 hours before the quake and they came in about 3 hours before the quake. (via EMSC)
Whitehorse (Canada) (606 km NW from epicenter)(no details): Felt like wave after wave,both on the suports of the trailer and as well while sitting in trailer. Items that were susended swung and lasted longer than the wave like feelings could be felt. (via EMSC)
Juneau (United States) (337 km N from epicenter)(no details): it got stronger as the seconds went by and was hard to stay balanced as I went to wake my husband up. We stayed in our room until it passed and then went to see what had fallen off the shelves, nothing was broken. Plant and hanging lights were still swaying about 2 to 3 minutes longer maybe more as I came to the computer. (via EMSC)


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