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Strong mag. 6.1 earthquake - 36km SSE of Adipala, Indonesia on Saturday, 25 January 2014

Strong mag. 6.1 earthquake - 36km SSE of Adipala, Indonesia on Saturday, 25 January 2014

Strong mag. 6.1 earthquake  - 36km SSE of Adipala, Indonesia on Saturday, 25 January 2014
Date & time: Saturday, 25 January 2014 05:14 UTC
Local time at epicenter: Saturday, January 25, 2014 12:14:21
Magnitude: 6.1
Depth: 89.1 km
Epicenter latitude / longitude: 7.9765°S / 109.2464°E (Indonésie)
Nearest volcano: Slamet (85 km)
Primary data source: USGS
Estimated released energy: 8.9*10^13 J (24.8 GWh / 21301 tons of TNT / 1.3 atomic bombs equivalent) [learn more]
If you felt this quake (or if you were near the epicenter), please share your experience with us and submit a short "I felt it" report.
You can use your GPS or device location as well to show where you were during the earthquake.
- Merci!.

Data for same earthquake as reported from other agencies
HeureMag. / DepthLocationSource
Sat, 25 Jan 2014
Sat, 25 Jan 05:14 UTCM 6.1 / 88 kmJava, IndonesiaGFZ
Sat, 25 Jan 05:14 UTCM 6.1 / 95 kmJAVA, INDONESIAEMSC
Sat, 25 Jan 05:14 UTCM 6.3 / 73 kmJava, IndonesiaGeoAu

shake map
(shakemap: USGS)
"I felt it" reports:
Kebumen / MMI V (Moderate shaking): The first quake was not strong. Furthermore, very strong shocks felt in 10 seconds, but the entire earthquake lasted for 1 minute in Kebumen. Everyone panicked, objects falling onto the floor in a supermarket.
i felt again before 30 minets / MMI IV (Light shaking)
Wonosobo / MMI VI (Strong shaking)
Wonosobo / MMI III (Weak shaking)
Long Beach, CA / MMI II (Very weak shaking): I felt a roll
Yogyakarta / MMI IV (Light shaking)
Yogyakarta / MMI IV (Light shaking)
Jakarta, Cilandak (327.8 km NW from epicenter) [Map] / MMI II (Very weak shaking): i was in 7th floor, i felt a mild shake
Yogyakarta / MMI III (Weak shaking)
Bantul, Yogyakarta / MMI IV (Light shaking): it starts with a light vibration and then it comes stronger. everyone run away from their house.
yogyakarta / MMI V (Moderate shaking): i was in slept when i fell it. when i get outside almost everyone get out from home.
Yogyakarta / MMI III (Weak shaking)
yogyakarta / MMI V (Moderate shaking)
yogyakarta / MMI V (Moderate shaking)
surakarta, central java / MMI III (Weak shaking): i was sitting on the floor, and my body start swaying. i thought i was dizzy, until i realized that it is an earthquake. i ran outside, and the eartquake subsided. felt it for about 3 seconds at most.
jakarta barat (239.7 km NW from epicenter) [Map] / MMI III (Weak shaking): I was sitting on a chair and I felt moving feeling. Would not be sure it was an earthquake if I didn't see this
Temanggung (Indonesia) (125 km NE from epicenter)(no details): all of the teacher in the office felt the swung of this earthquake.. and most of them run to outdor. I think its caused by vulcanic action whereby the school's site. Our school laocation in the slope of Mountain named Gunung Sumbing. (via EMSC)
Central Jakarta (Indonesia) (341 km NW from epicenter)(no details): hanging lights swung (via EMSC)
Bandung (Indonesia) (224 km NW from epicenter)(no details): Gentle swaying whilst drinking coffee at a mall. (via EMSC)
(Indonesia) (208 km NW from epicenter)(no details): My house is using a heavy steel gate/ fence and its shaking/ trembling making a loud noise. The Earthquake ease in few seconds. Some people (neighbor) surely still have trauma after 2009 earthquake (Sundanese, kilometers away south from our city) and terrified. The earthquake felt like a huge drop and a bit shifted (like stepping down). No "wavy sound" like the last huge earthquake. (via EMSC)
Yogyakarta (Indonesia) (121 km E from epicenter)(no details): It lasted about 2-3 seconds each, with 2 tremors in series, both happened within 10 seconds. The first one was stronger than the second. (via EMSC)
Yogyakarta (Indonesia) (120 km E from epicenter)(no details): I experienced the worst earthquake killing thousands of ppl in Yogyakarta, May 2006. Just know another strong earthquake shook Yogyakarta. If you experience it, just run out of the building and stay in open space far from walls, poles, trees etc if you have time, if not, better hide under some strong desks, or board and keep your head protected. As long as the building is not flattened injuries and fatalities can be minimized. (via EMSC)
Yogyakarta (Indonesia) (120 km E from epicenter)(no details): So shocking and frightening if occured many times repetitively (via EMSC)
Magelang (Indonesia) (118 km NE from epicenter)(no details): we felt the earthquake 2 times one time strong the other time weaker but perceptible for everyone (via EMSC)
Padalarang (Indonesia) (243 km NW from epicenter)(no details): Things that were hanging started to sway back and forth. (via EMSC)
Yogyakarta (Indonesia) (124 km E from epicenter)(no details): 1-2 minutes duration - distinctly felt a rolling sensation (via EMSC)
Yogyakarta (Indonesia) (122 km E from epicenter)(no details): it almost like in few years ago earthquake in Jogja, Indoensia where thousand people died in Bantul, Yogyakarta, yes year 2006. Well almost similiar in the fist quake that come but in 2006the quake become intense like a train pass bye, glass form the draw falling, walls cracking sound, I was in the central jogja so the damage not to much but in bantul many died as you see in the news thousand died buried by their homes. Well this quake almost make me frightened that it will intensify but thank God it stop after about 20 second. (via EMSC)


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