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Strong mag. 6.1 earthquake - 18km SE of Larreynaga, Nicaragua on Thursday, 10 April 2014

Strong mag. 6.1 earthquake - 10km W of Valle San Francisco, Nicaragua on Thursday, 10 April 2014

Strong mag. 6.1 earthquake  - 10km W of Valle San Francisco, Nicaragua on Thursday, 10 April 2014
Date & time: Thursday, 10 April 2014 23:27 UTC
Local time at epicenter: Thursday, April 10, 2014 17:27:46
Magnitude: 6.1
Depth: 13.0 km
Epicenter latitude / longitude: 12.5138°N / 86.3789°W (Nicaragua)
Nearest volcano: Momotombo (15 km)
Primary data source: USGS
Estimated released energy: 8.9*10^13 J (24.8 GWh / 21301 tons of TNT / 1.3 atomic bombs equivalent) [learn more]
If you felt this quake (or if you were near the epicenter), please share your experience with us and submit a short "I felt it" report.
You can use your GPS or device location as well to show where you were during the earthquake.
- Merci!.

Data for same earthquake as reported from other agencies
HeureMag. / DepthLocationSource
Thu, 10 Apr 2014
Thu, 10 Apr 23:27 UTCM 6.1 / 10 km NicaraguaGFZ
Thu, 10 Apr 23:27 UTCM 6.1 / 10 km NICARAGUAEMSC
Thu, 10 Apr 23:27 UTCM 6.1 / 13 kmW of Valle San Francisco, NicaraguaGeoAu
Thu, 10 Apr 23:27 UTCM 6.2 / 0.6 km NicaraguaINETER
Thu, 10 Apr 23:27 UTCM 6.2 / 10 km NicaraguaGeoAu

"I felt it" reports:
Leon Nicaragua / MMI IV (Light shaking)
Granada / MMI V (Moderate shaking): I was in the 2nd floor at home, ground shook side to side and scared the crap out of my family. Energy went off, telephone service too.
managua (50.6 km SSE from epicenter) [Map] / MMI VI (Strong shaking)
ciudad sandino / MMI V (Moderate shaking)
Condega, Nicaragua (44.2 km SSE from epicenter) [Map] / MMI V (Moderate shaking)
Esteli (64.6 km N from epicenter) [Map] / MMI III (Weak shaking)
paso caballo / MMI IV (Light shaking)
Jinotepe, Nicaragua (44.2 km SSE from epicenter) [Map] / not felt: It has been a windy day. Suddenly as I was standing in the kitchen I could hear and feel the front of my very sturdy stone homw move but I did not feel any movement beneath my feet. The power went out as well as cell service. One half hour later the lights came back on but there is still no cell service. I was lying down and felt a light shaking for about a few seconds at about the same time.
Granada, Granada, Nicaragua (80.1 km SE from epicenter) [Map] / MMI IV (Light shaking)
la concepcion, masaya / MMI VI (Strong shaking)
Managua, Nicaragua / MMI V (Moderate shaking): Our group was sitting by the pool at Hotel Camino Real. There was obvious shaking with the pool water sloshing over the sides. Some became nauseous and disoriented.
Tegucigalpa, Honduras / MMI IV (Light shaking): In office building, floor noticeably shook left and right, lasted some5-7 seconds
Mateare (Nicaragua) (35 km S from epicenter)(no details): This questionnaire is asking about the 6.1 quake BUT my answers are for the 5.1 that proceeded the 6.1. The neighborhood was all outside when the 6.1 hit and it was strong but different than the 5.1 which had an up and down motion. My 1 ton truck was bouncing 6 to 8 inches. A concrete table was tipped over. Many shelves emptied. (via EMSC)
Managua (Nicaragua) (46 km S from epicenter)(no details): It all started around 5:43 pm Mountain Time. I was at work and suddenly well as you know started to crumble and some lights felt apart .. Some houses lose their ceilings and others the walls felt ... We're expecting a stronger one and all the country it's under yellow alert .. The origins are registered in different places on the country .. 2 people registered passed away 1 it was on a city called "Nindiri" a wall felt on her a 19 years old student with the first earthquake and the other one a lady who was too nervous and she suffered a heart attack.! God help us all.. Blessings ! (via EMSC)
Managua (Nicaragua) (46 km S from epicenter)(no details): I was in the car, and I felt it quite intensely. I was scared sh...less. Never experienced it in a driving car before. (via EMSC)
Managua (Nicaragua) (46 km S from epicenter)(no details): It felt very strong and knocked things over in a 5 story building. Many aftershocks (via EMSC)
Managua (Nicaragua) (46 km S from epicenter)(no details): The most disturbing and intimidating thing was the reaction of the people. Everyone panicked and ran outside tramppling on other people and especially on children. (via EMSC)
Managua (Nicaragua) (44 km S from epicenter)(no details): There have been several tremmors since the big one. In 1972, an earthquake of the same magnitude, brought Managua to the ground. (via EMSC)
Managua (Nicaragua) (62 km S from epicenter)(no details): It lasted for like 7 seconds (approximately) (via EMSC)


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