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Moderate mag. 5.9 earthquake - South of Panama on Saturday, 6 December 2014

Moderate mag. 5.8 earthquake - Panama-Costa Rica Border Region on Saturday, 6 December 2014

This quake was likely a foreshock of the M 6.6 quake: 20km ESE of Punta de Burica, Panama on Mon, 8 Dec 08h54, which followed after 1 day 16 hours.
Moderate mag. 5.8 earthquake  - Panama-Costa Rica Border Region on Saturday, 6 December 2014
Dec 6 21:10: Magnitude recalculated from 5.9 to 5.8.
Date & time: Saturday, 6 December 2014 17:21 UTC
Magnitude: 5.8
Depth: 10.0 km
Epicenter latitude / longitude: 8.06°N / 82.65°W (Panama)
Nearest volcano: Baru (93 km)
Primary data source: GFZ
Estimated released energy: 3.2*10^13 J (8.78 GWh / 7558 tons of TNT / 0.5 atomic bombs equivalent) [learn more]
If you felt this quake (or if you were near the epicenter), please share your experience with us and submit a short "I felt it" report.
You can use your GPS or device location as well to show where you were during the earthquake.
- Merci!.

Data for same earthquake as reported from other agencies
HeureMag. / DepthLocationSource
Sat, 6 Dec 2014
Sat, 6 Dec 17:21 UTCM 6.0 / 14 km18km E of Punta de Burica, PanamaUSGS
Sat, 6 Dec 17:21 UTCM 6.0 / 14 kmE of Punta de Burica, PanamaGeoAu

shake map
(shakemap: USGS)
"I felt it" reports:
Playa Hermosa (271.9 km NW from epicenter) [Map] / MMI IV (Light shaking): It was in the night. I live in a bungalow that is built on wooden stilts. The bungalow was swaying back and forth for quite a long time...probably 45 seconds. At one point, it became slightly stronger and I paused to see if I needed to take cover and then it weakened again.
Boquete, Panama / MMI V (Moderate shaking)
Manuel Antonio / MMI III (Weak shaking): We were sleeping and felt it between 2 and 3
Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica (89.9 km NW from epicenter) [Map] / MMI IV (Light shaking): Also disturbed the birds in the trees.
David, Chiriquí, Panamá / MMI VI (Strong shaking): In classroom at U.Latina. Noticeable movement of structure. Several exterior tiles shaken from walls. SINAPROC called in to evaluate damage.
Gariche, Chiriqui, Panama / MMI VI (Strong shaking): I was writing an email at my laptop when suddenly my hands moved left and right, the pool splashed out water and some stuff in the kitchen moved and fell down. I heared also some noise comming from the house and I even saw the palm trees moving but definitely not from the wind. My girlfriend had problems with balance during cleaning the mirror and felt sea sick afterwards. This was my first earthquake and a really strong one. Only for 5 seconds but memorable forever.
Las Lajas, Chiriquí / MMI V (Moderate shaking): Car in carport moved a little bit back and forth.
bocastown (149.3 km NNE from epicenter) [Map] / MMI IV (Light shaking)
Bocas del toro panama / MMI IV (Light shaking): We were in our room at Hotel Olas....which is built on pilings over the water. Three stories high and our room is located on the second floor....we experienced shaking and swaying and a vibration like the spin cycle of a eashing machine.
El Valle / MMI IV (Light shaking): Seated outdoors at a restaurant, we felt swaying back and forth for about a minute. definitely noticeable as an earthquake.
Puerto Jimenez, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica / MMI VII (Very strong shaking): It was like a hard fast jolt and induced dizziness (everyone in our office mentioned feeling dizzy)strong and fast.
David, Chiriqui. Very strong, a few objects fell d / MMI VI (Strong shaking): Very strong, a few objects fell down from shelves, strongest here for me so far in seven years
Casselberry, FL / MMI IV (Light shaking): dizziness in N E balance for a minute . knew something happened...somewhere
Pejibaye, Costa Rica / MMI III (Weak shaking)
Bocas del Toro / MMI III (Weak shaking): I feld in my leg's that the Building lightly sweaping and i feld a little dizzy.
volcan / MMI VIII (Severe shaking)
Lajas Adentro / MMI VI (Strong shaking): We felt this time a long shake and we had waves in the pool. We thought it is a 6.
La Chorrera, Panamá, Panamá / MMI IV (Light shaking): My rocking chair was swinging backwards and forwards.
Playa la Barqueta, near Alanje, Chiriqui, Panama (28.3 km N from epicenter) [Map] / MMI VI (Strong shaking): The bed was shaking and knocking against the wall. Bowl whole house was swaying I'm on the second floor I had trouble standing up. The water in the swimming pool sloshed out. The chandelier swung wildly.
Chiriqui David Panama / MMI VI (Strong shaking): Went outside. Picture fell and house made popping sound.
Boca del Drago, Bocas del Toro, Panama / MMI III (Weak shaking): I felt it and were surprised
Colon / MMI III (Weak shaking)
Punta Paitilla / MMI II (Very weak shaking): Building swayed lightly in Punta Paitilla. Just about the same time.
Boquete / MMI II (Very weak shaking)
boquete panama / MMI IV (Light shaking): Felt light one point a small slide.lasted for about ten seconds
Punta Paitilla (359.4 km ENE from epicenter) [Map] / MMI II (Very weak shaking): Sitting at computer on 14th floor, Punta Paitilla, Panama. Sunday, Dec 6 at just about 12:30 pm local time . Felt dizzy and swaying, suddenly dawned on me that it wasn't me, because the window blinds were also swaying, and moments later I heard my wife in the other room started exclaiming that there was a tremor. Lasted only about 6 seconds.
David / MMI VI (Strong shaking)
Panama City / MMI III (Weak shaking)
Panama (Panama) (369 km E from epicenter)(no details): Our building swayed. (via EMSC)
Savegre (Costa Rica) (197 km NW from epicenter)(no details): Just felt my bed shaking for a few seconds (via EMSC)
Boquete (Panama) (85 km N from epicenter)(no details): It seemed stronger and lasted longer than other earthquakes I have felt here during the last seven years. It started out rolling and then spiked in the middle. (via EMSC)
Panama (Panama) (363 km E from epicenter)(no details): One big sway of the building, forward and back, just once, very noticeable. Everyone else in the building felt it as well. Entire event over in five seconds, no noticeable aftershock. (via EMSC)
Rio Hato (Panama) (279 km E from epicenter)(no details): Nô, I am from California and we experience few of them since 1971. But this was the first time inside a tall building apartment.. And I was kind of concern regarding the earthquake construction safety codes in Panama ! (via EMSC)
Veraguas (Panama) (216 km NE from epicenter)(no details): I was sitting still in a soft recliner, when a mild but very perceptible swaying of the chair began, lasting for 3 - 5 seconds, maybe longer. (via EMSC)
Horconcitos (Panama) (65 km NE from epicenter)(no details): I was standing outside and the ground started moving. I was outside the car but it was swaying.. (via EMSC)
Guarumal (Panama) (37 km NE from epicenter)(no details): The earthquake was felt under our feet for a sustained period, maybe 40 seconds or so. Water was splashing violently out of the pool approximately a meter above the pool. The house felt like it was riding a wave on the ocean. I felt a little seasick afterwards. (via EMSC)
Bocas del Toro Province (Panama) (157 km N from epicenter)(no details): My husband felt a slight nausea, and then realized our home was swaying ever so slightly. (via EMSC)
Alto Boquete (Panama) (82 km N from epicenter)(no details): Longer shake than usual for the area (via EMSC)
Almirante (Panama) (144 km N from epicenter)(no details): length of time seemed long and was of a concern (via EMSC)
Boquete (Panama) (87 km N from epicenter)(no details): there were several waves some side to sde and other up and down (via EMSC)
Chiriqui (Panama) (59 km NE from epicenter)(no details): Ballancements de droite a gauche uniquement. (via EMSC)


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