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El Hierro volcan
volcan bouclier 1500 m
Canary Islands (Spain), 27.63°N / -17.99°W
Condition actuelle: normal / en sommeil (1 sur 5)
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principalement des éruptions effusives, basaltiques fissure
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Europe's Volcanic Outpost (Walking and study tour to the Canary Islands: Lanzarote, La Palma, El Hierro and Tenerife)

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El Hierro volcan actualités

ven., 27 déc. 2013, 18:23
A large earthquake of estimated magnitude 5.4 (USGS) occurred just minutes ago. USGS places the quake at 22.8 km depth NW of El Golfo, i.e. away from the area of the recent earthquake swarm and current inflation. [lire toutes]
jeu., 26 déc. 2013, 17:50
GPS measured deformation at El Hierro (IGN)
Although earthquakes have largely ceased for the moment, the island experiences ongoing rapid inflation and harmonic tremor, both signs that an eruption could be imminent. [lire toutes]
mar., 24 déc. 2013, 08:50
The new seismic / deformation crisis continued over night with about 20 quakes between magnitudes 2-3 today so far (during the first 6 hours). The key obsservations are: [lire toutes]
lun., 23 déc. 2013, 10:20
dim., 22 déc. 2013, 20:17
Map of recent earthquakes under El Hierro (IGN)
A new earthquake swarm started under the island today. The earthquakes are located at about 15 km depth under the southeastern central part of the island. IGN recorded more than 40 quakes with magnitudes up to 3.2 so far. Whether the earthquakes are related to new magmatic intrusions at depth is a unknown but a possible scenario.
ven., 6 déc. 2013, 15:08
Depth vs time of earthquakes at El Hierro volcano during 2013 (up to 6 Dec)
No significant changes have occurred during the past months. Since the last energetic seismic swarm and deformation event in late March / early April this year, earthquake activity has remained more or less stable, although above background (pre-2011) levels. [lire toutes]
mar., 13 août 2013, 15:23
The number of earthquakes has increased from averages of 5-10 to about 30 during the past few days. The location of the recent quakes is in a N-S elongated layer about 10-12 km depth in the western part of the island under the El Golfo bay. So far, no quakes above magnitude 3 have occurred
ven., 5 avril 2013, 15:26
Distribution of the recent earthquakes under El Hierro (IGN) - note the distinct two layers at about 20 and 10 km depth
The recent seismic crisis could be over: No further significant earthquake activity has occurred since the last pulse on Wednesday. It becomes more and more likely that the crisis (or, if that is was what caused it, the magmatic intrusion under western El Hierro) has ended.
dim., 31 mars 2013, 11:56
A strong magnitude 4.9 earthquake has occurred at 11:00 GMT west of El Hierro at 20 km depth. This is so far the by far strongest quake during the seismic crisis.
ven., 29 mars 2013, 07:42
The situation has not changed much. Pulsating tremor and strong earthquakes up to magnitudes 4.3 continued throughout the night and have intensified this morning. A further small migration towards the south can be noted. Most quakes remain in the layer at 18-20 km depth.

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