Photo galleries from our tours:

One of our participants on the last tour to Milos island in April 2012, Swiss sculpture artist Isabelle Ammon Saugy, sent us a selection of her pictures. 
You can find out more about Isabelle's artwork at her website: (Photo: Isabelle Ammon Saugy)Milos 2012 (8 gallerie)
Milos est célèbre pour ses roches volcaniques spectaculaires, multicolores, ses plages et un paysage côtier à couper le souffle. Une excursion en bateau autour de l'île vous permet de mieux profiter de ces merveilles de la nature. Ces photos ont été prises lors d'une tournée en avril 2011. (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)Milos 2011 (8 gallerie)
Milos Island, Greece: photos April 2014 - colors and springtime (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)Milos 2014 (2 gallerie)
On one of the days during our geologic walking tours, depending on sea and weather conditions, we take the time to visit the historic volcanic islands of Nea and Palea Kameni in depth. The following shows some impressions from this excursion from 1 May 2019, and includes a dramatic weather display in the afternoon, caused by the arrival of moist warm air masses from Africa. Fortunately, this remained only a visual display and played out entirely high above in the atmosphere without affecting the ground. (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)Santorini 2018-19 (16 gallerie)
After a relatively rainy winter 2016/17, spring on the Greek islands was fantastic! Santorini, one of the most famous islands of the Cyclades, was no exception and offered a paradise for photographers: flowers and green everywhere, with the blue and white of the traditional houses and chapels. The following photos were taken during our Santorini photo tour in April 2017. 
Photo copyright: Tobias Schorr / Nature Discovery Tours.  (Photo: Tobias Schorr)Santorin 2015-17 (1 gallerie)
The 1866-1870 eruption of Nea Kameni produced some of the most spectacular breadcrust bombs seen on any volcano. During a tour on Santorini, we visited the island in late Sep 2014 and looked at some of them: (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)Santorini 2012-14 (4 gallerie)
Santorini tour May 2012 - southern caldera hike (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)Santorin 2012 May (10 gallerie)
Ile Santorin (Grèce), voyage mai 2011: photos (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)Santorin 2011 (2 gallerie)
Ile Santorin (Grèce), voyage mai 2011: photos (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)Santorin 2011 (2 gallerie)
Santorin: Fascination Volcan oct 2010: photos voyage (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)Santorin 2010 (3 gallerie)
Les photos suivantes ont été prises au cours de la  Tour à Santorin en mai 2009. (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)Santorin 2009 (1 gallerie)
Santorini Fascination Volcano tour photos Sep 2006 (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)Santorini 2004-06 (1 gallerie)
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