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Grozny volcan
volcan complexe 1211 m / 3,973 ft
Iturup Island, Iles Kuriles, 45.03°N / 147.92°E
Condition actuelle: normal / en sommeil (1 sur 5) | Reports
Grozny livres
Eruptions du volcan Grozny:
1989, 1973, 1973, 1970, 1968
Style éruptif tipique:
explosive (phreatic), lava dome building
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News & activity updates from Grozny volcano

Wed, 3 Apr 2013, 22:31
An eruption from Ivan Grozny volcano was reported yesterday by the Voice of Russia (German edition). According to the short news article, nearby villages received ash fall, and 2 millimeters of ash fell in Kurilsk town. Clouds prevented direct observations, and there was no sulfur odor detected. Read more...
Sat, 30 Mar 2013, 09:28
Tokyo VAAC reported a possible eruption occurred yesterday around 11:00 GMT. A volcanic ash plume was observed at 7,000 ft (2.1 km) altitude and drifting eastwards.
Wed, 20 Feb 2013, 16:15
SVERT reported that a gas and ash plume rose to an altitude of about 3000 m on 16 February.
Mon, 17 Sep 2012, 10:05
According to satellite and visual observations Ivan Grozny volcano is at the state of medium fumarolic activity and was therefore placed back to "green" level by SVERT.
Thu, 6 Sep 2012, 06:03
Based on visual observations and analyses of satellite imagery, SVERT reported that during 23 August-3 September fumarolic activity at Grozny Group increased. The Aviation Color Code remained at Yellow.
Sat, 25 Aug 2012, 10:05
A possible eruption of Grozny (ETOROFU-YAKEYAMA in Japanese) has been reported by Tokyo VAAC who detected an ash plume rising to 13,000 ft (ca. 4.3 km) on 22:00 UTC yesterday and drifting east.
Fri, 17 Aug 2012, 17:07
Grozny volcano on Iturup island in the Kuriles might have had its first eruption since 1989 the Eruption Blog reports following an article in the Russian press. Read more...

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